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12 Best Cheap Hosting For WordPress 2023

Finding the best cheap WordPress hosting is quite a mission. Because in most cases, cheap doesn’t mean good, and that’s why we help you shed light on the most cost-effective hosting providers.

While many out there offer you to host your website with them, not many give you the most bang for your buck. To avoid getting into trouble, we put together a best-of collection of web hosting providers that are cheap and quality. You are safe and ready to have your site live on the web with the ones you find on the list below. But before we even continue, I want to point out that there is a host whose services start at $2.95 per month. Nope, that is not a typo.

Slow down when you get thrilled that you just found the cheapest hosting provider for your WordPress website. It is advisable to look into its features before the excitement goes through the roof. Sometimes, you pay that meager price for a reason. Instead of worrying about the features and the plans, we did most of the work for you. From super inexpensive to reasonably priced, here you will find all the best cheap hosting for WordPress options for your site.

Cheapest WordPress Hosting Servies

No need to look further, find the best WordPress hosting companies for your blogs, personal sites, and small businesses at an economical price. Bring into being your online project once and for all.

Please not that we might receive a commission if you decide to purchase through these links.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at cheap WordPress providers that are also reliable: 

1. Bluehost (Our Favorite)

Most popular affordable WordPress hosting.

bluehost - affordable wordpress hosting

It is safe to say that Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies worldwide. And when it comes to WordPress, it is strongly recommended by the CMS. You guessed it, an entire company sector is dedicated to the WP world with a plan tailored to WordPress users. Bluehost and WP work together to realize your project’s website in little to no time.

Another superb cheap hosting for WordPress solution, which you most definitely cannot go wrong with. Not only do you benefit from a free domain, but you also get a free SSL certificate, one-click WordPress install, and 24/7 customer support. What was once $7.99 is now available for only $2.95 a month. If the biggest content management system says it is good, it is worth considering.

Bluehost truly makes it easy to host and manage your WordPress site. It is packed with features and prepared for all kinds of websites, from personal blogs, resumes, online stores, and Bluehost masters them all. To save the most, start as small as you can. You can easily transition to a more powerful plan when your website grows daily. There are close to unlimited possibilities with Bluehost. But first, get in touch with their in-house expert support and have all of your questions answered.

To determine whether Bluehost is the right option, our thorough review of the hosting provider will help you choose. We go in-depth with everything you might questioning yourself about at the moment. Learn if it works for you first before jumping in with both feet.

Price: $2.95/month

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2. Hostinger – Cheapest WordPress hosting

Cheapest WordPress hosting with rock-solid performance.

hostinger - cheapest hosting for WordPress

Hostinger offers cheap web hosting at a price that nobody else can match or beat. Starting from just $1.45 per month, users get a free domain name and unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and while their prices are cheap, you wouldn’t be able to tell it from their servers’ performance. If you’re looking for fast and cheap hosting, look no further.

I don’t think you’ll have to sacrifice your access to customer service, either. They offer live chat support from an experienced team that can use its experience from over 29 million clients to solve problems quickly and efficiently. They make it their mission to prove that high-quality web hosting can be cheap – and from what we’ve seen, we agree! Their customers agree too, and they work with an interesting mix of companies of all sizes.

This combines to create a WordPress host that doesn’t break the bank. It’s a smart choice whether you’re an experienced webmaster or whether you’re a first-timer. They also offer a bunch of features that are normally reserved for premium web hosts. Their $2.99/month package even comes with 3x optimized speed and unlimited websites, making it a smart choice if you want to run multiple sites on a single domain name.

Price: $2.99/month

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3. SiteGround

Performance-oriented hosting for WordPress

Siteground - affordable hosting for WordPress

Like any other company offering cheap hosting for WordPress from our collection, SiteGround has its perks. The special offer is available at a 50% discount no matter which three plans you pick. The cheapest is the StartUp which can handle up to 10,000 monthly visitors. If you aren’t someone popular about launching an official website, this is enough to blast yourself into the online space. Besides, you have 10GB of webspace available, which is perfect for a fresh page. Hint: you can always upgrade to a different plan when seeing traffic growth.

For the best management of your WordPress site, SiteGround is fully packed with awesome features. StartUp plan launches your page with one click, has it up to date at all times and has WP-CLI enabled. Every plan comes with a free drag and drop builder who turns you into a pro-level developer and designer without any prior experience. Your final product will look as a true professional has built it. And you can always make improvements and adjustments according to your website’s progress. But if you already have a site built, SiteGround offers you a free transfer of one page per account.

Since website speed matters tremendously, SiteGround supports SuperCacher technology and has servers on three continents. The closer the server to your traffic the faster your website will load. Plus, all the files are stored on solid-state drives (SSD). Daily backups, an anti-hack system, and spam prevention will have your page safe and clean. SSL comes at no extra cost, and so does the shopping cart install. Indeed, SiteGround supports eCommerce websites in their entirety. That said, it does not matter what type of site you plan to create, SiteGround’s cheap hosting for WordPress has you sorted.

Price: $2.99/month

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4. Hostwinds

hostwinds cheap hosting for wordpress

If you want to work with WordPress when building your website or blog, consider using Hostwinds for hosting and domain name. You can start with only $5.24 monthly using the Basic plan and go from there. Now that’s a real bargain, knowing you even get one domain name in the package. Hostwinds offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space, free SSL certificate, free dedicated IP, solid state drives (SSD), and 99.9999% uptime, to name a few.

There are all sorts of hosting options for Hostwinds, ensuring you find the right one easily. Moreover, Hostwinds also promises a friendly user experience when working with its products and services, so even an utter beginner gets the most out of it. Hostwinds’s professional support team is also at your disposal, readily available to offer you a helping hand when the need occurs. When on the hunt for cheap hosting for WordPress, drop everything and take a peek at the powerful and practical Hostwinds now.

Price: $5.24/month

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5. InMotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting - cheap share hosting for WordPress

An exclusive plan tailored to WordPress users, InMotion offers you the cheapest hosting starting at $2.29 monthly. There are two more plans but those fall in a whole other article. Or for that time when you are getting increasingly popular and gaining some traction. OK, I will let you know about the other two, too. The starter plan is Launch, the middle plan, Power, and the one for developers and businesses, Pro. For now, we do not need the other two, we are all about launching our first website or updating the current small blog with a new host.

InMotion’s Launch plan covers 2 websites and includes unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email. Your page is equipped with free SSD hosting, which makes it 20 times faster. Once choosing InMotion over the competition, you can take to your advantage free site migration or start building a fresh page with the pre-installed and ready to use WordPress. Quick and easy. Plus, if you ever run into trouble, give InMotion’s customer service a ring and they will assist you. No barriers can slow down your website building process with InMotion’s cheap hosting for WordPress. Together, you will conquer the world.

Some of the additional features of the exclusive InMotion Launch plan are WP-CLI support, practical and free drag and drop website builder, and a 90-day money-back guarantee. Free themes are available for those building your first WP site, all elementary to modify. Having it all in one place, you can launch your website within an hour. For the quick boost, InMotion also offers every client a $250 marketing budget. Use it with Google, Yahoo or Bing and familiarize the online world with your page as soon as possible.

Price: $2.29

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6. HostGator

Hostgator - affordable WordPress websitehosting

The gator of them all, HostGator is one of the biggest website hosting companies in the world. Of course, they offer fantastic plans for WordPress users to have their pages running uninterruptedly. There are three plans for WP exclusively: Starter, Standard, and Business. For now, we will put our main focus on the former one. After all, we are here for one reason only, to enjoy the collection of the best cheap hosting for WordPress services. Yes indeed, HostGator is one of them.

With the Starter Plan, you can host and migrate one site free of charge. Daily, it offers 1GB of backups and sports automatic malware removal. Your online protection, sorted! You can set up unlimited email accounts under your preferred domain name and send and receive them all from one account. You also receive $100 of Google AdWords credit as icing on a cake. After launching your freshly crafted website, promote it across Google’s whole network and get traction.

HostGator’s WordPress cloud hosting enhances your website’s efficiency and makes it up to 2.5 times faster. Do we hear a “Hurray” for outstanding user experience? The user interface is as minimal as possible, making it easy to use without running into any complex stuff. Even when scaling things up, when a sudden traffic increase occurs, one click on your mouse sorts things out.

Nothing should be holding you back when choosing HostGator to host your website. If you are short on cash, pick the Starter Plan first and then upgrade once you make your page grow bigger. It might be that the extra $100 marketing budget will help you out a whole bunch.

Price: $2.75/month

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7. GreenGeeks

greengeeks cheap hosting for wordpress

Whether or not it is their biggest selling factor we do not know, but renewable energy powers all GreenGeeks’ hosting plans. If you are one of those who want to keep the environment clean, yet at the same time have a website hosted by the highest-quality service, GreenGeeks is probably the best option for you. It is a first-class win-win situation we have here. Or better said, a win-win-win situation. The environment wins, the hosting company wins and, most importantly, you win.

GreenGeeks’ managed WordPress hosting is an all-in-one solution for your website. No matter at what level of proficiency you are regarding WordPress and website development, GreenGeeks supplies everything you need. All your WordPress sites will perform fast, ensuring your guests are treated well no matter the device they use to browse your website.

There are many cool WordPress tools like one-click install, Git, and WP-CLI to name a few available and pre-installed. Unlimited web space and data transfer, free WP migration, zero-cost domain registration and enhanced security at no extra cost are some of the features GreenGeeks’ cheap hosting for WordPress sports. Speaking of security, automatic updates, account isolation, real-time security scanning, Brute Force, and DDoS protection take care of the safety of your website.

Their staff is available at all times for you to guide you towards a successful launch of your project. The knowledge base of the experts is vast so you can always be sure that they will take care of any challenge you might encounter.

Price: $2.95/month

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8. Namecheap

namecheap cheap hosting for wordpress

Pardon my French, but the cost to host with Namecheap is pretty close to laughable. What some companies charge you monthly (even more), these guys charge you yearly. If you remember, this is the $0.74 per month I mentioned earlier. I know, right? That is even less than espresso. Meaning, it only costs you $8.88 per year (at least for the first year).

The best part? In Namecheap’s case, cheap does not mean low quality. It is the opposite. You cannot run massive sites on this program but it has your new site ready to attract the target audience in 30 seconds. Along with the low monthly hosting price, you also get the opportunity to maintain your WordPress site easily and efficiently. No need to upload and install anything, Namecheap does all the hard work for you. It is only a matter of clicks and you have it all set up for the big launch. Namecheap is probably the best choice if you are on a budget. Start small and slowly and gradually scale things up accordingly.

With the quick start of your WordPress page option, you are also treated with 5GB SSD storage and easy backups. Not to mention, Namecheap’s customer support is at your service all year long. You can now finally feel the power of WordPress at the lowest cost. Everyone is new in the game; there is no need to scroll down and find other hosting companies. You are more than good to go with Namecheap. End the complicated process of bringing your page to the online space. Namecheap keeps things effortless for you. And there is no such thing as plateauing for the company. They are constantly improving their services, adding even more features and offer you extra control over your page.

Price: $6.88/month

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9. A2 Hosting

a2 cheap hosting for wordpress

A2 Hosting is cheap, and its performance characteristics are fantastic for you to enjoy your website work without issues. If you are aiming for the long run, that is exactly what you should ensure your page. Thanks to using all the latest technologies and following modern trends, with A2 Hosting, you can achieve the best performance. Key features of A2 Hosting are speed optimization, LiteSpeed cache, Perpetual Security, and developers friendliness. In other words, anyone who aims to succeed in the online space will be positively surprised with A2 Hosting. Reading no matter how many reviews, but testing stuff for yourself is another chapter.

While A2 is widely recommended all over the web, you will decide whether or not it is the right option. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that is enough for you to test things out and witness its amazingly rich features and execution.

At the price of $2.99/month, you are allowed to host one website at unlimited bandwidth and storage. 99.9% uptime guarantee, SSD servers, 5 databases, and HTTPS via Let’s Encrypt are more goodies A2 Hosting treats you with. They will happily do it if you need to migrate your website. Up to 25 email addresses, multilingual support, spam protection, and in-depth statistics are all for a tiny investment. While there is more to it, we will let our exhaustive A2 hosting review reveal it all for you. To cut a short, A2 Hosting is the type of web hosting suitable for everyone. It does not lack features, it is fast, and the support is eager to please and help fulfill your plans.

Price: $2.99/month

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10. iPage

ipage cheap hosting for wordpress

At the monthly price of $3.75, iPage is not the cheapest WordPress hosting but is very affordable. It comes with just the right amount of stuff and a bunch of pre-installed themes and plugins. In other words, WP Starter is more than enough for a mundane WordPress user. It offers unlimited space and rewards you with a free domain. If you haven’t yet done anything about making your plan a reality, now is your chance to realize it. Pick a domain name at no cost and cheap hosting for WordPress, and you are ready and set with all the needed.

With the customized control panel, you won’t have to stress finding the WP tools you use the most. It is very newbie-friendly and convenient, so everyone controls his website. To speed up your website’s development process, iPage selected various WordPress themes. Use them immediately, add the desired content, and improve web design. Little do you know, your page is ready to start grabbing the online audience’s attention.

While iPage might not be one of those web hosting providers which offer you an enormous amount of features, it all comes down to its amazing support. If you do not need too much stuff, yet expect a speedy support staff, iPage is the web host company for you. At all times, excellent service is guaranteed and 30-day money-back, too. Have your beautiful WordPress site live and running error-free 24/7/365.

Price: $3.75/month

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11. TMDHosting

tmdhosting for wordpress

Instead of continuously scouting the web to find yourself cheap hosting for WordPress, look no further than TMDHosting. It is a web hosting service recommended by many, including Colorlib. TMDHosting makes things easy, which comes super handy for beginners who are willing to start something fresh. No need to be intimidated by the technical part of services, like TMDHosting, they will take good care of you.

Once you become TMDHosting user, you get to pick a free domain name, enjoy thirty times faster page loading speeds and even free WordPress installation and migration. Besides, you can also enjoy loads of free plugins and themes and get frequent WordPress updates. Three hosting plans are available to find the ideal one right off the bat. But if you are new to online, the cheapest will undoubtedly be the best option.

Price: $5.95/month

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12. AccuWebHosting

accuwebhosting cheap hosting for wordpress

If you are looking for something different yet promising, professional, and reliable, AccuWebHosting is the one cheap hosting for WordPress to consider. It is a highly secure web hosting solution that will keep your website running seamlessly. Besides, AccuWebHosting also offers cutting-edge support to keep your spectacular page safe and stable 24/7. In short, AccuWebHosting is 100% managed WordPress hosting equipped with SSD’s and tons of other convenient and practical assets.

To kick things off on the web with AccuWebHosting, you can choose between three powerful plans: Personal, Business, and Enterprise. All three offer unlimited WordPress websites support, free SSL, free migration, free domain registration, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It all comes down to the size of your page or blog when deciding which plan would work for your best. But if you are starting with your fresh online project, AccuWebHosting’s hosting plan keeps you in safe hands.

Price: $3.99

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What hosting providers do you use to host your WordPress website and why?

All the hosting providers listed above are great when you choose yearly billing options but that doesn’t result in a cheap month-to-month plan. If you want to create a short-term project, we recommend these hosting providers with monthly billing.

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Rok is a professional content creator, WordPress developer and enthusiastic marketer who spends most of his day behind the screen, working on ULTIDA, client projects and listening to black metal. But he never misses a daily workout to get the blood flow going.

This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. I am hosting my site on A2 Hosting and its not any problem. I am hosting on this site for 2 years.

    1. Glad to hear you found a host that works best for you, Ketty.

  2. Thanks for the list, I hadn’t heard of Hostinger before. Does anyone have experience using them to host a WordPress site? Annoyingly, you have to sign up for 3 years to get the discounted price.

    1. You might have heard of 000Webhost which is a free hosting provider and that’s how Hostinger was started. They used to run several other hosting brands that are now combined into one big one – Hostinger. Basically, they have combined everything they have learned about hosting over the years and now combined into one appealing package.

    2. Tom Dings says:

      This service is from Hostinger too :

      Just wanted to let you know.

  3. When I look for a webhost, i look for transparency and honesty. This means exactly what it says. They don’t hide their prices, they don’t pretend to offer something they don’t even have. And their support doesn’t end at 5pm monday to friday. You’d be surprised how many terrible hosts there really are out there.

    All the above hosts, hide their real prices and jump around trying to go out of their way to hide it by pretending to offer something that is extremely expensive. The gimmick of $2.95 when after the first month it jumps up to $14.95 for example, right after the first month. I am guessing they are hoping you dont even notice the small print which says after the first term.

    To get the first term they are all desperately trying to get you to sign up for the entire year, so suddenly that enticing 2.95 is really $145 for example. They can bleet all they like about money back guarantees. A really good webhost also offers monthly hosting without hiding anything behind walls of why we are best.

    If they want mine and anyone else’ business then they should also offer monthly hosting without charging a ridiculous monthly fee because we refuse to pay yearly. The only people who may benefit from yearly hosting are businesses, and very successful bloggers with tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of loyal readers etc. Otherwise its just a massive rip off. The 30 day and 60 day money back guarantees are truly irrelevant, all good hosts offer this too. Just think of it this way, when a host tries to flumux you with a yearly hosting account, the last thing they will want to do is give you, your money back, thats why they want you to sign up for a year! empty , words and empty wallets is more like it.

    Money is money and customers wont let go of it easily if they don’t see a good bargain or offer that actually comes with a guarantee.

    The sites above are not even subjectively good. They pay decent money to resellers and third parties to advertise their products.

    Bluehost and HostGater are well known advertisers of their products that pay well per introduction someone clicks their link directly from the advertisers site (such as here) and if the person signs up and takes a year, again the advertisers gets a fairly decent wedge. It doesnt matter if its right or wrong. What matters is not being ripped off. I have nothing to loose by saying I’ve had a look at all of the above websites except the two ive listed because really i wouldnt go near them with a barge pole, and their yearly fees. It takes a yearly fee to get a domain can get a very cheap domain name for less than 50 cents for the first year, and if you shop around you can get really cheap second and third year deals with big savings. If you decide to get a free domain name (you wont be able to xfer it anywhere, despite you buying the domain name, it still belongs to the host, if you want to ‘buy’ it from the host, it can be quite expensive even for the first year because they know your gonna move it away from them, and will be able to renew it elsewhere.

    So think on, don’t go to a host because it offers exceptionally cheap hosting…because it will more than likely will be yearly and dont get caught out on the free domain might not pay in the first year or never at all while you maintain your account in good standing with your webhost, otherwise be ready to be charged a small fortune.

    You should always buy your domain name before even thinking about hosting, dont buy it from the host you plan to go with , because as i’ve mentioned you wont really own, the host will and since they own it, you cant transfer it, without them charging for the domain name.

    The serious lack of storage on these so called webhosts utlizing SSD and only giving you meagre space, or charging you a fortune for it. It doesnt cost the webhost anything for letting you use the capacity of the ssd or whether you use little.

    My advice is non of the host above are good enough, not even slightly, and im not going to list any either, im just a regular joe public with a lot of bad experiences with lying webhosts.

    1. Heikki,

      Thank you for your valuable insights!

      One thing I would like to clear is that you usually own your domain even when you purchase it with the hosting plan unless stated otherwise. Make sure to read what you sign up for. For yearly hosting deals you will definitely get the domain name to yourself and in many cases you get it for free. The problem is going to be that it is going to be very expensive to renew but you can transfer it away to another registrar. It takes tame and some knowledge so not everyone will do that but you will save a lot of money. Hosting providers know that most users won’t do that and that’s why they charge a fortune for renewals.

      When it comes to hosting providers you get what you pay for. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Cheap in most cases mean extra expenses down the road or bad service altogether. If you want the best possible service and reliable pricing structure you should go with well regarded managed hosting providers such as Kinsta, WP Engine or Pagely. We are hosted with Kinsta and I can’t recommend it enough how good is their service and how professional is their support team.

      Thank you again for your insights. A very valuable information for everyone!

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