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30 Best Example Websites Using X WordPress Theme 2023

X, The Theme, has quickly clocked up numbers to become one of the bestselling themes on Themeforest. This is not surprising, given that X has many useful features and aims to be the go-to provider for 2023 and beyond.

The developers have designed X with inputs from experts and user feedback. One of the leading users is the Government of Utah, which has purchased nearly 2 dozen licenses.

X is the one-stop shop for building your website. Every element, from the background to the font, are customizable. The USP of this theme is the dozens of niche-specific demos that you can easily install and modify. Images, sliders, menus, pages and more will automatically be installed.

Live editing permits you to observe the effect of each change and save them only when it satisfies you. Cornerstone, one of the most advanced page builders today, is included with every X theme purchase. It is 100% front-ended and intuitive from the moment of its activation.

Dozens of extensions come free with the theme. These are not third party plugins that are merely come with the X package. Instead, they are custom plugins that work seamlessly with X and receive frequent and free updates and support. The optional extensions improve performance for those who need it and keep it simple for those who don’t.


X is multipurpose with multiple designs and unique styling. The theme offers 4 completely unique designs called stacks, all built into it.

Integrity – This multipurpose design is great for business sites. It also includes a dark version.

Renew – In keeping with the modern trend, Renew has a flat design with no borders or shadows. It is ideal for creative sites and blogs.

Icon – is minimalistic, allowing the written word to take center stage.  Post formats can sport custom colors.

Ethos – is suitable for news and magazines with featured carousel, real time category filtering and alternate index titles.

Key Features

Besides the usual features that come with most premium WordPress themes, the other features which give X the edge are,

  • Multiple shop styles powered by WooCommerce.
  • Transparency option in the header.
  • Margin-free columns that are completely responsive, meaning that even on small devices, the columns will go full width and stack up on top of each other.
  • Only specific selection of fonts are locked to keep the load light.
  • Smartcodes include responsive visibility, showing only certain things on certain devices. It also includes a Table of Contents, which will increase page views.

Now that we are familiar with the features of X, let us look at some example websites which have used X theme as their framework.

1. The Curated Travel


Stockholm in a weekend, 24 hours in Whistler, 48 hours in Salsburg, a week in Tokyo and Kyoto, 72 hours in Prague – sounds nice?  Then drop by the Curated Travel and check out their travel plans. They are sure to tempt you with stunning photographs of these places, with semi-transparent slides that mention the highlights.

2. Coach of the Year


The website of the movie Coach of the Year is built on X WordPress theme. The full screen image on the landing page includes a video that captures moviegoers’ reactions. Social icons are placed close to the video, so you too can spread word about the movie.

3. Human Services


Human Services Department in the Government of Utah has chosen X-Child-Integrity-Light as the theme for the example website to reach out and inform their citizens. Number counters let a visitor know just how much their government has accomplished.

4. Life Support


Life Support is a beverage that provides relief from hangover. The slider is placed above the header with delayed call to action buttons. But what catches the eye are the 3 large icons in boxes in the midsection of the layout that flips over to reveal text on the other side.

5. Varaloka


Varaloka describes itself as an environmental action and awareness brand. 20% of their sales revenue is given back to society in the form of charities and other world-saving initiatives.

6. Repellx


If the full screen images on the homepage of Repellx show how fun it is to get wet in the rain, the sections below show how you can keep clothing and footwear dry with a liquid-repelling product, even in bad weather. The header itself is placed under the slider and appears as you click the scroll-down arrow.

7. Doyle Quane


Doyle Quane is an established law group in California that deals with family law matters. They invite you to browse their website and see in how many ways they can help you and your family.

8. North Shore Goodies


North Shore Goodies is famous for their coconut peanut butter. Their X-themed website displays delectable food products in the slider just below the header. Sliders also feature their products in the midsection of the homepage. Different post formats are used in the About and Products page.

9. Sugar Cube


Sugar Cube offers affordable, functional work spaces for your office needs. Transparent number counters set against their cubicles serve as good advertisement for their business.

10. Chick Art


Chick Art is a graphic design website that displays its portfolio on the landing page. The website has a sidebar to the left and the portfolio index as a pullout option. The top bar also prominently features social media icons.

11. Braintek


Braintek helps out small businesses that do not have an in-house IT department. From web designing, Cloud services, disaster recovery, restoration and more, they do it all without putting a clock to it. You can read about their cost-effective solutions on their X-themed website.

12. Kontact Bike


A shop selling bicycle saddles, Kontact Bike sports two small videos on the homepage explaining why their products are good for riders. Also on the homepage are two image sliders where you can see user feedback. The footer area showcases customer testimonials and reviews.

13. Visual Impact Fitness


Visual Impact Fitness is the venture of Rusty Moore. He can impart techniques to build muscle by adding muscle tone and density without compromising size.

14. Slim Living


Slim Living is a personal trainer in sports, lifestyle, and nutrition. The content area is divided into sections where images and text material alternate and end with the social media options and contact form. It is based on the X-Child-Icon theme.

15. Trails Ministries


Trails Ministries supports those who have spent time in jail to integrate and reconnect with their families and society on completion of their term. The website has tons of images of people, and a transparent text overlay tells visitors they have come to the right place.

16. The Observatory


The Observatory is a leading green hotel in Macquarie. Enticing photographs of airy sea facing rooms on their website and the handy booking options on the landing page will greatly increase room occupancy. The light version of the Integrity stack from X Child theme has helped them design an effective page.

17. Wearable On


This website has used X-Child-Integrity-Light as well. Wearable On is a shop that deals with wearable tech devices. The site has used pleasant muted colors, delayed sliding social icons, and subscription options for better access.

18. Surface 85


Surface 85 is the personal blog of Aurelie, a style enthusiast, a fitness addict, a world traveler and an aamateur photographer. Her blog is a good example of the Ethos stack from X theme. A carousel above the footer features the latest posts.

19. Fashion Mingle


Fashion Mingle is a platform for fashion professionals to connect and collaborate. And what tools do they have to offer fashion professionals? Click on the icons at the bottom of their website to find out. You can also furnish your email ID for an invitation to join their fashion community.

20. Cat Breed Cartoon


You can buy cartoon versions of 150+ breeds of cats on this website. Music accompanies you as you browse through this online shop to make your choice.

21. Chicago Bubble Soccer


Bubble Soccer is a safe spin on the traditional soccer game where players step into a transparent bubble ball that is fairly shock absorbent.  Find out the game’s rules on their innovative website, where the information is placed in plain white horizontal sections that move over the image of a game in progress.

22. Lost Boy Memoirs


This particular site employs a landing page that carries colorful sketches. The social icon bar on the left slides in after a slight delay and keeps count of the social shares. The lost boy here is Ryan, a nomadic travel blogger.

23. Knife Up


A website for a very specific niche is Knife Up News Magazine. The blogs featured in a carousel takes the place of the header and the articles posted are very exhaustive on the subject.

24. Chic Family Travels


Tamala travels the world in style with her family of 5. She shares her travel experiences and many useful travel tips with the world through her blog. Thus, you get to peek into 5-star travels and see why she believes that money is always an option.

25. Enhancements


Enhancements is a makeup and beauty lounge. A visitor can schedule appointments with them directly from the homepage, for airbrushed makeup, special makeup for occasions, and makeup at any chosen location.

26. Curious Jane


Women are the most influential decision makers regarding health and wellness. Curious Jane has people with expertise in marketing to women. Their full range of services are laid out on their website, based on X WordPress theme.

27. PowerBox


PowerBox serves as an extensive directory that catalogs businesses owned by people of color to be spread across the globe. It works towards empowering the black community by changing the way people buy. The pattern on the left side of their website merges gradually with the text on the right.

28. Pro Sport Hospitality


Pro Sport is a sport marketing agency that is passionate about music as well. They combine these two for marketing business and brands. Their website is themed on the Renew Stack from X theme.

29. Wrapfire


Another theme that uses the Renew Stack from X, Wrapfire offers B2B marketing tools by using branded micro sites. Receipt of feedback is immediate, when there are hits on these sites.

30. Tree Elle


Tree Elle is a retreat site located in Southern California. The beautiful gardens and animals here are portrayed in a boxed content set in a custom background. To conclude, these images are sure to convince a visitor that the retreat is a farm stay with a difference.

To Sum Up,

X theme offers dozens of demos + live preview.  It is possible to recreate the demos and then customize it to achieve any look and layout. The examples above can convince a reader that a variety of websites from one page to eCommerce can use X as a web design. If you wish to join their 50,000+ member community, click the below button.

Which X theme example website do you like the most?

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