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15 Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers 2023

You can choose the best WooCommerce hosting providers for your superb online store. When launching an eCommerce website powered by WooCommerce, basic shared hosting might not be your best pick. To your luck, each hosting provider on the list below has a plan dedicated to WooCommerce. And if not, hosting has all the needed goodies to bring and keep the e-store online forever. You are fully equipped with all the necessities to enjoy your online store running flawlessly.

Stuff like SSL certificate, fantastic uptime, great support, and page backups are a few of these hosting providers’ features. Even if you are not 100% sure which option is right, you can always hit up support in advance. With their help, you two will develop the perfect solution for your WooCommerce online store.

With tens of millions of downloads, WooCommerce is one of the most popular shop creation plugins for WordPress out there. It is a feature-rich extension that requires a slightly different treatment than your normal WP page. At least when it comes to hosting. You are guaranteed top-class services by carefully selecting the best WooCommerce hosting providers. No matter the size of your e-shop, these web hosts will work fast and be secure, too. Always be ready, even when your eCommerce business grows way beyond expectations.

Are you interested in enhancing your eCommerce website and bringing it to an entirely different level? Check out our best collection of free WooCommerce plugins for WordPress.

Remember that we might receive a commission if you purchase through these links.

Without further hesitation, let’s look at the best WooCommerce hosting providers.

1. Bluehost

Best WooCommerce hosting overall

If you did any research, you probably already came across Bluehost. Ever since 2005, Bluehost is the top-recommended WooCommerce hosting service by none other than These two are working closely with each other for all these years, ensuring the WP community the best solution for their websites. With all this said, you can be 100% sure that if it is good for WP alone, it must be good for WooCommerce. And you could not be more correct. Bluehost has an entire plan dedicated to online stores and is one of the leading WooCommerce hosting providers. By the way, BH powers more than 2 million WP sites globally.

You can have an entire eCommerce website live and ready to attract hungry clients in just minutes. Bluehost offers three different plans: Starter, Plus, and Pro. You would probably want to start with the former for selling products online. You will want to upgrade when you see more traffic and sales. Each plan has pre-installed WooCommerce, dedicated support, and free domain registration.

The starter package is packed with 100 GB website space and unmetered bandwidth. Each plan has a certain advertising budget available to spice things up further. Depending on the plan, $100, $150 and $300, you can spend to help yourself gain those first clients. Maybe these are the ones that will become loyal and help you spread the word. Sometimes, only a few customers are needed to get traction; sooner rather than later, the snowballing effect hits your online shop.

Bluehost has a group of superb WordPress experts always available to support you when bringing your page into being. Hit them up 24/7, and they will be happy to assist you. No questions asked Bluehost will help you succeed with your WooCommerce website.

To learn even more about the mighty Bluehost, read our review.

Price: $2.95

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2. Hostinger

Fastest WooCommerce hosting for eCommerce

Hostinger - best WooCommerce hosting

Hostinger is a solid WooCommerce hosting for those looking for a low price and a high quality combination. Their prices start at just $2.95/month. However, it may be worth opting for one of their slightly more premium packages if your WooCommerce store is your primary source of income or the revenue generator that powers your business.

They offer a one-click installer tool that allows you to install CMS and e-commerce software in just a few seconds. If you prefer to install software manually then that’s okay too. There’s plenty of room for customisation and you’ll also have access to powerful admin tools, dashboards and more. The chances are that if you want to do something, Hostinger will allow you to do it.

If you hit a stumbling block or are experiencing any problems with your site, they also have a live customer service team that prides itself on its response time. That’s particularly important for e-commerce sites, where downtime can mean you’re missing out on income.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, they also offer a risk-free thirty-day trial that you can cancel anytime with no questions and hoops to jump through. The odds are that you’ll stick around, though. Over 2 million website owners already use their service, so they must do something right.

Overall, Hostinger offers everything you can ask whether you’re starting out or already well-established. And it does all of this at an attractive price point, too. When you combine that with their free trial and advanced customization features, you become a serious contender when you’re looking to host an e-commerce site.

Price: $2.95

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3. Kinsta

Best managed hosting for WooCommerce

Kinsta is a choice for those looking for a combination of fast load times and 24/7 support from WordPress experts. Their prices start at $35/month, although it may be worth selecting one of the higher packages if your WooCommerce store is resource intense and your primary revenue source, and you can’t afford to lose even a single sale.

Kinsta is powered by Google Cloud Platform and Google’s premium tier global network, ensuring the best load times possible. For your WooCommerce store, you can select any of the 16 global data center locations.

The platform is highly optimized for WooCommerce, which means they take care of caching on the server level while maintaining the perfect balance between performance and functionality for your customers. Certain WooCommerce pages like cart, my-account, and checkout are excluded from caching. Users automatically bypass the cache when the “items_in_cart cookie” is detected. You also can programmatically purge individual URLs.

They provide free white-glove website migrations and all of the plans come with free CDN, free SSL, one-click staging area, automatic daily backups and detailed analytics, which provide further details of your store. Git and SSH access for development purposes are also available.

They offer a risk-free 30-day trial that you can cancel anytime and your payment will be refunded to your account.

Kinsta is one of the few hosting providers with reasonable month-to-month pricing.

If you are looking for more details, read our detailed Kinsta review.

Price: $35/month

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4. SiteGround

Siteground - fastest woocommerce hosting

Start your online business with a breeze, using SiteGround. It is an excellent fit for those just starting out and already gaining all the necessary skills and knowledge. Due to their incredible customer service, they take care of all of your needs and issues you may come across. They are quick and reliable and at your service 24/7. Notice: they will happily set you up and install all the needed software for your WooCommerce powered eCommerce website. Regarding a quick and easy start, WooCommerce and Storefront theme are pre-installed for you.

Among our compelling collection of the best WooCommerce hosting providers, we sure could not skip SiteGround. With their whole section dedicated to the online store software, they will take care of you with great features and services. Three packages cover online projects of different sizes. Are you just figuring things out? Then StartUp plan is ideal for you and your business. Two other programs are GrowBig and GoGeek, which will be useful once you grow your store.

Each plan is equipped with the drag and drop page builder, email accounts and daily backups. They store your shop on SSD servers and offer unique isolation to every account. Besides, your shop is under protection with anti-hack systems and spam prevention.

If you own an online shop, SiteGround performs migration to their hosting at no cost. If we focus on the StartUp package, it supports up to 10,000 monthly visitors to your site. Unmetered data transfer and 10 GB of web space are also enough for a fresh business owner. Upgrading to a different plan is too easy, so starting large is unnecessary. Get involved.

If you are unsure if it is the right option, we posted a thorough article, reviewing SiteGround in details.

Price: $2.99

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5. WooCart

Dedicated WooCommerce hosting for serious e-commerce sites

woocart woocommerce hosting

Instead of wandering the web and searching for the best WooCommerce hosting provider, we did the hard work for you. WooCart is another spectacular alternative that dedicates its heart and soul to WooCommerce shops.

If you are starting a new online business or find the performance of your existing online store is not as good as you would want it to be, consider using WooCart. With their dedicated Google Cloud server that operates exclusively for WooCommerce, you know your eCommerce’s shopping experience will be first-rate, especially on mobile!

WooCart offers you to choose from four different plans that suit a simple store and to a “supermall.” On top of that, they treat you to a free 7-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. One thing is for sure; you have nothing to lose yet so much to gain. Why wait?

Moreover, WooCart has features and functions that will put you on top. They will transfer your existing WooCommerce shop for free and offer you a user-friendly 3-step store setup wizard for everyone who wants to start fresh.

Every plan includes a free SSL, image optimization, CDN, GDPR compliance, localization, and a practical toolbox that will help you manage and maintain your thriving online shop even without experience. Daily downloadable backups, page metrics to find which section performs the best and worst, error logs, and outstandingly professional and friendly support are all the extras of WooCart you get.

Avoid the hassle, build your WooCommerce website with WooCart now and start making some noise online.

Price: $49/month

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6. WP Engine

WP Engine - managed WooCommerce hosting

When it comes to WP Engine, it is not the cheapest option available on the market but it is entirely dedicated to WordPress. You know what that means—full support for your WooCommerce websites. With many different plans, your project will be up and running without any trouble. They even offer the Enterprise option, which easily takes care of the largest shops. But that, we will talk about some other day. We will focus on those at the early stages of their online business who are yet to get things in order before scaling it to its extent.

WP Engine offers to choose between their data centers across four continents for every client. If you are a locally oriented business, having servers closer to your clients is a great option. The closer the servers to your clients, the faster your shop will load for them. However, you will probably need all locations if you are a global marketplace. Excellent site performance offers terrific user experience, better SEO, and more conversions.

With WP Engine’s 7 days a week customer support, you can always contact WP masterminds. No issue will go by unresolved. Furthermore, daily backups and multiple firewalls between the data and threats will keep your site secure. Even a threat detector is available that allows you to monitor the environment. And since we already put a lot of attention to speed, page performance data is available for you to examine your page in-depth.

One page, up to 25,000 visits per month and 10 GB of local storage – are you ready to start? Or would you like to educate yourself about WP Engine further? Choosing WP Engine as your WooCommerce hosting provider is wise and their Personal plan is the perfect option to start with.

Price: $20/month. eCommerce optimized plan is $50/month.

Monthly billing is also available and starts at $25/month for the starter plan.

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7. InMotion Hosting

inmotion - WooCommerce hosting

Although InMotion is not one of the WooCommerce hosting providers with a specific plan for online stores, it offers many solutions for everyone who wants to start an eCommerce business. To host your WooCommerce site, you should go straight to the VPS plan. Every package is optimized for speed and a first-class solution for your e-store. With one-click install feature, you set up your favorite CMS, in our case, WordPress, and you are ready to start selling online. And for everyone who already runs a website, InMotion offers free migration during the 2 hours with one of their system administrators. In this time, they will help you complete your site’s migration from the current host to InMotion. Your email and cPanel included.

Every VPS plan comes with various features for you to benefit from. You can always go to a previous version with live-state snapshots if the upgrade or simple improvement is causing any issues. SSD drivers fuel your website with speed and high availability means no downtimes. Any InMotion VPS plan allows you to create unlimited email addresses and send out up to 3,600 emails per hour. Automatic backups are always executed every 24-36 hours to have a copy. You always have a copy and can return the website to the previous state without losing data. This comes helpful especially if your client accidentally deletes something important.

Rarely a hosting provider offers more than a 30-day money-back guarantee. Well, not many are InMotion Hosting. They offer you a 90-day refund if you are unsatisfied with their services. Enhance your online store with a VPS and make it shine.

Price: $3.49

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8. A2 Hosting

a2 hosting for woocommerce

One of the biggest reasons an online store performs badly (read no sales) is the page loading speed. It should be as fast as possible. Categories and product pages should load instantly no matter the device shoppers use. It should perform swiftly from mobile, tablet or desktop, providing a fantastic user experience.

You can easily meet the highest standards with A2 Hosting. And for everyone who is blending WordPress and WooCommerce has a special package ready just for that. To be frank, there is not only one plan, but three so all levels of eCommerce sites are sorted. From small to large marketplaces. They use the SwiftPlatform, which ensures they achieve the highest speeds. Moreover, Turbo serves are available, as well, for your pages to load up to whopping 20 times faster. But this is available only to the most expensive web hosting plan.

To speed things up for you, A2 Hosting accounts get WooCommerce pre-installed. There is also no need to worry about the updates. An automatic email will be sent out to you when an upgrade is available. You can then update it from your control panel, always be sure that you are up to date, and take all the latest features to your advantage. But it is not only the features, security is also top-notch and improved with each new version.

A2 Hosting is a WooCommerce hosting provider which is a brilliant choice for your e-shop. It serves the needs of every online store owner and has your back covered with an experienced support crew. The uptime is 99.9% and A2 even offers you a money back guarantee anytime. That said, you can try and test their services without risking anything. Are you ready to start selling and making your shop grow above and beyond?

Price: $11.99

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9. Templ

Templ - managed WooCommerce hosting

If you are browsing this list of the best WooCommerce hosting providers, you, most definitely, need to take a peek at Templ. This is powerful, managed WordPress hosting provider powered by Google Cloud platform. Of course, this is still just the beginning of all the awesomeness that Templ brings to the table. And there are very many goodies that Templ treats you to. One thing is for sure, if you want your eCommerce website to run with the speed of lightning than this is it.

First and foremost, you can take the plunge and get the gist of Templ entirely free of charge. Just register a new account and go from there. How about that?

Moreover, Templ treats you to three main plans out of the box (starting at $29/month) and a custom one for everyone already taking things to the extremes.

Templ offers free SSL, migration, a super user-friendly control panel, custom data center selection, daily updates, and robust security with every web hosting package. Start with the right foot forward and scale your WooCommerce business with Templ.

Some other goodies of Templ include the site’s speed optimization for every fresh migration and free WordPress, theme and plugin updates for every new member (lasts for the first year). Make a difference now with Templ.

Price: $15/month

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10. Cloudways

cloudways - secure woocommerce hosting

With your WooCommerce stores hosted on Cloudways, you get the fastest performance, iron-clad security, best-in-class services, and 24/7 expert support. Their 60+ data centers are spread worldwide. Data centers closer to your target audience improves website load times, and eventually help you increase conversion rates. All thanks to the Cloudways Platform, which you can get access in three steps.

Five cloud providers (including DigitalOcean, Amazon and Google Cloud), built-in Varnish, CloudwaysCDN, power-boosting caching, staging URLs, automated backups, free SSL certificates, pre-installed WP-CLI, and MySQL manager are just a fraction of the features that come with Cloudways. No need to worry about performance issues and possible lost sales. Integrated real-time monitoring allows you to have an overview of the performance of your website. Let the sales coming in constantly. And if you need to take action, CloudwaysBot notifies you.

Starting with Cloudways is free for the first 3 days. This gives you enough time to test the waters and see if it fits your project. Also, whenever you see an increase in web traffic to your WooCommerce store, you simply expand the server according to your needs. And know that, Cloudways offers “pay as you go” pricing model – just pay for the resources you use.

Price: $12/month

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11. HostGator

hostgator - fast WooCommerce hosting

HostGator is amongst the top web hosting companies globally, so it is advisable to look into it when choosing the right option. While they might not have any plan tailored to WooCommerce, HostGator has a ton of other packages available. You will not be short on features when choosing Gator as your host for your online store. The company also provides WordPress cloud hosting, which is not the best option for your eCommerce site.

Instead, you should look into their managed hosting plans and so will we. Their WP plans do not come fully stocked with all there is an online shop need. On the other hand, VPS gives you a complete solution for building and growing your web store. For instance, when implementing an SSL certificate into your domain, the VPS plan comes with an IP. It is not required for online buying, but it is highly recommended to use an SSL. It makes the experience safer and helps you build customer trust. These two play a big part in the overall success of your web-based business.

Total customization, improved reliability, and high extensibility are the fundamental features of HostGator’s VPS hosting plans. In brief, all the dedicated plans are that you do not need to pay for the dedicated server. Additional goodies are unlimited domains, email addresses, FTP accounts, and databases. HostGator always uses the industry’s leading hardware for your pages to work swiftly. Weekly off-site backups ensure your data is secure from any inconveniences. Start today and have your project live ASAP.

Price: $2.75/month for a shared account and $5.95 for fully managed hosting.

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12. Nestify

nestify woocommerce hosting

Nestify is a fantastic WooCommerce hosting provider with everything you need to keep your online shop stable and secure. It guarantees that your eCommerce page will perform at the highest degree regardless of the platform and mobile device they use to shop online. Nestify’s super-fast loading speed ensures your site will help you boost your conversions and, most importantly, satisfy your customers. In just a few clicks, you can set up WordPress and it goes time from then onwards. Before you know, you are live and can start taking fresh orders soon.

With every Nestify plan, you get free site migration, free SSL, automatic daily backups and free CDN. But those are just a few remarkable features this spectacular WooCommerce hosting service has. Four packages are exclusive to WooCommerce powered online stores and many others for smaller projects. Pick accordingly and have a successful launch of your web-based business.

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13. TMDHosting

tmdhosting for woocommerce

Regardless of your online shop’s niche, TMDHosting is one of the best WooCommerce hosting providers. It is affordable and reliable and even grows with your eCommerce platform. Even if you are still in the process of launching your very first webshop, do it with TMDHosting today. Yes, you read that correct, not tomorrow, today. No time to waste, take action and let TMDHosting do all the hard work for you.

TMDHosting comes with three amazing plans; Starter, Business and Professional. They go from $2.95 and to $12.95 per month. For WooCommerce specifically, TMDHosting offers free installation and migration process. Besides, they also provide you with free templates and free components and free WooCommerce updates. TMDHosting ensures that your users’ shopping experience is flawless and lightning-fast. Start selling items today and bring your project to the next level with TMDHosting.

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14. Pressable

Fastest managed hosting for WooCommerce

pressable - managed WooCommerce hosting

Pressable is a very straightforward Woocommerce hosting provider for all your online shops. It is a fast, scalable, and safe web hosting that is convenient even for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Any shop supported by Pressable will offer purchasers an incredible experience and turn them into loyal customers. Due to this great UX and fantastic performance, search engines will love your shop and rank it high. Better rankings mean even more traffic to your site and potentially more sales. And when you see an instant increase in traffic, the power of Pressable hosting will ensure your site is open no matter the number of visitors your site generates. It seems a good plan, doesn’t it?

It is Pressable that saves you as much time as possible regarding hosting. The service takes care of the technical part so you can fully focus on promoting your business and make it flourish. From the initial idea, it will not pass much time to become fully set for the launch. Creating a store for yourself or your clients will be fast and reliable with Pressable. Upon the launch, the experts ensure your eCommerce project runs fluently.

SSL certificates, caching, daily backups, and malware scanning just feature every package sports. Choose what feels right or contact the support, and they will assist you with the plan. Three plans are available, for up to 5 sites, 10 sites and 20 sites of which each plan comes with a 15-day free trial.

Price: $19/month

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15. Linode

Best cloud hosting for WooCommerce

linode hosting for woocommerce

While all of the best WooCommerce hosting providers on this list are very newbie-friendly, Linode is the complete opposite. If you lack website building knowledge, you should not pick this web host. You will be in serious trouble without development knowledge if you insist and pick Linode anyway. There are other hosts for a novice that you can find in this collection that will do wonders for your project.

On the other hand, if you have some experience and are a skillful web developer, Linode is your go-to web host. It allows you to tailor software exactly to your needs and requirements. It is also the type of web host that will need your assistance. In other words, if you are a company of several employees, one would probably need to focus on web hosting and all other technical tasks. Still, helpful support is always at your service, and much documentation is available online for free.

Linode supplies amazing powers and lightning-fast speeds with their SSDs. A developer will quickly and efficiently launch a Linode cloud server with all the tools and flexibility. To get a fresh server running, pick the resources, the distro, and the desired location from the list and you are all set. The control panel is simple to manage and gives you access to every corner of your server. Feel free to customize and resize it anytime so hosting follows your lucrative online store.

Price: $10/month

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