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WooCommerce Alternatives: The Ultimate List of 2023

If your business includes an online shop, or if you have ever thought about starting one, then you have heard the name WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a plugin to be used on WordPress-based websites. This plugin allows you to manage your online shop quickly and efficiently. It is used by 6.3 million websites worldwide.

If you are a novice in online businesses, you should get to know WooCommerce and all its alternatives so you can make an informed choice about the next steps in your business.

What are the highlights of WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin, meaning you can personalize it to fit your needs perfectly. This is one of the most critical points any WooCommerce fan would tell you. However, this is not all. There is a reason WooCommerce has become one of the most widely-used eCommerce platforms, so let’s take a look.

It’s free

Budget is an important issue for new businesses or old businesses that have decided to go online. WooCommerce is free, which can be a great advantage for business owners who do not want specific website features.

However, there are many extensions that you can add to WooCommerce. And those extensions are not free.

It’s open-source

When we say a platform is open-source, it means many developers from all over the whole have added their contributions to the system, and you can use all their work as you see fit.

Thousands of extensions, themes, and plugins made for WooCommerce are free or paid. Using these extensions, you can have an eCommerce website that fits your needs and satisfies your customers.

It’s compatible with WordPress

A massive number of websites on the Internet use WordPress as their platform. Therefore, your eCommerce plugin must be compatible with WordPress and not conflict with it.

WordPress is actually considered WooCommerce’s parent, so there is no chance of facing these issues.

It’s analytics friendly

WooCommerce has a built-in analytics tool that lets users keep track of their customer’s behavior and preferences.

There are also many analytics extensions that you can add to WooCommerce to create more accurate data regarding your business. One of these extensions is Google Analytics eCommerce, which is most popular among eCommerce websites.

It’s content-friendly

Content is king! You need the right content to be seen and attracted by your customers. And as it happens, WooCommerce has a great relationship with all the content management systems on WordPress.

Moreover, WooCommerce is compatible with the Yoast plugin for SEO analysis of your content which is a massive advantage towards creating content that’s optimized for search engines.

Check out this article to learn more about picking the right WooCommerce theme.

Why should I look for an alternative to WooCommerce?

WooCommerce does not have customer service

Suppose you have an online business on the WooCommerce plugin that has issues. What do you do? Who do you call? Unfortunately, WooCommerce itself does not have any customer services, and in case of an issue, you have to contact an outside developer to fix your problem.

WooCommerce takes up too much space

If you plan to use WooCommerce as your eCommerce platform, you should consider that WooCommerce takes up too much space on your server. So pick your server space accordingly, or find an alternative for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce has security issues

Recently, some users have reported being hacked because of the low-security levels of the WooCommerce platform. These security issues sometimes come from the extensions you add to WooCommerce. But the whole platform should be able to provide their users with basic security.

WooCommerce focuses on the US market

Are you using WooCommerce from an Asian or a European country? Then you might have some issues with the legal terms of WooCommerce and your country’s rules.

What’s more, the global rules of eCommerce might take a while to be applied to the terms in WooCommerce. To solve this issue, you should always check the WooCommerce blog to see what significant changes have happened recently and how they affect your business.

Best Alternatives for WooCommerce

1. Shopify

shopify - most poplar WooCommerc alternative

One of the WooCommerce alternatives that is considered as a significant competitor is Shopify. This cloud-based platform supports 175 countries worldwide and has supported over $444 billion in financial activity. All these vast numbers have become possible because the platform is user-friendly and can be managed from any device compatible with the system.

Some of the best features of Shopify:

It has a unified dashboard: perhaps one of the best features of Shopify is that you can manage your sales from all your platforms. For example, you won’t have to record your sales on each platform separately if you have an eCommerce website, a business social media page, and a brick-and-mortar shop. The unified allows you to connect your card reader or POS device directly to the system and have your data on the system:

  • It has better security: one of the shortcomings of WooCommerce was that it lacks security. On the other hand, Shopify emphasizes its security and hasn’t seen many breaches yet.
  • It’s SEO friendly: Search Engine Optimization is the key to amplifying your voice through content creation. Smart SEO is an application you can install from Shopify Store to optimize your texts for search engines.
  • Dropshipping is possible: Dropshipping is when you buy your products from the wholesale company as soon as your customer orders them. This frees you from needing a warehouse or storage facility to keep all your products. With an application such as Oberlo, you can have dropshipping as part of your services.
  • Abandoned carts reminders: Many people leave the purchase process right before completing the sales. Shopify has this feature to notify the customer and the shop owner of the abandoned cart. As a marketing manager, you can discount the abandoned items to encourage customers to complete their purchases.

Some of the downsides of Shopify

  • It’s expensive: Unlike WooCommerce, that’s free, you must pay up to $299 monthly to use Shopify. Other than that, some of the extensions and applications on the Shopify Store are not free, which adds to your monthly expenses.
  • It’s less customizable: WooCommerce is an open-source platform which has unlimited possibilities for personalization. In contrast, Shopify is less customizable, and the only changes you can make to the platform are through the applications you can add and the extensions you can use.

Shopify pricing


Basic$29/month· Basic reports
· 2 staff accounts
· 4 inventory locations
· 77% shipping discount
Shopify$79/month· Professional reports
· 5 staff accounts
· 5 inventory locations
· 88% shipping discount
Advanced$299/month· Custom report builder
· 15 staff accounts
· 8 inventory locations
· 88% shipping discount

2. Wix


Wix is another alternative to WooCommerce that’s known for being user-friendly and optimal for smaller projects and newer websites. Wix is also known for having fun and customizable templates that you can use to insert your personal taste into the design of your online shop.

Some of the best features of Wix:

  • Editor: you can drag and drop features in the Wix editor, which is a perfect feature for people who do not know coding and are novices in managing an eCommerce website. What’s more, using this editor, you can add the features you want to your website and transform it into your personal space.
  • Templates: Wix has over 500 beautiful, efficient, and customizable templates. These templates use AI to add custom logos and brand identities you want to your website. The AI system asks you some questions about your preferences to make your website as personalized as possible.
  • Speed: Another feature that Wix is proud of is its fast processes. You won’t have to wait for any features to load; it doesn’t strain your resources.
  • Ecommerce and booking abilities: Wix’s platform allows adding and editing products easily and seamlessly. This ability also includes digital products and services. Wix’s booking calendar will enable customers to make their bookings easily and you to manage your bookings.

Some of the downsides of Wix:

  • It’s not actually free: When you visit the website, you first see that Wix is free. However, using the free version means you cannot have a customized domain name and have to do some Wix branding on your website.
  • You can’t change templates: This is a serious downside of Wix, once you have picked a template for your website, you cannot change it and move your content to the new one. This could be a significant drawback since you might want to change your style from time to time.
  • Wix does not come with free analytics features: You will have to use the Google Analytics platform in order to gather data from your customers.

Wix pricing

FreeFree· A simple plan for testing the platform
Combo$16/month· Good for simple websites
· Ad credit
· Marketing tools
Unlimited$22/month· Unlimited bandwidth
· Extra marketing tools
· Event’s calendar app
Pro$27/month· eCommerce features
VIP$45/month· Priority customer care

3. Square Online

Square Online

Square Online is an eCommerce platform that is currently available in the US, the UK, Ireland, and Australia which could be considered as one of the major drawbacks of this platform. Square Online is run by Weebly, which is a web hosting service. This service contains online shops, selling services, and booking systems.

Some of the best features of Square Online

  • Product options: You can add variations of your products and set them to show the on-sale and out-of-stock badges automatically when necessary. The system also accepts POS devices which makes shopping easier for customers.
  • Payment processing solutions: Square Online allows you to calculate shipping and tax prices automatically according to the area the sale happens.
  • Easy to use: Square Online is beginner friendly, and it’s ideal for small businesses and a low number of customers. To use Square Online, you don’t need to know any coding; all the edits can be done through drag and drop.
  • Variety in platforms: Using Square Online, you can sell your products on your website, Facebook, and Instagram. This makes your audience larger and more versatile.

Some of the downsides of Square Online:

  • The VIP versions are expensive: Yes, Square Online has a free version, but to use all the features, you will have to buy the premium versions, which cost a lot.
  • Payment methods are not too many: There are several payment methods available on Square Online, but these do not include all payment methods, which can be restraining for some users. These methods include Square Payments and sometimes PayPal. But you can also enable payment after delivery.

Square Online Pricing

FreeFree· Unlimited products
· Sell on Instagram & Facebook
· Pickup, delivery & shipping
· Self-serve ordering
· SEO tools
· Sync with Square POS
Professional£9· Free features
· Custom domain
· No Square ads
· Free domain for 1 year
· Customised font uploads
· Password-protected pages
Performance£19· Professional features
· Accept PayPal
· Abandoned basket
· Advanced reporting
· Product reviews
· Gifting options
Premium£54· Performance features
· Low processing rate

4. Magento


Magento or Adobe Commerce is an open-source PHP-based eCommerce platform with over 250,000 users. Thousands of developers develop this platform and can be customized easily because of its many extensions. Let’s see some of the features of Magento.

Some of the best features of Magento:

  • Comprehensive reporting: Magento has been integrated with Google Analytics, providing extensive information about users’ behavior. But that’s not all; this platform’s reporting also includes abandoned carts report, coupon usage report, and product reviews report.
  • Complete accounts: With Magento, your customers can have a full account profile. This profile includes their purchases, reviews, viewed items, payment preferences, and many more items.
  • SEO: Search engine optimization is easier than ever using Magento. Why? Because it offers several plugins that can guide you toward creating optimized content.
  • Mobile optimization: These days, most users and online shoppers use their mobile phones. Therefore it’s necessary to have an eCommerce website that’s optimized for mobile phones. Magento has an HTML5 technology that allows users to see the online shop perfectly on their phones.

Some of the drawbacks of Magento:

  • It’s for professionals: Magento’s platform is not as user-friendly as the other platforms. Therefore, it should be handled by a professional team. Many components need to be customized, so it might get expensive. If you are a small business, look for a more straightforward solution.
  • It hogs your space: Using Magento takes up a lot of space on your server. It could also become really slow on smaller hosts. You will be forced to set aside a separate budget for buying high-quality hosting.
  • It could get pricy: The community version of the platform is free. On the other hand, you should pay annual fees for the enterprise version.

Magento pricing

CommunityFree· Integrated checkout, payment, and shipping
· Mobile-optimized shopping
· Global selling
· Catalog management
· Extended functionality via the app marketplace
· Instant purchase
· Site search
Magento Commerce$22,000–125,000/year· More features
· More security
· Prices based on your revenue
Magento Commerce Cloud$40,000–190,000/year· Cloud backup of all your data
· A hosting plan

5. Ecwid


Ecwid is trusted by more than a million online businesses from 175 countries around the world. This platform prides itself in having an extremely user-friendly platform that enables you to create an online shop in less than 5 minutes.

Some of the best features of Ecwid:

  • Compatible: Ecwid is compatible with platforms such as Wix and Squarespace. So if you have a website on these platforms, the smart system in Ecwid creates a shop for you similar to the style of the website you already have. This feature is called Instant Site’ and can have a blog as well as a wide range of products for sale.
  • Cloud-based: It’s entirely cloud-based, which means it does not strain your computer’s resources.
  • Free: The basic version is free and has some key features, such as discount coupons. On the other hand, you need to use the paid versions to connect your social media platforms to your online shop.
  • Payment gateways: Ecwid has over 86 payment gateways. However, the exact number might be different according to the country you live in.
  • POS: Ecwid comes with integration with POS devices, even third-party ones. But you have to use the paid version in order to integrate your shop with the POS system.

Some of the drawbacks of Ecwid:

  • It’s not suitable for non-English users: Ecwid is translated into several languages. But the number is limited, and many non-English users might face issues working with the platform.
  • Not product variants: If you have a wide variety of the same product, you will have to set a new product name and title for them. This is inconvenient for you as the designer of the shop and confusing for the customers.
  • Ecwid’s app store is limited: Ecwid has only 79 templates, and the App Store and the extensions are limited. So, chances are you won’t find exactly what you need in the store.

Ecwid pricing

FreeFree· Launch the store
Venture£14.8/month· Store management app
· E-goods: 25GB per file
· Discount coupons
· Automated tax calculations
· Google Shopping
· Access to app market
· Inventory management
· Advanced SEO tools
· Social media tools
· Live chat support
Business£29.8/month· Everything in Venture plus
· Mobile Point of Sale
· Marketplaces
· E-goods: 25GB per file
· Wholesale pricing groups
· Abandoned cart saver
· eBay US integration
· Create orders
· Product dimensions
· Phone support
· 2 hours of custom development
Unlimited£82.50· Everything in Business plus
· Point of Sale
· Square POS integration
· Priority support
· Custom shopping app*
· 12 hours of custom development

6. BigCommerce


BigCommerce is another one of the best alternatives for WooCommerce that has many features regarding marketing and selling your products. It’s flexible and user-friendly, and there is always the support staff if you encounter issues. There is a free trial; after that, you must pick one of the plans to use the platform.

Some of the best features of BigCommerce

  • Products: The number of products on the BigCommerce platform does not come with a limit. Also, the space and the bandwidth you can use are limitless.
  • Coupons: BigCommerce has the feature of giving your customers coupons and gift cards whenever you want. This is perhaps one of the best marketing strategies online shops can use to keep their customers interested.
  • Bulk pricing: Using BigCommerce, you can set a different price for people who want to buy in bulk. This is also a helpful feature if your business is the B2B type. Finally, you can give discounts to your customers based on certain criteria.
  • Abandoned carts: Abandoned carts are significant issues for online shops. Managing these carts can help business people market and sell their products more successfully. BigCommerce allows you to save these carts so customers can return to it later on.

Some of the drawbacks of BigCommerce

  • It’s expensive: You will have to pay more for saving the abandoned carts and having sales of more than specific amounts annually.
  • It’s limited: The typefaces and templates are limited on BigCommerce’s store. Also, editing the free templates can be a little challenging for novice users.

BigCommerce pricing

Standard$29.95/month· Unlimited products
· Unlimited staff accounts
· Online storefront
· Top social & marketplaces
· Mobile responsive and app
· Single-page checkout
· Reporting tools
Plus$79.95/month· Standard features plus:
· Customer groups and segmentation
· abandoned cart saver
· persistent cart
· stored credit cards
Pro$299.95/month· Plus features plus:
· Google customer reviews
· Product filtering
· Custom SSL

7. Squarespace


Squarespace is primarily designed for new business owners, and it has more than 2.9 million users from all over the world. Squarespace helps you market and sell your products and even create video advertisements. Due to the fact that Squarespace is a hosted service, there is no need to worry about hosting costs.

Some of the best features of Squarespace

  • Personalized templates: The templates on Squarespace can be completely customized so you can make it look exactly how you want. Other than that, the layouts and pages can be customized too.
  • Commenting: The comments on Squarespace are integrated with the system so users can leave their comments, and you, as the manager, can moderate the reviews and delete the troll comments.
  • Access levels: Using Squarespace, you can customize how much access your staff has to the different parts of the platform. This allows more control and better task management on your port.
  • Squarespace apps: Squarespace comes with Android and IOS applications so that you can manage your online shop and blog on your mobile phone. These apps also include analytics information so you can have complete control over your website on the go.

Some of the drawbacks of Squarespace

  • Can’t go global: Squarespace does not come with various currencies. Therefore, if you are considering globalizing your online business, you should use another alternative to WooCommerce.
  • Limited payment gateways: Compared to other eCommerce platforms, the payment gateways on Squarespace are extremely limited. Squarespace platform supports Apple Pay but does not provide the same service for Google Pay which is a significant drawback for this platform.
  • Customer support is limited: Squarespace’s customer support happens over live chat or email. There are other methods for customer support that can make the process much easier. What’s more, the live chat is in English only, which might make it more challenging for non-English users.

Squarespace pricing

Personal£12/month· Free custom domain
· SSL security
· Unlimited bandwidth
· Video storage
· SEO features
· Various templates
· 2 contributors
· Basic website metrics
· Squarespace extensions
Business£17/month· Basic features plus:
· Unlimited contributors
· Professional email from Google
· Premium integrations
· Complete customization with CSS and Javascript
· Gift cards
· Accept donations
· Sell unlimited products
Basic Commerce£23/month· Point of sale
· Product reviews
· Customer accounts
· eCommerce analytics 
Advanced Commerce£35/month· Abandoned Cart Recovery
· automated email reminders
· Sell Subscriptions
· Advanced Shipping
· Advanced Discounts
· Commerce APIs

8. OpenCart


OpenCart is the platform of about 400,000 businesses. This platform can be hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and many other servers. OpenCart is considered an open-code platform, so let’s look at it more closely.

Some of the best features of OpenCart

  • Multi-store: Using OpenCart, you can manage multiple shops simultaneously. These shops don’t have to have the same theme, colors, and products.
  • Multi-language: You can incorporate several languages into the OpenCart platform. Therefore, the users of this system can easily make their efforts international.
  • Multiple shipping methods and payment gateways: Some of the payment gateways supported by OpenCart include Amazon pay, Sage pay, E-Way, and WorldPay.
  • Technical support: You will have round-the-clock access to OpenCart’s support system and technical support staff. Of course, you will have to pay for these services by buying premium services.

Some of the drawbacks of OpenCart

  • The checkout is slow: This could be a considerable disadvantage for OpenCart since many customers lose interest in your website if they have to spend too much time checking out.
  • Best for small businesses: As the system can get too slow with big crowds and it’s a little outdated, it’s better to use it for smaller businesses.

OpenCart pricing

FreeFree· You might have to pay up to $100 for templates and extensions

9. Weebly

Weebly - WooCommerce alternative for online stores

Weebly is another eCommerce platform known for its great graphics and beautiful designs. This platform has many professional templates that even allow you to make your own photo and video galleries.

Some of the best features of Weebly

  • It’s easy to use: Weebly is perfect for new business owners who do not have much experience with design and coding. Another great feature of Weebly is that it’s a drag-and-drop platform that makes the design user-friendly and flexible: This flexibility is so much that you can drag and drop the widgets and extensions you want to add to your website.
  • Mobile friendly: Weebly comes with about 50 templates, most of which are optimized for use in all screen sizes. You can also preview your website as a mobile screen with a single click.
  • Analytics data: You can connect your website to the Webmaster and Google Analytics platforms to gather all the data you need to see your keywords and rankings.
  • App Center: The App center on Weebly contains hundreds of apps, widgets, and extensions you can add to your website. And as mentioned before, you can even install these apps with a simple drag-and-drop gesture.

Some of the drawbacks of Weebly

  • Mobile optimization: Do you want your mobile version of a website to be different from its laptop screen? Well, you can’t. Although all the Weebly templates are optimized to be used on mobiles and tablets, the platform does not allow you to change the mobile version on its own.
  • Slow support team: Weebly comes with a support team, but it’s not very efficient and takes too long to respond to your questions and queries. However, the response rate is much quicker for premium users.

Weebly pricing

FreeFree· Free SSL Security
· 500MB Storage
· Domain with Weebly Branding
· SEO Forum
Connect£4/month· All the free features
Pro£9/month· Free Domain
· Google Ads
· Remove Weebly Ads
· Site Search
· Shopping cart
· Accept Payment through Square
· Phone Support
Business£18/month  · All the Pro features plus
· Item badges
· Item options
· Inventory management
· Automatic tax calculator
· Coupon codes
· Square gift cards
· Item reviews
· Shipping calculator

10. Prestashop


Prestashop is an eCommerce solution that’s considered one of the alternatives for WooCommerce. This platform was launched in 2007 and is trusted by over 300,000 online businesses.

Prestashop is a platform for small to mid-sized businesses, but it can be expanded into a large business using some plugins and extensions. In addition, Prestashop is open-source and free, which makes it an easy and flexible tool in the hands of businesses who want to have an online shop as well.

Some of the best features of Prestashop

  • Unlimited products: Unlike other eCommerce platforms, you can upload unlimited products on your online shop using Prestashop. Moreover, the system keeps track of your inventory and lets you know if a product has gone out of stock.
  • SEO: Prestashop has advanced SEO assessment options by default. For instance, you can use metadata and optimize your URLs without having to install any additional plugins.
  • Analytics: Another feature that comes with Prestashop by default is providing analytics data regarding your sales, visitors, reviews, and much more. This frees you from adding extensions such as Google Analytics.
  • Extensions market: It’s true that Prestashop does not need many extensions to run a small to medium shop. However, you have the option of selecting your favorite extensions and plugins from the large collection of the Prestashop store. You can also integrate your shop with mainstream social media platforms by buying the integration modules for a price.

Some of the drawbacks of Prestashop

  • You need coding knowledge: Since Prestashop is open-source, you will have to have some coding knowledge to be able to customize, manage, and run the shop properly.
  • It’s not for large stores: If you are an extensive business with an extensive online shop, you will get the essential functions out of Prestashop. Still, the platform lacks the advanced features expected of a professional online shop.
  • Lack of online support staff: If you have a problem customizing or running your shop, you are on your own. On the other hand, there is an active forum on which you might find your answer.

Prestashop pricing

FreeFree· Precise shipping estimation
· Creation of custom promotions
· Customer emails automation
· Advanced search
· Visitor statistics
· Multiple store management
· Multi-language
· Customizable checkout process
· Cart abandonment notifications

11. Volusion


Volusion is mainly known for its ease of use and all-in-one platform. There are more than 30,000 users on Volusion, and most users believe it’s the perfect eCommerce platform for midsized companies.

Furthermore, this is another platform that does not require many plugins and extensions installed because it has almost everything you need in your shop.

Some of the best features of Volusion

  • Themes: Volusion comes with over 300 themes, some of which are free. According to most experts, these themes are elegantly designed and easy to use.
  • Marketing: Volusion has all the features you need to digitally market your products and services. This platform comes with advanced Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, and e-mail marketing features, making your marketing job much more manageable.
  • User-friendly: Volusion’s interactive setup process allows novice users to set up their websites, add their products, write descriptions, add media, and manage their inventory easily. The system is with you every step of the way and asks you questions about managing your customizations.
  • Online support: Support is one of the main features that every eCommerce must have. Volusion’s support is around the clock, and you can contact the support staff at any time to ask your questions. With the higher-paid plans, there also come phone support and priority support features.

Some of the drawbacks of Volusion

  • Volusion does not have a free plan: Budgeting is always an issue with young businesses that are just starting. The expenses imposed by Volusion plans might be too much for small businesses.
  • Volusion does not have a CMS: A content management system is something many online shops and websites cannot live without. Therefore, lacking an advanced CRM is a serious drawback on Volusion’s part.

Volusion pricing

Personal$35/month· Max Products: 100
· Staff: 1
· Support: live chat, email
· Site Building & Editing Tools
· Native Checkout Solution
· Payment Solutions
· Mobile First Themes
· Simpler management
Integrations with Partners
· Custom Domain
· SSL Certificate
· Continuous PCI Compliance
· Free Web Hosting
· Unlimited Bandwidth
Professional$79/month· All the personal features plus:
· Max products: 5000
· Staff: 5
· Import/export
· Phone orders
· Ratings & reviews
· Newsletters
· Abandoned cart reports 
Business$299/month· All the professional features plus:
· Max products: unlimited
· Staff: unlimited
· API access
· Batch order processing
· Customer loyalty plan
· Support: phone
PrimeBased on GMV· All the business features plus:
· Staff: unlimited
· Support: VIP response
· Client Success Manager
· Low Rates on Additional services
· Premiere Access to New Features

12. WP Easy Cart

WPEasy Cart

WP Easy Cart is another WooCommerce alternative that suits freelancers, small businesses, and large businesses. You can install the WP Easy Cart plugin on any WordPress website. The plugin is suitable for selling products, subscriptions, digital products, and services.

One of the best points about the WP Easy Cart plugin is that it’s all-in-one, and you can run all the aspects of your online business.

Some of the best features of WP Easy Cart

  • Wide range of products: Using WP Easy Cart, you don’t have to see physical products only. The range of things you can sell on WP Easy Cart includes services, subscriptions, gift cards, memberships, courses, customer accounts, and B2B tools.
  • Marketing: With a premium subscription to WP Easy Cart, you will have marketing tools such as gift cards, promotions, discount codes, and abandoned shop notifications at your disposal. There are also Facebook and Instagram integrations available to you with a premium account. WP Easy Cart also comes with MailChimp for the purpose of email marketing.
  • Reports: In order to expand your online business, you need to have some information about how your business is going. The information you are provided with includes total sales, shipping and tax expenses, discount calculations, refunds, number of customers, and abandoned carts. This is vital information that can clarify your next steps.
  • Payment gateways: With a WP Easy Cart premium account, you can access over 30 payment gateways. The free account gateways include PayPal, Stripe, and Square. All these gateways provide you with the flexibility you need to satisfy your customers and make their shopping process as convenient as possible.
  • Shipping: Typically, shipping comes with a fixed price for all customers. With WP Easy Cart, on the other hand, you can determine the cost of shipping for your physical products by their size, weight, price, and percentage of the sales price. This flexibility will make your business as user-friendly as possible.

Some of the drawbacks of WP Easy Cart

  • Customer services are not very efficient: If you encounter any questions or issues, you might have to wait for some time before receiving a response from customer services.
  • Transaction fee: If you use the free version of WP Easy Cart, you will have to pay 2% of your transactions to the system.
  • It’s a learning curve: Editing the plugin and adding products to the system might take a while to learn. In fact, it’s not as user-friendly for editors as the other WooCommerce alternatives.

WP Easy Cart pricing


FreeFree· 2% Additional Application Fees
· Community Forums
· Stripe, Square, or PayPal
Pro$69/year· Unlimited Support Requests
· 30+ Payment Gateways
· Coupons & Promotions
· Abandoned Cart Automation
· TaxCloud for Tax Automation
· Live Shipping Rates
· Advanced Product Options
Premium$89/year· Everything in PRO + Apps + Extensions
· Unlimited Support Requests
· Desktop App for Windows & iOS & Android
· Facebook & Instagram Shop
· MailChimp eCommerce
· ShipStation Automation
· Quickbooks Desktop
· BlueCheck Age Verification
· AffiliateWP Marketing

13. Easy Digital Downloads

easy digital downloads

Easy Digital Downloads, or EDD, is another plugin for WordPress websites. The distinguishing feature of this plugin is that it specializes in selling digital products.

You can sell digital products on EDD, including e-books, video courses, software, memberships, and subscriptions.

Take a look at this in-depth article if you want to learn more about selling online courses.

Some of the best features of Easy Digital Downloads

  • Payment gateways: EDD comes with some of the best payment gateways that enable customers to use most of the well-known credit and debit cards. These gates include Stripe, PayPal, and Amazon Pay. If these are not enough, you can add other gateways using extensions.
  • Test mode: Test mode is one of the more unique features of Easy Digital Downloads. It enables you to test the payment methods and the gateways before launching your online shop for digital goods.
  • Personalized checkout: Using Easy Digital Downloads, you can customize your checkout form, asking for the necessary information. Some online businesses want to make the checkout process very easy, while others prefer to get some leads from the customers to use in their marketing efforts. With EDD, the choice is yours.
  • Personalized pricing: Personalized pricing in Easy Digital Downloads has two essential aspects. First, it’s choosing the payment periods for subscription sales. For instance, you can ask customers to pay for their subscription weekly, monthly, or yearly. Second, it’s the Name Your Price feature. When you enable this feature, you allow your customers to pick a price for your products. This is perfect when you’re unsure about the price you should set.

Some of the drawbacks of Easy Digital Downloads

  • Bugs: Users of Easy Digital Downloads have reported that they start experiencing bugs in the system when they use several extensions on the plugin.
  • Reporting: There are two types of reporting on Easy Digital Downloads: free and paid extensions. According to the users’ reviews, these reporting methods cannot offer sufficient information regarding sales and customers.

Easy Digital Downloads pricing

Personal$99.50/year· Use on 1 site
· Email marketing tools
· Multi-Currency Support
· Lead Magnets
· Email support
· Plugin Updates
Extended$199.50/year· Everything in Personal plus
· Sell subscriptions
· Pro Payment gateways
· Sell Product Bundles
· Customer Reviews
· Email support
· Plugin Updates
Professional$299.50/year· Everything in Extended plus
· Sell Licensed Software
· Checkout Fields Manager
· Marketplace Functionality
· Vendor Commissions
· Custom Deliverables
· Wish Lists
· Recommended Products
· Email support
· Plugin Updates
All Access Pass$499.50/year· Everything in Professional plus
· Use on 3 sites
· Access to 79+ add-ons
· 3 Months of OptinMonster
· Fraud Monitor
· Slack Integration
· Product Comparison
· Purchase Rewards
· Email Attachments
· Conditional Emails
· CRM Capabilities
· Email support
· Plugin Updates

14. Gumroad


Gumroad is another WooCommerce alternative that’s designed for selling digital products specifically. This platform is known for its easy and simple user experience to make it a better option for novice online businesses.

Some of the best features of Gumroad

  • No monthly fee: Gumroad does not have a monthly fee for using the platform. Instead, you will have to pay a percentage of your every sale. This fact frees you from paying a hefty sum for monthly fees when you are a newborn business and are not making a lot of profit.
  • Customer information: Many of the eCommerce platforms out there hide the customer’s information from you. Unlike them, Gumroad shows you the email addresses which can be used as leads in email marketing efforts.
  • Information: The Gumroad platform also gives you a lot of information on how the sales were made. For instance, you can see your digital asset’s view and download rates. But you can also see where the sale was initiated. If it was through your blog’s content, for example, you could improve that to increase your sales.
  • Support: The support system in Gumroad is responsive and helpful. There are many communication channels, including Twitter, Instagram, and other social media, along with email and website chat.
  • Streams: Do you plan to sell online courses or tutorials? If yes, you have to know that Gumroad offers excellent streaming services. You can stream your audio and videos with SD quality with the free plan. But paying for the premium service will give you HD quality.

Some of the drawbacks of Gumroad

  • It’s for small businesses: Gumroad works perfectly for newborn companies that don’t have many digital assets on the shelves. But as your business grows, it gets harder for customers to find exactly what they want.
  • No A/B testing: A/B testing is a great marketing tool that gives you lots of information about your customers. Gumroad does not have A/B testing, which is a significant drawback.

Gumroad pricing

Starting9% fee + 30c on each transactionAll the features
At $10007% fee+ 30c on each transactionAll the features
At $10,0005% fee + 30c on each transactionAll the features
Over $10,0002.9% fee+ 30c on each transactionAll the features

15. MemberPress


As it comes from the name, MemberPress is a membership plugin for WordPress websites. This is one of the best membership platforms on WordPress. The primary purpose of a membership plugin is to share specific content with the paying members of your website. You can also set the content to be expired after some time.

Some of the best features of MemberPress

  • Unlimited membership: MemberPress provides users with an unlimited number of users which is a huge advantage for businesses planning to expand quickly.
  • Access rules: Using MemberPress, you can personalize access rules for each member according to the plan they have bought. This level of customization also comes with specific pricing ranges.
  • Payment gateways: With MemberPress, you can benefit from payment gateways such as PayPal Standard, PayPal Express Checkout, and Stripe.
  • Reporting: MemberPress comes with comprehensive reporting. These reports include the number of active and inactive members, VIP members, and paid members.

Some of the drawbacks of MemberPress

  • No customizable login forms: The registration forms in MemberPress cannot be customized.
  • Paid Add-ons: Some features that have to be on the system as default are introduced as paid add-ons.

MemberPress pricing


Basic$179.50/year· Use on 1 Site
· Unlimited Members
· Unlimited Courses
· No transaction fees
· No monthly fees
· Stripe & PayPal Integration Subscription Management Email Automation
· Drip Content
· Powerful Content Protection
· Advanced Publisher Paywall
· Coupon Codes
· Email Marketing Integrations Basic Add-Ons & Integrations Standard Support
Plus$299.50/year· All Basic Features plus
· Use on up to 2 Sites
· Marketing Integrations
· Sell Podcast Memberships
· Forums Add-on
· Communities Add-on
· Zapier + Custom Integrations
· HelpScout Integration
· Developer Tools
· Advanced Customization
· Priority Support
Pro$399.50· All Basic and Plus Features plus
· Use on up to 5 Sites
· Integration
· Sell Corporate Accounts
· Sell Gifted Memberships
· TaxJar Integration
· Premium Support
· 3 Months of Free Access to OptinMonster University
· 3 Months Free of TrustPulse

Final thoughts

Launching a website and integrating a shopping cart is a simple step toward expanding your business. Having an online shop, as well as sales on social media and a brick-and-mortar business, makes up for a perfect business that most users can trust.

But the quality of the eCommerce platform matters too. These days, customers have very little patience for slow and complicated online shops. Instead, they simply abandon their shopping carts and open another website.

Therefore, businesses should choose the best eCommerce platform for their website, knowing that while WooCommerce might look like the obvious option, it’s not the only one.

Many WooCommerce alternatives can respond to your needs more efficiently and suit your business and budget more effectively. Of course, each eCommerce platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. But at least now you can choose with your eyes open.

Check out this article if you need help to come up with the best website names for your business.

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