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wix statistics
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Wix Statistics (How Many Websites Are Made With Wix?)

If you’ve ever wondered how many websites are built with Wix, then these extensive Wix statistics are for you.

Quick answer: There are multiple millions built and live globally, but does this make it the most popular website builder?

That’s why we investigated this fantastic tool to see just how massive Wix is, which country the biggest fans are from and what its market share is.

We’ll also share its biggest competitors, how much it costs to create a Wix website (and online store), and heaps more.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Quick Wix History: It is an Israeli company founded in 2006 by developers Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan.

Wix has headquarters in Tel Aviv, but global offices are scattered all over the place, in the US, Canada, Ukraine, Japan, Poland, Germany, and more. It has 5,000+ employees.

This post covers:

Wix Statistics (Our Top Picks)

  • There are more than 10.8 million Wix websites around the world, of which 8.5 million are live
  • 1+ million Wix websites are in the United States (2nd country is the UK with 494K+ sites)
  • Wix powers 2.5% of all websites globally
  • Wix is the most popular website builder – 9.9% are Wix out of 17+ million
  • Wix had a $1.3 billion revenue in 2022 (but the annual net income has been negative for the past decade)
  • 2.1 million websites use the in-house eCommerce payment solution
  • Wix has 800+ designer-made templates and 500+ professional applications
  • You can use Wix in 20 languages and it is present in 190+ countries
  • The monthly traffic to was 44.1 million in February 2023
  • There are 220 million Wix users and 4.5 million paid Wix users
  • The most popular Wix store category is apparel

How Many Websites Are Made With Wix

Because Wix is the most popular website builder (note that WordPress is not a website builder but a content management system (CMS)), it powers 10.8 million websites globally.

However, there are 8.5 million live websites when writing this.

Even today, Wix is still on the rise, so we can expect even more blogs (here we have the best Wix blog examples), business sites and online stores to use this handy builder.

(But if you’re into eCommerce, we recommend Shopify and these Shopify statistics are proof of why it’s the best.)

But if you also want a general overview, don’t miss our extensive website statistics article.

Number Of Wix Websites By Country

Even though Wix isn’t a US company, it still has the most fans (1,062,000+), more than twice as many as the second-placed UK (494,080+). In third place is Brazil (252,600+) and then Australia (168,500+) and Germany (165,200+).

CountryNumber of websites
United States1,000,000+
United Kingdom494,000+
Wix popularity by country

You may want to peek at these top-notch websites built on the Wix platform if you want to see some really nice web design.

Source: Built With

Wix Market Share

As the third largest in the content management system market share (3.7%), 2.5% of all websites are built on Wix.

But here’s a catch. WordPress is exclusively a content management system and Shopify is for eCommerce, so technically speaking, Wix is the largest and most popular in its field.

Still, there’s a massive gap to get anywhere close to WordPress, which powers 43% of all types of websites around the world.

While Wix started slowly and many began questioning if it’s dying out, it’s far from it.

As the table below shows, Wix experienced one of the biggest increases in its history between 2022 and 2023.

YearPercentage of all websites
2023 (March)2.5
Yearly Wix usage trend

According to the Built With platform and its detected 17.6 million websites, Wix is the most popular, followed by Squarespace, GoDaddy Builder, Weebly, Jimdo and Tilda.

Website builderPopularity in %
GoDaddy Builder2.3
The most popular website builders globally

Moreover, if we look at the top 10 million websites, Wix (2.3%) and Squarespace (2%) are very close to each other. In fact, it was only in 2021 that Wix took the lead. That’s why you may also be interested in checking Squarespace statistics.

Wix’s Financial Statistics

Because there are many who question how much Wix makes, let’s have a look at some of its interesting financial stats.

Wix Users By Region

Wix has more than 220 million users distributed across 190+ countries. For this reason, it’s also available in twenty languages to ensure more customers get comfortable building their websites.

But Wix isn’t available in Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba and Crimea (+ Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics).

RegionGeographic reach in %
North America59
Asia (& others)11
Latin America4
Wix merchants by region

Source: ESG

Wix Annual Revenue

We could say that every year is the “best” year for Wix in terms of total annual revenue.

YearAnnual revenue ($ millions)
Wix annual revenue

Wix is expected to hit 1.52 billion by December 2023 and 1.73 billion by December 2024.

Furthermore, things look completely different if we look at Wix’s annual net income, which has been negative for a long time.

YearWix annual net income ($ millions)
2022– 425
2021– 117
2020– 167
2019– 86
2018– 37
2017– 56
2016– 47
2015– 51
2014– 57
2013– 32
Wix annual net income

Source: Macrotrends

How Does Wix Make Money?

Wix has multiple revenue models, like selling subscriptions, domains, applications and B2B solutions.


When it comes to subscriptions, they have:

1. Website plans

  • VIP ($29/month)
  • Unlimited ($17/month) – most popular
  • Combo ($10/month)
  • Connect domain ($5.50/month)

2. Business and eCommerce plans

  • Business VIP ($44/month)
  • Business Unlimited ($30/month) – most popular
  • Business Basic ($20/month)

3. Enterprise plans

  • This one is for large-scale businesses and organizations with custom pricing

There are approximately 4.5 million paid Wix subscribers.

So when the question comes, “How much does a Wix website cost?” there’s no one-time fee, but it’s an ongoing investment. Because without a subscription, you cannot run your page.


Additionally, Wix also makes money from selling domain names, which usually come free for one year with all their premium plan. They say selling domains makes approximately 7% of all revenue.

App marketplace

When working with Wix, every user also has access to a massive marketplace of (300+) apps, of which some are free and some are premium. These are almost necessary to install (at least some of them) because the templates alone don’t cover everything.

Business solutions

But there are other “business solutions” that Wix uses to make money, like paid ad campaigns, logo maker, Wix answers, shipping labels, and more.


Wix also has its own in-house payment system, which drives the business a significant portion of sales. While using the system is free of charge, a fee applies for every sale a merchant makes.

Keep in mind; it’s not Wix who does all the marketing (of their products) – they also offer an affiliate program, where affiliates can earn a commission for every conversion they make, helping the website builder grow.

Source: Wix’s 2020 Form 20-F

Payments By Wix Stats

According to Built With, there are 2.1 million live Wix websites that use the eCommerce solution.

However, only 33,000+ use Payment by Wix, of which the vast majority (23,000+) are in the United States. There are only 1,800+ eCommerce sites in the UK using Wix’s payment and even fewer, 900+ in France.

Wix made $53.6 million in 2020 and $11.1 million in 2019 from payment fees alone.

Source: Built With, Calcalist

Wix Website Statistics

Monthly Traffic is ranked as the 774th website globally based on the traffic it receives. In February 2023, the website received 46.6 million visitors, which is 10.4% less compared to January. (Squarespace received 33.6 million visitors.)

MonthMonthly traffic
December 202244.1 million
January 202352 million
February 202346.6 million monthly traffic

Audience Demographics

The majority of all the traffic comes from the United States (31.49%), followed by the United Kingdom (7.16%), India (4.85%), Brazil (4.71%) and Canada (4.21%).

Wix’s official website receives plenty of male and female traffic, but there are still more men.

  • 53.41% male
  • 46.59% female

As a comparison, has a 51.8% female and 48.20% male audience.

Age Distribution

Most visitors are aged between 25 and 34 (the same goes for its biggest competitor, Squarespace).

  • 18-24 (23.59%)
  • 25-34 (34.65%)
  • 35-44 (19.88%)
  • 45-54 (11.6%)
  • 55-64 (6.49%)
  • 65+ (3.79%)

Fun fact: Those who visit also visit Canva, Shopify, GoDaddy and Fiverr, to name a few, and are interested in topics like news, shopping, business and software. Traffic Sources

The vast majority of traffic to the official Wix website is direct. These users go directly to, not using any other channel or (affiliate/referral) link. The second largest traffic source is organic, which is primarily Google traffic.

  • Direct (66.98%)
  • Organic search (20.71%)
  • Referrals (3.22%)
  • Mail (3.13%)
  • Paid search (2.88%)
  • Social (2.67%)
  • Display (0.4%)

Social media traffic mainly comes from YouTube (46.10%), then Facebook (20.17%) and WhatsApp (8.96%).

Source: SimilarWeb

Top-Level Domains Using Wix

  • .com 66%
  • . org 7.9%
  • .uk 2.7%

Source: W3Techs

Wix Store Statistics

Built With tracked 6.6 million Wix Stores, of which 2.1 million are live and running globally. (Surprisingly, the platform reports more Wix Stores in the US than general Wix websites.)

Number Of Wix Stores By Country

CountryNumber of websites
United States1,400,000+
United Kingdom130,000+
Wix Stores popularity by country

Top Wix Store Categories

  • Apparel 10.1%
  • Beauty and fitness 8.7%
  • Home and garden 7.9%
  • Arts and entertainment 6.7%
  • People and society 6%

Other Interesting Wix Store Stats

  • Instagram is the most popular social media used by Wix stores (56.7%), followed by Facebook (47%) and Twitter (9.5%)
  • Email is the most preferred way of contact for 56% Wix stores, then phone and on third WhatsApp
  • The majority (64%) of Wix stores sell anywhere from one to nine products
  • The most popular technologies on Wix stores are Fastly CDN, YouTube player and Google Adsense
  • USPS (expected) is the most popular shipping carrier

Don’t forget, we have a full list of the best Wix store examples for your viewing pleasure.

Source: Store Leads, Built With

Wix Template Statistics

How Many Wix Templates Are There?

Wix has a massive collection of over 800 templates you can install, use and customize without coding knowledge.

You can find templates in five main categories (business, store, creative, community and blog) with multiple sub-categories for everyone searching for something more specific.

Wix also has nine complete blank templates for those who want to create their website from “scratch.”

Four of the most popular templates are Personal Blog, Coming Soon Landing Page, Creative CV and Business CV.

But Wix has a template for every website, including farming, catering, real estate, music promotion, non-profit, and more.

How Many Wix Apps Are There?

Wix has 500+ professional apps that are easy to integrate for marketing, eCommerce, services, events, communication and media needs, amongst many more in between.

Wix apps are free and paid (many offer a free trial).

Source: Wix Templates, Wix App Market


That’s it for this awesome Wix statistics roundup, which, we’re sure, answered many of your questions.

As one of the most popular website builders, Wix keeps pushing the boundaries, making it even easier for all its users to build, manage and maintain their websites, blogs and online shops.

You have the freedom to create your project page with endless (customizable) templates and (free and premium) apps.

You’re in full control, so take total advantage of Wix now, and make a difference.

This goes to all the Wix users: Do you like it? How quickly did you build your website? Would you like to see any improvements? Share your experience below.

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