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free mobile-friendly website templates
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33 Best Free Mobile-Friendly Website Templates 2023

These free mobile-friendly website templates are the way to go for whoever is launching a website but do not want to spend a dime doing it.

Indeed, in the mobile-first era we live in, if a website is not responsive, your web presence and project, in general, might not have the best future ahead of it. You undoubtedly will not see the results you want.

Search engines will not like your page and rank it poorly, which calls for barely any organic traffic. Moreover, everyone browsing from their smartphones and tablets will instantly click the back button.

And that, my friends, is something you do not want for your website and online project.

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To avoid bad site performance and poor user experience for mobile users, pick any free mobile-friendly website templates below. They vary quite a lot, and that is a good thing. We are not all here with the same intention to build an identical website. You will find tools to craft law, medical, charity, music, agency, and other websites.

Use these responsive free templates to showcase your mobile application, advertise your professional services, and write a compelling blog. Are you ready to set the bar high?

Mobile-friendly WordPress themes

Divi (Premium)

Nowadays, it should not even question whether or not your page is mobile-friendly; it absolutely must be. Instead of starting things from scratch and figuring out how to make a page responsive, do yourself a favor and go with Divi. Not only does Divi follow all the modern trends and regulations, but it also contains a massive collection of ready-to-use designs and elements. Yes, Divi is a multi-purpose web design for every page you want to realize. It is ready and set for any challenge, whether a super niche or a general project.

From complete creative freedom, bulk editing, and an outstanding search feature to pricing tables, form builder, email opt-ins, and hundreds of extensions, Divi is packed with, what seems, unlimited features. Have in mind, the tool is even translated in 32 different languages out of the box.

More info / Download Demo

Jevelin (Premium)

To cut a long story short, Jevelin is a highly adaptive and versatile site canvas with a mobile-friendly layout. Jevelin does not miss crazy fast loading speed and search engine optimization. Jevelin takes care of all the technicalities and a ton more.

There are also multiple front and internal demos, more than forty shortcodes, mega menu, parallax effect, and social sharing. Last but not least, thanks to the drag and drop editing, you can quickly adjust the layout and make it yours.

More info / Download Demo

Best free mobile-friendly website templates


Gutim Free Template

Gutim is a free mobile-friendly website template for fitness facilities and gyms. An up-to-the-minute site skin creates a pleasant experience for every sports enthusiast. You can now present your business online in the best possible light, ensuring everyone receives all the necessary information. With this, you also boost your potential, which leads to business growth. And what’s best is that you do not need to get the ball rolling from the ground up, as Gutim does a lot of work.

Some features include call-to-action buttons, testimonials, pricing tables, and a registration form, amongst many more. The layout is flexible and fluid, running on all popular devices and web browsers like a dream. Finally, you can start a blog and give back to the community through practical advice and tips.

More info / Download Demo


glint free mobile-friendly website template

One thing is for sure: when you see Glint, a free and responsive HTML website template, in action, the free part mysteriously disappears. It looks more premium than free and is super rewarding for you, the user. With digital agencies and freelancers in mind, Glint is an item that will create a memorable website. But most importantly, help you grow your business by promoting your services and works desirably.

Glint is a retina-ready layout with marvelous features. You will find animated stats, a parallax background, a functional contact form, scroll animations, and a cracking portfolio. On top of that, Glint’s code is well organized to make customization feel undemanding. Take action and do something remarkable today.

More info / Download Demo


philosophy free mobile-friendly website template

May the name of the next free mobile-friendly website template not deceive you. Philosophy is a free blog template with a stunning grid layout. It works well with lifestyle, fashion, food, DIY, design, creative and almost any other type of blog. It is only a matter of what content you use with Philosophy, and it will instantly adapt to your niche. Yep, it is that simple.

Philosophy template has excellent navigation with a drop-down menu, the articles load on scroll, and the footer section has a nice selection of widgets. Besides the standard, it supports video, audio, and gallery posts of which each allows comments. There is also a back-to-top button, social media icons, and a newsletter subscription widget.

More info / Download Demo

Startup 2

Startup2 Free Template

Startup 2 is pretty self-explanatory as a free mobile-friendly website template. It is a tool for startups and small businesses looking for extra exposure online. You can expect great things to happen once you set up your page using Startup 2 and all its perks. You might even like the setup exactly as is, editing the details and content only. On the flip side, you can also brand and improve the default look of Startup 2 and match it to your requirements.

With Startup 2, you do not need to worry about a successful modern website’s technical aspects. Startup 2 is a Bootstrap Framework template that rocks all the necessary modern trends and regulations.

Home and different inner pages, sticky navigation, functional contact form, social media icons, and Google Maps are all the varying goodies you receive as a Startup 2 user.

More info / Download Demo


Space Free Template

Space sports a fully fluid layout that adapts to all screens, small and large, instantaneously. But that’s something every Colorlib template delivers anyway. As a result, it is an excellent tool for every creative individual, even an agency. Use Space to build an online portfolio that will amaze everyone.

If you need to make an online presence that will push the boundaries, you can use Space. It rocks this neat content reveal feature that boosts user experience. Skills, testimonials, contact form, and Google Maps. For your information, Space also works great for building a one-page website.

More info / Download Demo


Imagine Free Template

If you are exclusively looking to build a single-page business website, do it with Imagine. This is a fully optimized free template with an array of traits that will do you well. But first, we need to mention that the design of Imagine is straightforward and minimal. If this is your style, the chances are high that you will want to employ it as is.

On scroll content loading, sticky menu, testimonials slider, and hover effects are all the different goodies of Imagine. There is no need to build anything from the ground up, although you need to understand coding basics to activate Imagine successfully.

More info / Download Demo


raptor free template

Even though Raptor supports hosting companies out of the box, you can use it for something else. It is a neat solution that accepts customizations and edits tailored to your regulations. Still, with the already great selection of colors and useful elements, you may even use it out of the box.

With animations, pricing plans, customer testimonials/reviews and a full-blown contact page, Raptor misses nothing. But feel free to investigate it further by accessing the live demo preview. This allows you to experience Raptor first-hand and truly understand its potential.

More info / Download Demo


Readit Free Template

For a free mobile-friendly blog template with a twist, Readit will do the trick. This jaw-dropping solution is set to impact all your visitors and readers positively. With its vibrant and bold design, everyone will have a great experience skimming through your content, enjoying themselves to the fullest. Readit has a full-screen banner with a gradient overlay above the fold, capturing the attention immediately. The first few seconds matter the most, and Readit is aware of that.

Moreover, Readit runs flawlessly on all devices and browsing platforms, smoothly reshaping to ensure killer performance all the time. It also comes with a parallax effect, sticky menu, social buttons, contact form, and Google Maps, to name a few. Start your blogging adventure with Readit and grow your project to the extremes.

More info / Download Demo


university free template

University is a free mobile-friendly website template that you can use for schools, colleges, universities and online courses only businesses. The web design is clean and straightforward, ensuring not to distract your users and deliver them a solid experience.

It might be a free template, but University offers many advanced features for you to utilize. For example, with the full-screen banner that combines the parallax effect and a courses search feature, you will entice all your site guests. They might not register just yet, but they will surely keep browsing your page and see what you have to offer them. So get your online education platform going today with University and forget about all the rest.

More info / Download Demo


sparsh free template

Regardless of what item you choose from this collection, it is a guarantee that you will create a responsive and flexible website. Sparsh is a free mobile-ready website template for architects and agencies. You can use it for construction businesses as well without hassle. With Sparsh’s dark layout, you can promote your professionalism and remarkable works elegantly. Sparsh will cover all the rest when they land on your website. In short, when you couple your services and creations with the web design, you will engage everyone’s attention easily.

From slideshow and projects page to social media icons and newsletter subscription widget, these and loads more are what Sparsh treats you to. So please take these to your advantage, shine online and start scaling your business to new success levels.

More info / Download Demo


confe free template

Confe is short for conference, which is what this free mobile-friendly website template is all about. Conference, meeting, forum, and other gathering hosts can use Confe and create an online presence that will scream with sophistication and knowledge. You can now go in-depth about the happening, introduce all your speakers and boost your potential.

A website is also a fantastic place to promote your sponsors and catch new businesses willing to contribute. Moreover, with a webspace you are about to bring to reality with Confe, you can also push tickets and provide additional information to help you sell out the event.

More info / Download Demo


uza free template

Uza is a versatile free mobile-friendly website template for businesses and agencies. Regardless of the industry, you operate in, Uza is pliable and adaptive enough to adjust to your company needs and regulations easily. With the clean and contemporary design it sports, you will have no trouble creating an enticing and persuasive website for your business. Add your creative touch to it, change colors, import custom content and customize Uza to the last detail.

With Uza, your expert work will appear even more professional than it already is. Utilize the template to its full extent and enter the online world with a remarkable presence that will spark interest in many online surfers and potential clients. With the number of convenient features, the web design of your website is nearly complete!

More info / Download Demo


tattooz free template

Nowadays, almost everyone has a tattoo. If it is not an entire sleeve, she might have a small butterfly inked on her shoulder or a quote on her ribs. With the hype going strong, more and more tattoo shops are opening around the globe regularly. Instagram and other social media might be the best option to promote your magnificent work, but do not forget to build a website. You can use it for all sorts of intentions to push your talent above and beyond.

Tattooz is a remarkable free mobile-ready website template that will sort you out neat web space for your tattoo services. The tool has three home page styles and several other internal pages. It is all predesigned and ready for you to put to use. Tattooz also delivers a pricing table section, includes a working contact form, and sports a filterable gallery to persuade everyone with your skill level.

More info / Download Demo


sel free template

Sel is here to expand your real estate business and boost your sales. It is a modern, clean, elegant and stylish free mobile-friendly website template needed to create a brand new page as quickly as possible. There is no need to look elsewhere if this is the type of website you need. Sel has it all packed in one kit for your convenience. From a cracking index page to other inner sections for properties, team, blog, and contact. Yep, these are all ready-made.

Sel has a banner with a handy property search option starting with the front page. They can start looking for what they are after without browsing your page. However, they can highlight your top-rated properties and showcase your client’s feedback to build customer loyalty. So start with the right foot forward and use Sel.

More info / Download Demo


megazine free template

You get the gist of this next template only by ready its name. But, it sure is straightforward and self-explanatory. Megazine is a free mobile-ready website template for modern and creative online magazines. It is not the web design you are used to seeing when reading a classic online magazine-style page. If you want to distinguish yourself from the masses and forge a web mag that stands out, you better consider using Megazine.

Go against the norm.

With Megazine, you can do things differently and wow your visitors with something novel. The first thing a guest notices are sticky sidebar navigation and a massive slider. They both create a clean appearance that will get them intrigued and interested in seeing your hot topics. Implement your magnificent and compelling writing skills, and you will win them over every time.

More info / Download Demo


honey free template

Honey is everything you need when you are looking to bring into being a wedding website. It provides an opportunity to shine online and send out a different type of invitation than we are all still used to seeing. Instead of a card, you can send them a link to your page and take them on a journey through your nuptials early. This free mobile-friendly website template has all the necessary and some for a tempting, adorable, yet professional webspace.

Lovely banner with parallax effect, countdown timer to use for the big day announcement, cool love story section, and an active reservation form, it is all there. Moreover, Honey has a ton of other goodies that will do you well. Unique timetable, gift registry section, gallery, and exclusive pages for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Starting a blog is possible, too, for you to go in-depth with your wedding preparation and all the rest you would like to share.

More info / Download Demo

Faith 2

faith2 free template

When looking for a template to set up a website for a page or other religious institutions, Faith 2 will do the job right. It is a free mobile-ready website template with all the must-have features and assets to get your online space going as soon as possible. You can do it fast since most work has already been done. All you need to do is change and edit the existing look with your stuff; you could be ready to go.

Faith 2 is clear to use and customize to give you the option to produce the look you want for your church. The site skin has many cutting-edge goodies to offer. Before you notice, you can have a fully functional page live, pushing your sermons and the Word of God with just a small investment of time and effort.

More info / Download Demo


builder free template

Construction and building companies can approach the online space with a refreshing website using Builder. It is a Bootstrap-based tool that follows all the latest web and tech regulations. That said, not only will you be using and working with Builder effortless, but the end product will also be a professional web scheme for marketing your products and services.

With Builder, you will keep things neat on the net. Its design is minimal and smooth, emphasizing your works and offerings. Builder is also fully translatable, comes with a newsletter subscription form, social media links, and an entire blog section.

Of course, Builder is a free mobile-friendly website template, so you can download it immediately and start using it.

More info / Download Demo


appson free template

Regardless of your app, you need a free mobile-friendly website template to manage your online presence. One such tool is Appson. A simple name for a not-so-simple tool. But not in regards to using and customizing it. You will notice that Appson is a big template with many predesigned content for your convenience. Just with the seven ready-to-use home pages alone, you have many different ways you can pursue. Slider, gradient, video, image, raindrop, you name it, all these special styles are at your disposal.

What’s best, no matter which home variation you choose, the consequence will always be a remarkable web design. Appson has a contemporary look, sticky navigation, pricing tables, an excellent screenshot slider, call-to-action buttons, and a contact form. You can also display what your users say about your app and start a blog to implement content marketing for the extra boost.

More info / Download Demo


cryptos free template

If you run a business related to cryptocurrencies or plan to start one, you better look into Cryptos. This free mobile-ready website template has many traits and solid characteristics you can use to your advantage. No need to make your page from the ground up when you have such killer tools at your fingertips. Meaning, download Cryptos now, improve and customize it to fit your branding, and you are good to go. Cryptos does not require too advanced stuff that you would not accomplish yourself.

As far as the technical part goes, Cryptos is powered by Bootstrap and all the new-age technologies to provide flexibility and ease of use. On top of that, the template is also optimized for search engines and speed. So, you can be sure that your website will work all the time seamlessly, regardless of the device and platform they come from. And search engines will love it, too.

More info / Download Demo


cryptian free template

Cryptian is one of the best free mobile-ready website templates for an ICO agency website. So instead of doing your thing from scratch, you have it all at your service. Just utilize what Cryptian brings to the table and you are closer than ever to realizing your much-needed website. Bring your agency to a new level and reach people and potential clients worldwide. It is a website that will help you market yourself as pros do.

Cryptian has two index pages, a blog, and other necessary segments. In addition, there are about, team, contact, FAQ and white paper section neatly packed into a single-page layout. That’s correct; Cryptian is a one-page website template so your guests do not have to visit several pages before they decide to work with you. In Cryptian’s case, they have it all on one page for convenience.

More info / Download Demo


newsbit free template

Whoever wants to enter the coin market without an agency or a product, Newsbit is here to give you a different option. If you have been following the industry for some time now, you probably know quite a lot about it. So why wouldn’t you want to share all your knowledge with the world and help those familiar with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Or even expand your offering and share different industry news and whatnot.

To start a cryptocurrency blog or online magazine, Newsbit is here to get things moving. It is a free mobile-ready website template with a minimal and nifty web design to spark everyone’s interest. The look allows you to scan through topics quickly and investigate only what truly interests you.

More info / Download Demo


flawless free template

Sports, fitness, gyms, yoga studios, you name it, a website to push your programs and classes is a must-have. If you lack a solid web presence, end it today and use a free mobile-ready website template, Flawless. Not only does it cost you nothing, but Flawless is also simple to utilize, edit and enhance with your individual touch. Instead of spending too much time on the design and development of your website, you can now do it effortlessly with Flawless.

Full-width sliders with class tables, on-scroll content load, weekly class schedule, and parallax sections are some of the assets of Flawless. Moreover, the tool also fully shops and blogs, providing two special inner pages for classes and trainers. So, without further ado, hit the download button and start doing magical things with Flawless.

More info / Download Demo


lawfirm free mobile-friendly website template

Lawfirm, hence the name, is a free lawyer website template with a modern and slick look. While it was created to emphasize lawyers and law firms, you can also use Lawfirm for financial companies and other consulting businesses. It comes with a neat home page design and several other inner pages, which you can improve to your likings.

With a full-screen slider, you will impress every visitor and make them hungry for more. Animated stats and parallax effect spice up the experience, while the working contact form lets them access you straight from your website. Have your appointments taken care of automatically, start a blog and introduce your attorneys. Just short moments later, you will have a fully functional website up and running.

More info / Download Demo


medical free mobile-friendly website template

Medical is a free mobile-friendly website template for healthcare or medical businesses. To be more exact, Medical is best suitable for dentists, veterinarians, surgeons, physicians, and other doctors and professionals. It is a super clean and straightforward medical website template that is easy to customize.

A full-width banner welcomes every new user and current client and introduces them to your clinic or doctor’s office. The dedicated section to list your services provides enough information to let them know whether you are the right address for their needs. Further down the page, clients interested in making an appointment can use the booking form and get a prompt response from you. There is also a subscription box in the footer for everyone who wants to subscribe to your newsletter.

More info / Download Demo


charity free mobile-friendly website template

If you are building websites for non-profit organizations and charities, Charity is a beautifully designed charity website template. You can also make a website for churches with tweaks and improvements. Charity might be a free mobile-friendly website template. However, free does not mean poor quality and flexibility. Charity sports both, and they just happen to be of the highest standards.

Collecting donations is one of the most crucial parts of every charity and non-profit website. In the case of Charity template, you do not have to worry about executing your forthcoming donation campaign. It has a working donation form integrated into the design so you do not have to build one independently.

More info / Download Demo


medi free mobile-friendly website template

More material for those in the medical and healthcare industries. Medi+ is an entirely free mobile-friendly website template with an elegant and easy on the eye web design. It perfectly suits building websites for clinics, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, surgeons, and other professionals. In a breeze, you will have an outstanding website ready either for your business or four client’s business. What is great about Medi+ template is the fact how compliant it is. You can use the free tool for ten different clients easily. Without facing any challenges, you will make it fit every owner to the T.

Medi+ is a great item to start with or find inspiration in if you need another idea for a medical website.

More info / Download Demo


travelasia free mobile-friendly website template

You only need to check the image above and read the name; you already know what you are in for. Travelasia is, you guessed it, a travel website template with its focal point being hotels, travel agencies, and holiday resorts. But truly, you can use it with a broader specter of travel websites and even other industries that need to feature booking options on their websites.

A massive banner with text and call-to-action button, booking system, and a special section for your attractive packages, Travelasia template has it all. And if the client does not find what they are looking for, they can use the contact form and customize their trip however they want. Travelasia also has integrated Instagram feed, social buttons, and newsletter widget.

More info / Download Demo


e-shop free mobile-friendly website template

Do you plan on building an online store but do not know where to start? The best option for you is to start with free eCommerce website templates. Not only you need to spend no money on them, but your final web design will also look way more professional than you think.

If you are still in doubt, check E-Shop’s free mobile-friendly website template. It is an advanced template that will help you create various online stores. It is clean and minimal and helps you quickly adjust it to your needs. Big images, sliders, visible text and solid navigation, E-Shop template delivers all the needed and then some. And you do not have to worry whether shoppers browse your store from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. E-Shop’s layout is very responsive.

More info / Download Demo


platina free mobile-friendly website template

As a hotel or travel agency owner, you, unquestionably need a website. You are simply living too much money on the table if you still have not sorted out your online appearance. Even if you use 3rd party platforms, an official website for your boutique hotel will do you well.

Platina is a free hotel website template with a fluid layout that perfectly adjusts to any screen size. Furthermore, the template has a smooth web design to showcase your hotel, rooms and all the rest most finely. Start luxuriating your new visitors with your website and pre-sell them before they even start scrolling. FYI, a big banner with text slider will have them hooked immediately. They will be rushing to the Book a Room section, where Platina template treats visitors with a simple-to-use booking form.

More info / Download Demo

CA App Landing

ca-app free mobile-friendly website template

If you are testing the waters or need inspiration, CA App Landing free mobile-friendly website template is one to consider. With this landing page website template, you will surely get the most bang for your buck. However, your time and effort are the only thing you need to invest in setting up a website. No money!

Contemporary template with some cool features and handy predefined sections. CA App Landing is an ideal product to display your iOS and Android mobile application and work as a SaaS website. CA App Landing has goodies, pricing tables, app showcase, footer reveal, and sticky menu. For as cheap as free, you can have a website up and running in the shortest space of time.

More info / Download Demo
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    My search for “Best DIVI mobile-first websites” returned this page

    The first article that was closest to the inquiry was on the second page (

    That page shows desktop versions – not the mobile-first versions.

    While I realize that the examples – the demos – are responsive, I need to see a page similar to the desktop versions, but with actual DIVI mobile-first websites.

    Does colorlib have anything to share that is actually mobile-first?

    1. Myles,

      You will be perfectly fine using Divi theme for your website. It is mobile-friendly (responsive) and works perfectly fine on any device. Mobile-first is just a cool marketing term that doesn’t mean a thing for end-users. It is popularised because mobile is taking over and no one can say that the website is Mac or PC-first because no one uses them anymore. However, all sites are developed on desktop computers and tested there first before moving to test it on mobile.

      1. David Dewhirst says:

        That reply is more than a wee bit condescending… the OP didn’t “make a huge mess”; they were suggesting that since your page is optimized for mobile-first designs, there should be screenshots of the templates on mobile devices. That’s it.
        Furthermore, your assertion that no one uses desktops anymore is factually inaccurate. While mobile devices hold a slight majority in internet traffic, nearly half still comes from desktops. I think you’ve made a huge mess there.

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    This is an awesome list of free mobile friendly website templates are very much helpful for developers to make a website. Using these templates you can easily build responsive and mobile friendly website.
    Thanks for sharing such useful resources with us.

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