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elementor statistics
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Elementor Statistics (How Many Websites Use Elementor?)

Are you interested in knowing some of the shocking and interesting Elementor statistics?

Since its initial launch in 2016, this handy WordPress page builder has started gaining more and more traction. To the point of becoming the biggest in its field, with millions of websites built already.

Fun fact: WordPress powers 43%+ of all websites. Of which Elementor is used by 8%+ according to W3Techs. (As a reference, the second biggest, WPBakery, has a 5.7% market share.)

Day in and day out, many new users opt for Elementor because of the flexible and powerful free version.

But you can upgrade to pro any time and enjoy even more handy features. (Which we found after years of working with it isn’t necessary for simpler blogs and sites.)

How many users use Elementor, which countries are the biggest fans and how many websites are built daily is what you’re about to find out through our epic statistical roundup.

And heaps more.

Note: Don’t miss our in-depth Elementor review if you consider using this superb tool.

This post covers:

Elementor Statistics (Our Top Picks)

  • 8.8 million websites are currently using Elementor worldwide, which is a 3.7 million jump from 2020
  • There are 3.6+ million websites that use the Elementor Pro version
  • So far, 13+ million websites have been built with Elementor
  • The free Elementor plugin has 5+ million active installs (with 260+ million overall installs since its launch)
  • By country, the US has the most Elementor-powered websites – 779,000+
  • 41.64% of all the top-level domains are .com
  • The Elementor plugin receives multiple thousands and up to millions of downloads daily
  • Redfin (93+ million visitors/month) and Slickdeals (58+ million visitors/month) are amongst the most popular websites that use Elementor

How Many Websites Use Elementor?

Over 1 million websites were built using Elementor just two years after the official launch.

It simplified how we create and design sites, thanks to its free version, which has 5+ million active installs on the WordPress repository.

At the time of writing this, there are 8.8+ million live websites that use Elementor. The popularity keeps on growing amongst beginners and experts in various industries globally.

YearNumber of websites built with Elementor
20238.8 million
20205 million
20193 million
20181 million
Elementor growth over the years

Remember, historically speaking; there were already 13+ million websites built with Elementor.

Additionally, there are 3.6+ million websites that use the Elementor Pro version.

Sources: Wikipedia, Built With, Elementor

What Are The Top Countries That Use Elementor?

After digging deeper into the statistics, we found the top ten countries that use Elementor for their blogs and websites.

The leading country is the United States, with 779,867 live websites, representing a whopping 8.9% of all Elementor websites globally.

Number of Elementor websites by to 10 countries:

CountryNumber of Elementor websites
United States779,867
United Kingdom283,321
Number of Elementor websites by country

What Are The Top-Level Domains Using Elementor?

Over 250 top-level domains are registered according to What CMS, where commercial (.com) is the leading domain – with 41.64% of all TLD domains.

Top-Level Domain (TLD)Share of total domains
Commercial (.com)41.64%
Australia (.au)6.939%
Germany (.de)4.105%
France (.fr)3.467%
Organization (.org)3.174%
United Kingdom (.uk)2.649%
Brazil (.br)2.447%
Italy (.it)2.422%
Netherlands (.nl)2.055%
Denmark (.dk)2.012%
Percentage of TLDs
what are the top level domains using elementor

Source: What CMS

There are all types of websites, shapes and sizes that use Elementor. From shops to blogs, portfolios to corporate pages and many more in between.

So when someone asked us, “Do big companies use Elementor?” the answer was affirmative.

Ten of the bigger sites that we came across are:

You may also want to peek at other great Elementor websites that we curated into a best-of list.

Source: SimilarWeb

What Are The Top Industries That Use Elementor?

While it is hard to define exactly what are the top industries that use Elementor page builder for their website creation, here are the niches we came across after reviewing 1,000s of websites:

  • Business and service websites
  • Online portfolios and CVs
  • Online shops and other eCommerce websites
  • Landing pages for product and service promotion
  • Education and school-related websites
  • Online publishing, news sites and blogs
  • Events and entertainment

Elementor Plugin Market Share

What Is Elementor’s Market Share In The WordPress Plugin Sector?

The free Elementor plugin is one of the most-downloaded one amongst all the 60,000+ available in the WordPress repository.

At the time of writing this, it has 5+ million active installations, but that’s not the only plugin with that many installs (see below).

Furthermore, historically speaking, Elementor has received 260+ million installs since its launch. That’s roughly speaking 101,000+ installs per day.

number of elementor plugin downloads per day

Even today, Elementor still receives anywhere from 30,000+ to nearly 2 million (spike days) installs daily.

Percentage of active installs per Elementor version:

Elementor versionPercentage of active installs
Percentage of active versions

Even though there are still many users who run the old Elementor version, we recommend keeping updating it when new versions drop.

Who Are The Top Elementor Competitors?

Among the free WordPress page builders, Elementor doesn’t really have any other competitors. However, pro tools, like WPBakery and Divi Builder, also have many users, powering millions of websites.

But if we take active installations as the measurement for “competition,” these are some of the largest WP plugins in the world:

  • Yoast SEO
  • Jetpack
  • Akismet
  • Contact Form 7
  • WooCommerce
  • Really Simple SSL
  • All-In-One WP Migration
  • WPForms

All the mentioned plugins have 5+ million active installations.

Source: WordPress

How Many Blogs Use Elementor?

It’s hard to define and estimate how many blogs are out there that use Elementor as the page-building tool; according to multiple resources, we approximate (more of guessing) that half of all websites are blogs.

So a rough calculation would be that there are 4.3 million blogs that use Elementor.

How Many eCommerce Websites Use Elementor?

While WordPress websites use different eCommerce tools, WooCommerce is the most possible.

For this reason, we checked how many Elementor sites also have installed WooCommerce; the number is 2.2+ million.

But because of other solutions for selling digital and physical products online, we could add hundreds of thousands more eCommerce pages using Elementor.

How Many Elementor Websites Are Hosted On Bluehost?

Because Bluehost is one of the largest and most popular web hostings amongst WordPress users, we also dug deeper into finding how many Elementor websites use the mentioned host.

Based on the Built With platform, 254,000+ Elementor users host their blogs and websites on Bluehost.

Elementor Theme & Plugin Statistics

How Many Elementor Themes Are There?

When looking at ThemeForest as one of the most reliable resources for premium themes, there are 3,800+ that are 100% compatible with the Elementor builder – of which 2,000+ are marked four stars or higher.

Additionally, there are 3,300+ complete template kits and 1,300+ plugins you can use and combine into one epic live website.

Remember, we could easily add a few thousand more themes, template kits (plus Elementor’s own 100+ full website kits) and plugins when adding other theme/plugin shops and marketplaces – plus the endless list of free tools.

You can get an Elementor WP theme for any website you want to build, including blogs, agency sites, online portfolios, education, real estate, directory, finance and electronics, to name a few.

There are also many multipurpose WordPress theme that works for many industries and niches.

Source: ThemeForest

Even though there are premium themes with multiple 100,000s of downloads (like The7, Betheme and Bridge), the most popular one is still Elementor’s own Hello theme.

It has 1+ million active installations, which means many more millions of overall downloads (but unfortunately, we don’t have the exact number).

number of hello elementor theme downloads per day

The Hello theme still received several thousands of installs daily.

Source: WordPress

Here is a list of the ten most popular Elementor-specific or Elementor-compatible plugins you can get for free on

PluginActive installations
Essential Addons for Elementor1+ million
Elementor Header & Footer Builder1+ million
Starter Templates1+ million
Premium Addons for Elementor600,000+
Happy Addons for Elementor300,000+
Sticky Header Effects for Elementor200,000+
Jeg Elementor Kit100,000+
Qi Addons For Elementor100,000+
Popular Elementor-compatible plugins

Source: WordPress

Elementor Website Statistics

Monthly Traffic

Globally, SimilarWeb ranks Elementor as the 15,659th website based on the estimated traffic a website receives.’s traffic was down 2.92% in February 2023 compared to January, which is 4.5 million, but a 0.3 million increase from December of the previous year.

MonthMonthly traffic
December 20224.1 million
January 20234.6 million
February 20234.5 million monthly traffic

Audience Demographics

There’s a pretty larger male audience visiting Elementor’s website, and the majority comes from the United States (13.57%), followed by Brazil (8.92%) in the second and India (5.51%) in the third place.

  • 67.6% male
  • 32.4% female

Age Distribution

The largest percentage of visitors are between 25 and 34 (the same age group is also the predominant audience of the second most prominent WordPress builder, WPBakery).

  • 18-24 (21.36%)
  • 25-34 (38.51%)
  • 35-44 (21.67%)
  • 45-54 (10.36%)
  • 55-64 (5.25%)
  • 65+ (2.85%)

Fun fact: Top categories of interest of’s audience are programming, web hosting, web design and digital marketing. Traffic Sources

The largest traffic source is organic search, followed by direct traffic and referrals (which also counts affiliates). There’s also a pretty significant volume of visitors that comes from paid search.

  • Organic search (40.75%)
  • Direct (33.34%)
  • Referrals (14.84%)
  • Paid search (7.37%)
  • Social (2.43%)
  • Mail (0.98%)
  • Display (0.28%)

As for social traffic, receives the most visitors from YouTube (66.8%), followed by Facebook (17.01%) and Pinterest (3.63%).

Source: SimilarWeb

Elementor Technical Statistics

While the following isn’t necessarily statistical data per se, we’re still adding the information because everyone considering using Elementor for their website should be aware of it.

Is Elementor Good Or Bad For Seo?

While Elementor might have hurt search engine optimization in its initial stage because of the added bloat (extra code, possible negative impact on loading speed) – that’s NOT the case anymore.

In fact, it’s becoming quite the opposite.

Elementor, in combination with a solid WordPress SEO plugin, like Rank Math SEO or Yoast SEO, can improve your overall rankings. And if you use the Hello theme, you win big times.

And because both plugins are user- and beginner-friendly, everyone can start with the optimization right away.

Source: Rank Math

Will Elementor Slow Down Your Website?

Similar to SEO, Elementor might have had a negative impact on site loading only when it launched, as there were many reports of users complaining about the slow-loading website after installing the plugin.

Not anymore.

It’s a lightweight WordPress plugin that won’t add unnecessary heaviness to your blog or website.

(However, if the theme you use is fully compatible with Gutenberg and has a flexible Live Customizer to the point of not requiring a page builder, avoid installing Elementor. Because the less plugins you have, the better.)

Remember, it’s not just the plugins and the theme you use that define the quality of your website’s performance. Low-quality, cheap web hosting is one of the biggest reasons for the poor loading of sites.

But you might also have unoptimized media (images, videos, etc.) and use lots of external scripts that keep your website loading slowly. (You can use an image compression plugin to sort this.)

Don’t miss our site speed stats to see how fast a website should load for the best performance.

What Are The Common Issues With Elementor?

Users running the latest version of Elementor, WordPress, themes and plugins rarely report issues (and if they do, they are minor inconveniences related to individual projects).

However, if you use an older version of Elementor, you might experience the following:

  • The featured image doesn’t appear
  • Unable to submit forms
  • Collapse when using 3rd-party add-ons/plugins
  • An issue with scrolling and mouse effects

If you don’t want to deal with troubles, use the latest Elementor version in combination with updated themes, plugins and a 7.0 or higher PHP.

Source: Elementor


This Elementor statistics roundup will surely answer many of your questions regarding the popularity of this great WordPress page builder.

Elementor shook the WP industry shortly after its launch in 2016, unlocking endless possibilities for every user.

Even though the free version has limitations, it’s still a handy tool that will help you build and design your blog or website how you want it.

But you can always go with the premium version or add free Elementor-specific plugins to introduce even more functionality.

Grab Elementor now and take website and blog building to the next level – even as a complete newbie.

Do you use Elementor? Are you satisfied with it? Let us know it the comments section below.

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