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14 Free Photoshop Alternatives To Use Online Without Download 2023

Looking for a free Photoshop online alternative that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Below, you can find online tools as good as Photoshop, and serve as an alternative for photo editing online.

Photoshop can practically turn any photograph into a unique masterpiece. That’s why millions of Photoshop users use the software for graphics designing, website layout designing, adjusting photos in general scenarios, and creating animation and 3D art.

Photoshop rarely doesn’t provide a solution to your design problem. A good example is Photoshop used to brush up old photos you found in your draw; you can use healing brushes, stamps, and patching tools to reinstate old photos to their full glory. Magazines use Photoshop to create covers, to combine visual photos with text effects, and it’s particularly famous amongst professional photographers who use Photoshop to fix camera-related issues in photos. Photoshop’s Smart Objects revolutionized the way designers work with their clients. You only have to adjust a single object, rather than reworking the whole design altogether. It’s the pinnacle of design excellence.

But there’s just one little problem. Photoshop isn’t free. It’s a premium software suite that Adobe is developing, and the price can range anywhere from $20 a month to $ 1000’s for a full license. It sucks when you know there’s an amazing photo editing tool, but you don’t have the financial support to afford it. What’s the solution? Photoshop alternatives, web-based! These online photo editors have proven time and time again that they can be just as flexible with professional photo editing as standalone photo software. If you’re not looking to work with cinematography or 3D effects, then any web-based online photo editors can do the trick for editing photos on the fly. Many have provided proof on the homepage that real graphic designers use their online tools, and the results look just as brilliant.

Let’s how a look at the best free Photoshop alternatives for online photo editing:


Free photoshop online alernatives

Fotor positions its photo editing platform as one that comes close to what Photoshop offers as desktop software. Fotor’s reviews and feedback have helped boost Fotor in front of a new generation of online designers who trust that digital web-based photo editors can still provide spectacular design results. Fotor desktop version works on Windows, Mac, and has Android and iOS mobile apps on the app store. Its phenomenal list of features can manage designs, edit templates, do basic photo editing, manage high dynamic range photos, add effects or create collages out of multiple photos, you can also make advertising banners, and covers for social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Fotor has consistently partnered with reputable online brands like Facebook and Google to deliver an online-first photo editing experience.



Free online Photoshop

As web technology gets pushed to the limits, photo editing platforms like BeFunky can experiment with the limits, while sustaining the vision of simplicity because difficult photo editing is to be left for big photo management software like Illustrator, and even Photoshop sometimes. BeFunky’s biggest gift is the user interface. It’s a swipe and select type where you can just select and apply effects from the sidebar menu, it’s all completely interactive and the number of effects goes well into the hundreds.

While photo editing is seen as this difficult thing to do, BeFunky’s software is so easy to use that you will be creating unique photo experiences within a few minutes. And if you’re a professional worker, it also works for you. Cropping, editing, retouching all the usual tools you’d use before publishing a blog post or a journalist article. The collage maker will come in useful for eCommerce sites using the power of photography to show their products. Instagram and other social media networks users can also tap into collage power to yield extra exposure. Graphic designers can enjoy creating featured photos and quote posts with a simple drag and drop interface.



Online photo editing tools like Photoshop

iPiccy is what you’d call a pocket photo editor. It sounds relevant, but stays out of the way when designers need heavy effects and in-depth photo adjustment tools. Instead iPiccy focuses around clever photo effects, filters and text overlays, and some partially advanced tools for editing your photos on the web. When Photoshop isn’t at your disposal and all you require is to throw some text and effects on a picture, iPiccy will come in handy due to its compact size and user interface. Image cropping, image resizing, making collages, and some graphic design elements make iPiccy a good choice.



photomania free photoshop alternative

Photo Effects is available on the web and iPhone and Android based phones. You start by selecting the photo uploaded from your computer or mobile device or grab photos from your Facebook profile. Once you’ve done that, PhotoMania will give you access to hundreds of photo effects that you can use to enhance, modify, and optimize your photography quickly. It saves you the hassle of having to learn Photoshop from scratch. Sketches, cartoon effects, animations, funny, painting effects, and many frames. Express your creative inspiration through the use of these effects on your photos. Once a photo has been finalized it can be shared to social media directly.


Photoshop Express Editor

photoshop express editor

Guess what, Photoshop itself offers an online editing interface! I bet you didn’t know about that. Visit the page, and it will ask you to upload the photo, then a new window will popup with your uploaded picture that will resemble the Photoshop interface you’ve seen before. There are two options, to Edit the photo or to Decorate a photo. Editing means that you can do tasks like crop, rotate, resize, autocorrect, expose, remove red eyes, do touches, improve saturation, balance colors, enhance focus, sharpen, crystallize, pixelate, pop colors, add hue, apply black and white, and with decorate you can add text, bubbles, make stickies, add party elements, add animal icons, and manage photo frames. It’s a powerful editing tool for quick and easy touches on your photos.



gimp free photoshop alternative

GIMP is a powerful and practical solution to all the free Photoshop alternatives on this list. Regardless of your creative intentions, GIMP is here to manage image editing without any hidden fees. The tool is also open-source, allowing you to change its source code and enhance it with 3rd-party plugins. The possibilities are numerous when it comes to GIMP. Also, the tool works with all the major operating systems, like OS X, Windows, Linux and others. With the amazing flexibility and extensibility of GIMP, you can utilize this image editor for simple projects and more advanced tasks.



krita free photoshop alternative

For paintings, in particular, Krita is the option that you should investigate further. First and foremost, it is a program that will not ask you for a fee (however, you can always donate and support the project). Concept art, illustrations, textures, graphics and comics, Krita works for all and then some. Amazing and user-friendly interface, brushes, vectors, wrap-around mode, resource manager, you name it, Krita contains a ton of great features that will do you well. The layout is also fully customizable to precisely tailor it to your operational needs. Start creating real artistic masterpieces now and make an immediate difference.



seashore free photoshop alternative

Seashore is an entirely free and open-source Photoshop alternative that does the trick for photo-editing projects. The tool is available in the App Store, ready for you to put it into practice right away. Moreover, Seashore features all the core basics of Photoshop-like software, like textures, brushes, gradients, etc. It also rocks multiple layers and alpha channel editing for your convenience. You can download the code and contact the support team on GitHub. Get involved in photo editing even if you are a beginner, as there is no need to pay a hefty fee for the software.



photopea free photoshop alternative

There is no need to download anything, you also do not need to pay for use, head over to Photopea and turn your creativity on full-whack. It is a free Photoshop alternative that supports file formats, like PSD, Sketch, CDR, etc. You can start your project from scratch or upload an image from your computer and import it directly into Photopea. There are even different free templates to choose from to boost your workflow. With amazing features and functions, Photopea is one satisfactory solution that will do the magic. Once you are done doing the work, export your project in the desired file and call it a day.



fotoflexer free photoshop alternative

FotoFlexer has a strong list of features within its app. With FotoFlexer you can ultimately manage effects, fonts, add shapes, do doodles over photos, create distortions, do touchups, add layers, and enjoy advanced features like recoloring, curving, and morphing your photos. The interface looks a bit old-school, but the features are what you’d see in Photoshop. Comes available in many different languages.



fotostars free photoshop alternative

Fotostars is a free and simple photo editing tool that will allow you to adjust an image’s feel and look with an array of stylish filters and effects. Its free library of effects includes more than fifty unique photography effects for spicing up the appearance of your photos. You can add custom photo frames to your photos to make them feel more authentic and original. They’re simple to use and accessible for anyone. If you’re into quotes, memos, and general text usage on a photo, then Fotostars also got your back in that department.



picmonkey free photoshop alternative

PicMonkey defines web-based photo editors wonderfully; they say that why bother with adding simple photo effects when the web allows you to go in advanced mode for visual content editing, which is what PicMonkey delivers — an advanced platform for editing photos online. Even graphic designers have found PicMonkey useful when designing flyers, logos, business card designs, invitations, posters, and quote pictures.



pixlr free photoshop alternative

Pixlr offers a web application, desktop software, and mobile applications you can carry in your pocket. Pixlr’s website was designed fully with the Pixlr photo editor itself. So it can be used by graphic designers working on designing for the web. Pixlr also hosts a public page of things people are making with Pixlr. That stream of photos is nothing short of juicy inspiration. It’s an alternative to Photoshop that comes to your desktop, web browser, and mobile device — all in a seemingly effortless way.



ribbet free photoshop alternative

Ribbet’s intuitively designed user interface is what you need to manage your photography on a precise level. You can import and export photos from popular file management companies online. It’s sharply fast compared to other Photoshop alternatives we explored.


Are you sticking with Photoshop or tried some of these free online alternatives?

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Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

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  1. Photopea is also good 🙂

    1. It kept freezing when I used it!

  2. hey Alex i am founder of Photo Editor Online Free, Please do have a look it is same like pixlr, and i am sure u will love it and its better than pixlr. Hope you will find this useful and mention this editor in your list so that your visitor can benefit from it.
    the good part is that it has all paid feature of pixlr in free version.

  3. Mitesh bhai says:

    thank you so much for this article this is intriguing article compare to other websites, i am very excited to use this software i try GIMP on my ubuntu but it work slowly how can i increase the software speed. I also tried as a photoshop alternative but its also work slow how can i handle this problems please help me to solve this problem.

  4. Many of the Photoshop tools I’ve taken over the years! Just getting some updates through it which will give me the latest and greatest drivers, I feel there is a lot of other too

  5. GraFXGuys says:

    jenny ;
    You need a more distinct name –
    Photo Editor Online Free – doles not show up as a link – everything else does …

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