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20 Excellent Websites With Responsive Web Design 2023

This article will examine responsive website design examples and what makes them great.

Get ready to maximize your business growth by embracing digital marketing as part of your effective marketing strategies. Additionally, your web presence should guarantee a responsive web design to make the most of this strategy. So, get inspired by these websites that will surely give you awesome web design ideas.

Your web presence can do so much to generate more leads for your business in this modern world. It can also unlock more opportunities for new players in the industry or established brands. Hence, the web design must look attractive and user-friendly on diverse devices. That’s how important a responsive web design is to positively impact the SEO, conversion rates and user experience. It must render content nicely on different portals to provide an optimal experience no matter how the customer accesses a website. Gratefully, almost all themes and templates are created with great emphasis on responsive web design. So you can pick the best premium ones with ease. Meanwhile, many websites can motivate and help you decide which features to integrate into your project.

Looking to build a responsive website?

Here are the best and most popular responsive website builders with thousands of templates and drag-and-drop page builders that are easy to use even if this is your first website.

This collection lets you discover many web design ideas to polish your designs well. Though they offer different products and services, these websites value responsive web design. So, browse this list and see how you can make your designs shine and carry your business to the next level.

Best Responsive Websites Design Examples

1. Koox


It’s no doubt that digital marketing has improved numerous businesses worldwide. In addition, responsive web design contributes a lot to its success. Hence, every brand should consider a fully responsive website for its online presence. Koox is the first Take Away, in partnership with top chefs, based in central London. The content presentation is awe-inspiring, with smooth animation upon scroll. The sticky off-canvas menu and the logo on the screen center stay in place, so it’s always visible to the user. While it never fails to render the different menu nicely, it allows customers to order food through the website. It also integrates social media icons to increase brand awareness and brand visibility.


2. MA True Cannabis

MA True Cannabis

Get your brand to shine across the web with a user-friendly, professional, and responsive design. Discover the awesome websites to look into with this inspiration. MA True Cannabis offers real cannabis products that are rare and natural to improve innate abilities. This eCommerce website is fully responsive and has an intuitive design. While this website looked attractive on desktop, it also appears visually appealing on smartphones and tablets. It welcomes the audience with outstanding web elements integrated with smooth animation. The content is also clean and readable, so they stand out even on mobile devices. This website also uses the sticky header to keep the off-canvas menu at hand, the brand’s name, and the shopping cart visible.


3. Nixon

Built with Shopify


Provide optimal experience to your visitors regardless of the devices they use in accessing your website. With responsive web design, you will always reach a wider audience and open wonderful opportunities for your business. Nixon is a brand that offers premium watches and accessories brand for the youth lifestyle. Its website is tailored to maximize business profit as it enables customers to easily purchase products. With quality images, good typography and great emphasis on visual hierarchy, the website appears visually appealing. Specifically, the hero header exhibits web elements that are indeed practical. From logo, off-canvas menu, shopping cart to search feature, they’re awesome.


4. Red Edition

Built with Shopify

Red Edition

Improve user experience as you embrace responsive web design in your project. With such a scheme, you can optimize the users’ browsing experience by providing flexible and responsive webpages. Red Edition is a Parisian furniture brand that intends to create living spaces that are modern, delightful and chic. Its website is ready to impress the audience with seamless web design and elements. The quality images and good typography make the content look interesting and readable. The hero header manifests a super smooth and sleek slider to display awesome content while featured products look neat and clean with plenty of white space.

This website is built using WordPress. Here are the best WordPress themes to achieve similar results.


5. Cuberto


Deliver the best user experience across all devices with a website that has a responsive web design. Cuberto is a digital agency focused on UI/UX design, mobile apps, and website development. It has a beautiful, clean, modern design worth looking into for inspiration. With the integration of GSAP animation, the website looks superb and gorgeous. Aside from the cool transitional effect this site implements, the visual hierarchy also enhances the design, implying the importance of web content. The hero header displays the featured projects. Whether it’s a website, app, or branding, and the user can easily connect to those pages. In the off-canvas menu, the social media links are visible too.


6. The Scott Resort

The Scott Resort 

Creating a fully responsive website can take your business to the next level. So, if you need to explore more inspiration, you shouldn’t miss this list of responsive web design websites. The Scott Resort is a 4.5-star luxury resort in Scottsdale. The hero header uses a video integration to impress the audience at their first visit greatly. With the GSAP integration it uses, the animation looks seamless and sleek. The room presentation is quite simple but impressive. The image on the other side changes when the visitor clicks on the room type. That’s not all. This website also highlights quality images through a smooth slider. With the sticky header it uses, the menu, name of the brand, contact number and reservation button is easier to access.


7. Ceremony Coffee

Ceremony Coffee

Consistency in your design is crucial for branding. Therefore, make sure that the design is seamless no matter how accessed. Check out Ceremony Coffee with a nice responsive web design perfect for inspiration. It is a coffee brand that strives to provide stunning coffee to cafes and partnerships. This eCommerce website helps customers purchase the product without hassle. In the hero header, the slider is added to display superb content.

Furthermore, the presentation of the new arrivals also looks fresh and innovative. The animations surely add elegance to the design as it integrates the GSAP. It also comes with a stunning Instagram feed.


8. Seven Hills Wholefoods

Seven Hills Wholefoods 

With responsive web design, a brand can reach more customers 24/7. So, considering it for your project shouldn’t be missed. Seven Hills Wholefoods provides superfoods that are nutrient-rich and have various health benefits. The homepage design is stunning with its horizontal scroll in displaying the content. The website introduces the brand’s products nicely, emphasizing visual hierarchy. Thus, content looks clean and readable, from stunning images, cool video integration, and wonderful animation, the web elements are well-arranged and looks appealing. You may also purchase the products on their website with ease. Of course, the content still looks engaging in mobile versions as it is fully responsive.


9. 66nord


Build a website that is fully responsive and effectively grows your business. So, if you need inspiration for responsive web design ideas, you can check out 66° North. It specializes in polar travel for 20 years and organizes expeditions, adventure trips in small groups, or tailor-made and polar cruises. The homepage design appears neat and modern, with a stunning layout to exhibit images and good typography. The design is even more enticing as the website integrates the GSAP animation. The desire to reach more people ensures consistent content across all devices. Specifically, you can find smooth sliders that highlight text and images and cool hover effects and more.


10. Kvell Home

Kvell Home

Kvell Home is one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies offering contemporary and functional designs to make the home look fine and elegant. Particularly, this website ensures that consistency is essential in every website. Thus, the design in the desktop is similar to the mobile version, which is clear and seamless. It features a fullscreen layout on the hero header with a captivating headline, brand name, enticing CTA, and cool background color. Furthermore, the products are impressive, with high-quality images exhibited using a sleek slider. It also uses an off-canvas menu with social media links to enhance brand awareness.


11. Kern


Check out these awesome websites that can carry your design to the next level. They may differ in their products and services but manifest the same quality – responsive web design. Kern works closely with the core of companies and brands to design new “shapes” that connect the past and the future. Specifically, it offers nice art & design and identity design for corporate and brands. It has an exceptional design on mobile. Its works are ready to make its brand shine with a super smooth slider. In particular, each work displays once the user slides the image on the mobile version. Each work has nice page details to showcase images and text.


12. Maradji


With responsive web design, content is flexible across all devices. Therefore, every entrepreneur must consider it to ensure success in this scheme. Maradji is a bohemian and fancy French brand with a grandeur and glamorous website design. Like most websites, animations intensely polish the designs through the GSAP animation. This website welcomes the audience with a nice slider that displays different products and models to look attractive. Likewise, some products also look outstanding with another unique and enticing slider. The off-canvas menu showcases the site’s important pages for the mobile version. Also, it uses the sticky header so the brand name always stays visible.


13. Dgrees


Websites that are flexible leads to a better user experience. Therefore, websites must be responsive enough to display content seamlessly. Dgrees is a web design and creative studio based in Madrid, focusing on new ways to create and develop innovative projects. The website looks elegant with a black background, white typography, and an orange color scheme. In addition, the GSAP animation makes the design even more lively and captivating. The mobile version features a full-screen layout with a menu on the bottom of the screen. Meanwhile, the works page looks superb as the menu is placed on rectangular boxes.


14. G-ULD


Responsive web design is a trend that designers should practice. The great benefit it offers to brands must not be missed. G-ULD produces and sells hand & dyed yarn. Likewise, it also provides DIY courses and workshops, which are sold on the website. The hero header features exceptional and creative design – a video compilation with descriptive CTAs. Particularly, the design, even more, appears attractive as the website integrates the GSAP animation. In like manner, the message is also clear in mobile devices, so it will greatly impact brand awareness. Aside from that off-canvas menu, the brand’s logo stands out at the center of the screen.


15. Pantheone Audio

Pantheone Audio

Since responsive web design is essential for every website, we’ve handpicked this collection of websites with such attributes. Pantheone products are designed by a team with an uncompromising commitment to hand-crafted quality, design and engineering that breathes music into any living space. Because it implements the GSAP animation, it manifests wonderful and smooth movements of web components. Particularly, it also uses accordion for the product specifications. Moreover, social media icons are also added on the off-canvas menu to spread awareness of the brand.


16. Menada Winery

Menada Winery 

Check out one of Bulgaria’s oldest wineries that strives to produce high-quality wines combining 100-year-old traditions with an innovative approach. To reach more audiences and grow opportunities, it embraced responsive web design. It uses black as the background, with web elements overlapping. With the integration of GSAP, the animations enhance the look and feel of the site. The homepage has useful and intuitive features ready to boost the brand’s credibility worldwide. Additionally, the website design on mobile also looks fresh and innovative as it integrates video background, cool hover effect, and animation upon scrolling.


17. Libratone


Discover the best features you’ll find on these websites that have a responsive web design. Libratone offers powerful speakers & headphones through cutting-edge technology, unique Scandinavian design – and exceptional user experience. To spread the awesomeness of their products, this website ensures that the content will look great on all diverse devices. The content is well organized and seamless as it applies visual hierarchy. Specifically, the hero header features various grandeur products via a nice slider. Clear CTAs, quality images, captivating headlines, and sliders blend well to boost its creativity on the homepage.


18. Rich Brown

Rich Brown

Rich Brown is a brand that offers consulting in UX, IA and UI, designing concepts to produce meaningful visuals and immersive interactive experiences enabling focused business conversations. The homepage welcomes the audience to showcase its works through a slider. It features a fullscreen layout to highlight the works seamlessly. Whether it’s quality image or videos, the content all look outstanding. It also uses a cool transitional effect and cool animation upon scroll. In addition, the combination of black and white colors also makes the design appear elegant and charming. If the users choose to view all the projects, that’s also possible with this website.


19. Discovery Land Co

Discovery Land Co

Discovery Land Company is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based developer and operator of North American private residential communities and clubs. It has an exceptional design, even in smartphones and tablets. So, you can look into it if you need inspiration. The hero header features a beautiful slider to showcase various nature-related images. Aside from the readable content, the presentation of images also improves the site’s look using sliders. It uses a sticky header to make the logo and off-canvas menu visible.


20. Suso Digital

Suso Digital 

Suso Digital leverages the power of technical SEO to help its clients grow their online revenue. It executes results-driven, technical SEO strategies based on core principles. The content has a clean design, with visual hierarchy, animation upon scroll, and outstanding hover effect. Specifically, the subtle animation on the hero header and bold typography make it more attractive. To improve the brand’s credibility, their clients’ logo looks neat and exceptional in a nice slider. Since the CTAs have great roles to play in the success of every site, they’re visible and clear on the homepage.

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