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30 Best Squarespace Website Examples 2023

Here are the most beautiful websites built using Squarespace website builder.

Squarespace is an all-in-one Content Management System that provides a website builder, blogging platform, and hosting service. It is an ideal choice for individuals, small businesses, and webstores that are rich in images and visually appealing. Over 3 million websites use Squarespace. Making it the most popular WordPress alternative. The best part is that you don’t need coding skills to create a website; you can simply add and arrange your desired content with just a few clicks. Squarespace handles hosting, so you don’t have to deal with messy upgrades and patches, and can focus on your website’s content. Plus, you can easily add a custom domain. Squarespace uses Content Delivery Network (CDN) across all geographies to host content, resulting in fast load times for your website.

Reasons why Squarespace is the best platform for your website:

Starter Templates: To build your website, choose a template that suits your requirements. You can preview how it looks on both desktop and mobile devices and make a decision. You can start with a one-page template using the Squarespace cover page and scale up to multipage when ready to expand. You can install more than one template on a single website, and modify any template using CSS Editor. The Style Editor can customize colors, fonts, and layout. You can pick from Typekit’s free font collection or use a curated set of fonts from Google’s font library. You can drag content from your desktop onto the template, and images can be edited with the Aviary Editor. Additionally, you can add gallery blocks anywhere on the website, and adjust display effects.

eCommerce: Squarespace is an excellent choice for webstore owners, as you can create a fully integrated eCommerce site and start accepting payments almost immediately. You can manage inventory and process orders end-to-end from a single dashboard, without worrying about taxes and coupons. Real-time shipping rates from different countries are available with integration from ShipStation. The Stripe Payment Gateway accepts all major credit cards with no added transaction costs (for some packages) save for a minimal charge from Stripe. Credit card data is secure with 128-bit SSL encryption.

Other Key Features: Squarespace is SEO friendly, with meta tags, descriptions, and URLs fine-tuned for easy discovery by search engines. Real-time analytics is available to see where your visitors are based and the keywords they used to find you. You can integrate with social media platforms, with links to iTunes and Google Play Store, and auto-post to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr with authenticated social profiles.

Pricing: Squarespace offers five packages starting at $11 monthly, paid annually for a single-page mobile-optimized website with a free custom domain. 24/7 support is available to all. You can opt for their 14-day free trial if you’re hesitant. You can check out some websites that use Squarespace as their platform to get an idea of its capabilities.

In conclusion, Squarespace is an excellent platform for creating visually appealing websites without dealing with coding or hosting. Its features, including the ability to integrate eCommerce and social media, customizable templates and strong analytics, make it a top choice for small businesses and online stores.

Let’s have a look at the most beautiful websites built using Squarespace.

Best Squarespace Website Examples

1. Bands In Town


Bands In Town is an App website that links fans with their favorite artists. Keep track of tour schedules, so you don’t miss out on a gig in your town. Text and graphic content alternate with a full-width image as you scroll down the website.

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2. Wet desert Expedition


Wet Desert Expedition is a group that organizes adventures in Southwest America. There’s not much text on the website, just awesome pictures from their expeditions and contact details if you are ready for the trip of a lifetime.

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3. Salvage Solutions


Turning old, used building material into stuff that can be used again creatively is what Salvage Solutions does. A glance through their work will surprise you at how much beauty there is in reclaiming the old and making it anew. The description or stories added to every image lends a touch of human interest to their work.

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4. Tudor Watch


Tudor is a legendary brand in the United States. Their watches are also intended to make a lifestyle statement. Furthermore, the Lifestyle section links directly to their Tumblr account and a link to their Twitter account.

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5. COR Cellars


The name COR Cellars is written boldly on a grey background on this winery’s website in Washington State. Also, white and red letters are used, just like the color of the wines they made. Furthermore, you can drop in on them for a wine tasting about an hour from downtown Portland and even wander through the vineyards.

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WIRED is a print and digital magazine that covers a wide spectrum of topics — from science to business and design to entertainment. Also, a collage of personalities makes up an interesting landing page, with a stylish logo in the center.

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7. Luke’s Lobster


The logo in this website is designed using the name Luke in combination with the tail, claws and head of a lobster. They manage the lobsters from the harbor to the table to ensure sustainable harvesting. Moreover, the painted wooden boards in the background and the logo make visitors feel all at sea.

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8. Mash Graphics


The landing page of this website is sheer minimalism. Just the stylized name written in white lettering on a black background and a five item small menu to the left. Nothing else. Also, they design packaging, catalogs, billboards, business cards, logos, websites and much more. Some of their work is also displayed in the ‘inner’ pages.

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9. Darren Booth


Darren Booth is a man of letters; to be precise, he is also a lettering artist and an illustrator. Moreover, his client list is impressive with many well-known names. Furthermore, samples of his work are showcased in a grid on the homepage.

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10. Collective Quarterly


The Collective Quarterly is a magazine about discovery. Also, they focus on only one place in every issue to make sure that no story is missed out. Additionally, the magazine is a veritable storehouse of experiences.

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11. Lyft Blog


John Zimmer and Logan Green joined hands to change the community involved with transportation. They also offer a platform for drivers and passengers to come together for fun and good causes.

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12. Contently


Contently Foundation works to promote journalism. Also, they support and inspire young journalists and train them, if required, to be the voice of disadvantaged people. Moreover, their homepage carries some of these stories.

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13. The Car Crush


All about cars – that’s what you will see on this website founded by Joe Richardson. Likewise, he is passionate about cars and fills his website with information and images of cars. Furthermore, you can access his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages from his website.

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14. Cornell Creme


Full-page images of tubs of creme with a menu to the top left make up the landing page of Cornell Creme. Also, they make ice creams from pure ingredients and their dairy requirements are met by a 50-year-old second-generation farm.

Create Your Own

15. Pat Blute


Pat Blute is a multi-faceted personality who dabbles in entertainment, travel, and marketing. The website carries a load of videos in the About section, as well as links to the many social media platforms on which he is present.

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16. Maravillas


Jennifer Maravillas travels extensively and maps the places she travels to. She also made maps with trash. Moreover, her website makes for a nice platform to display her drawings. The Imagined section is both funny and thought-provoking animals riding elevators and bicycles(!) and more.

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17. Belleair Market


Belleair Market describes itself as your corner store. They also assembled a collection of fine wines at competitive prices, crate beer and handpicked cigars. A deli that serves morning coffee, sandwiches, and lunch specials finds a place in the store.

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18. Big Human


Big Human is into digital product design and development. Their studio is in New York. Furthermore, a click on the individual tiles in the mosaic of images on their landing page will lead you to the details of their different ventures and products.

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19. Hello Lumio


Lumio is a highly innovative lamp. It is compact; in the form of a book that you can open out 360 degree into a lamp with a strap. Also, this reddot award winning lamp has made good use of the rich image features of Squarespace to contrast the lamp’s luminosity against a dark background.

Create Your Own

20. Journey of the Universe


Journey of the Universe is a multiple award winning documentary film that tells the story of the Cosmos, the Earth, and Human evolution. On the website, you can watch the film’s trailer and read related stuff about the film.

Create Your Own

21. Salad Pediatrics


The creators of the website constructed it very well and made it is easy to read. Salad Pediatrics has an awesome website. You can be familiar with the doctors and clinic protocol before making a trip to the clinic. Moreover, you can pay the bills online. Furthermore, useful information about child health and handy links to external websites are a thoughtful addition.

22. Me You Health


Me You Health taps the power of small measures to add up to a better life. It gets people to walk, stop smoking and eat better in group programs. Social networks provide much needed support. They also market some health-related products online as well.

23. Nature’s Intent


The soil background on the website of Nature’s Intent makes for the perfect setting to sell this website’s main product, organic fertilizers. Moreover, they have been operating for over 30 years and now have an online home with Squarespace.

24. Lunt Design


The website of this design enterprise is quite different from the usual. Overall, the even-sized transparent boxes containing the headings for the content with small random images against some of them, set against a black background, give a distinct look to the website.

25. Uppercase


Uppercase is a quarterly magazine for the creative folk. It also features subscription options and open pages of the magazine on its landing page. Additionally, a postcard for sign-up details stays with the visitor even as they scroll down the website.

26. Robbie Shackelford


Robbie Shackelford has set up an online shop with Squarespace as a platform to sell paintings . He also did a good task of bringing the colors and the speckles of sunlight in the paintings.

27. Lake Community Church


Lake Community Church focuses on its values and drives on its vision. Also, they have an e-learning section which visitors can access easily. Moreover, the creators laid it out well including the detailed menu, making it easy to navigate the site.

28. Home Of The Middle Earth


Home Of The Middle Earth references New Zealand, and this country’s natural landscape forms the website’s stunning background. The country is also earning the reputation of being supportive to the film industry. Moreover, New Zealanders who have worked on the Hobbit trilogy share their stories on this website.

29. Marsupi


It’s a baby carrier that you can wear in front or at the back to carry little ones close to you. There are also no bulky paddings or buckles. Moreover, the developers clearly explained the design and features on the website, helping a buyer to make up his mind.

30. Lucia Balcazar


Lucia Balcazar is an illustrator who has lived her life across half the globe. Paper sculptures are what keep her interested at present. Also, her liking for political satire finds expression in the Biografiction section of her website.

That concludes my list.

Now, you may be wondering if Squarespace is the platform for you. A quick assessment would be that if you want visually stunning websites with hosting and technical details all taken care of, you should pick Squarespace. Therefore, Squarespace may not be for you if you want control over your website and are very particular about customizing it to your requirements. Then again, your individual needs and personal preferences should help you make the final choice.

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