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28 Best Free Shopify Themes For Your Online Store 2023

Are you looking to build an eCommerce store using Shopify? These free Shopify themes will help you get started quickly and on a budget.

Hundreds of thousands of online stores use Shopify as their back-end eCommerce platform. Managing an independent eCommerce platform on your own can be a hideous task, especially when your store begins to take off and the activity increases.

All that leads to more maintenance and investment needed to help maintain the healthy status of the store. So many have opted for Shopify, an all-in-one solution for running an eCommerce store, for corporate, brand, individual, and freelance needs. Everyone can benefit from the services that Shopify provides. Shopify is used by nearly 4 million e-commerce websites worldwide.

Build an eCommerce Business With Shopify Themes

Though Shopify takes care of many things at once, there are still essential design aspects you must take care of yourself. Managing the look and feel of the homepage, generating meta descriptions and author information for products, activating external tools for deeper analytics, adding new content to generate organic traffic and other tiny edits that make a huge difference.

Shopify designs are by no means in short stock. However, the free Shopify themes market hasn’t picked up over the years, with only a handful of themes being available for free; comparing the availability to platforms such as WordPress or Ghost, but we put in the work to collect pretty much ALL of the free Shopify themes that you can find, we say pretty much because it’s possible we left some out. Still, if so — they’re tough to find.

There will be a few extras at the bottom of the list to help you expand the horizons of the availability of Shopify themes, but we will let you find that part yourselves. As for now — we begin the countdown of the best free Shopify themes available for instant download.

Best Free Shopify Themes

1. Kalles (Premium)

kalles shopify theme

Kalles is an all-around, flexible and extensible Shopify theme that works for any eCommerce website. Whether you want to sell apparel, plants, jewelry, shoes, electronics, lingerie, bicycles, you name it, Kalles handles it. Over forty demos to choose from, covering multiple industries and niches. And you can easily expand Kalles’s possibilities by introducing your creative touch.

In the kit, you will find practical features for quick online store execution. It’s all at your fingertips, from excellent filtering and 3D product view to the countdown timer, nine headers, and more. You can even use Kalles for dropshipping by activating Oberlo.

More info / Download Demo

2. Mavon

Mavon - popular shopify ecommerce theme

Unlock the full potential of your Shopify store venture with Mavon, the high-converting Shopify theme that revolutionizes online success. Mavon’s unrivaled features are designed to boost conversions, with features like product quick view, store locator, Mega menu, fast loading speed, countdown timers, and sticky carts, turning casual web visitors into loyal buyers.

Responsive design ensures a seamless shopping experience on all devices, while customization is made easy with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Besides, It lets you personalize your Shopify store with over 20 customizable sections. Give Mavon a try today and craft a stunning and professional Shopify store.

More info / Download Demo

3. Roxxe (Premium)

roxxe shopify theme

Roxxe is a powerful and all-around Shopify theme with a whopping collection of over 68 demos. You can use this tool for almost any online store you can think of. In addition to that, you can also modify and configure the default settings, tailoring Roxxe to your liking precisely.

Some more specialties of Roxxe are exit pop-up, newsletter subscription bar, countdown timer, testimonials/reviews and product quick view. Of course, this is a small segment of all the practical and rewarding amenities Roxxe brings. Start your online business strong with Roxxe now.

More info / Download Demo

4. Lezada (Premium)

lezada shopify theme

Lezada is a multipurpose Shopify theme that will get you going in close to no time. Listen carefully, this theme behemoth comes with a whopping 210+ home page demos, which is mind-bending. Without a shadow of a doubt, Lezada has something for everyone. Whether you want to push fashion, toys, food, jewelry, glasses, coffee, watches, plants, you name it, with Lezada anything and everything is possible. Just choose the right demo and go from there.

Moreover, Lezada also comes with other goodies, like mega menu, Slider Revolution, notification bar, Instagram shop and product quick view, to name a few. You have it all carefully packed in this one giant Shopify theme that gets any project on feet in close to no time. Make Lezada follow your branding regulations precisely and shine online.

More info / Download Demo

5. Fashe

This is the first-ever free Shopify theme created by Colorlib and they set the bar very high for most premium themes but this one is entirely free to use.

Download  Preview

6. Wokiee (Premium)

wokiee shopify theme

Wokiee is a Shopify theme with a broad specter of ready-made layouts, elements and components. Due to its multipurpose approach, you can use Wokiee to push fashion, electronic devices, sports goods, supplements, books, flowers, toys, and everything that comes to mind. With 59 demos, you can quickly find the right look for your eCommerce website. Wokiee also has many content blocks, which you can mix and match and have a page sorted out in a small breeze.

A horde of apps, different product page styles, various headers, high performance and load more button are just a few features that Wokiee has available. Wokiee also has a fully mobile-optimized layout that guarantees a seamless shopping experience. And if you would like to gain inspiration, you can check out thousands of other shops based on Wokiee first and go from there.

More info / Download Demo

7. Snowdevil

snowdevil free best shopify theme

As the owner of this massive eCommerce platform, Shopify must provide its customers with free themes to use on their stores. Although we hoped that Shopify’s market of free themes would be bigger than it is, 11 unique Shopify themes are available for free installation, all of which offer 3 different styles. This adds up to 33 unique styles, and while that may seem like a big number, compared to the amount of Shopify stores out there (hundreds of thousands), this number is quite low, and not everyone wants to use the same template that the next store is using.

But, let’s not worry about that too much, as we will explore plenty of great options as we go. First though, It’s the Snowdevil (Venture) theme. The demo site implies that the template has found use amongst stores that sell winter sports-related equipment: snowboarding, skiing, and other interesting winter sports stores will benefit from using the Venture template. There’s a huge slideshow directly on the website’s front-page, multi-columned menu navigations, promotional widgets, and many options to adjust typography and colors.


8. Boundless

boundless free best shopify theme

A very modern, but minimal Shopify template that looks equally wonderful on desktop and mobile devices. Boundless targets store owners who wish to promote/sell their fashion-related items, where the spotlight is given to each product/item individually. The first thing that caught our eyes was the huge slideshow on the homepage; it’s big enough to promote anything so that users will feel inclined to check out the product more. Another important feature is the photos collection.

The photos collection essentially ties up all the design, allowing you to display only the product photos that lead to the product pages. Some customers have disapproved because the site doesn’t look equally as good once you install the template. Still, one thing to remember about demo previews is that they use a full content set that perfectly complements each feature. To achieve the same demo result, you must ensure that you have enough content/products on your store to display your site with its full potential.


9. Supply

supply free best shopify theme

Shopify caters themes to all store sizes, including those with larger products. The navigation has been designed to allow the customer to jump from one category to another seamlessly, with things like related products, top-selling products, and other product categories exposed to the visitor constantly. Supply is a fitting name for this template because it will allow you to host a large supply of products on a template built with digital/electronic stores in mind.

When you look at the demo styles, it becomes apparent that Supply can be turned into a store theme for luxury items and furniture. That’s the freedom of these amazing and free Shopify themes. Customers who use the Supply theme love the search/navigation feature the most, outlining how easy it is to navigate products and ultimately make their purchases. Works on desktop, mobile, and tablets with full responsive integration.


10. Minimal Vintage

minimal vintage free best shopify theme

Vintage stores are usually built to promote and sell products from vintage artwork to vintage clothing. Doesn’t always have to be about that though. Many Shopify stores use this Minimal template to sell digital camera equipment, posters, clothes, fashion items, and more. Perhaps the most crucial feature of this Vintage template is that it is highly customizable and allows the store owner to focus on the appearance of a product and its written content.

One of the customers who uses this theme was very fond of saying that although he is an absolute beginner with programming, installing this template took only a few minutes and it works amazing right out of the box. Sometimes templates and themes tend to be a bit harsh of newcomers, so it’s good to know that Shopify works hard to ensure that even the least experienced store owners can quickly publish products on their new eCommerce platform.


11. Beauty

beauty free best shopify theme

The creators of Beauty (Simple), as the name suggests, aimed it partly for stores that want to sell and promote beauty related products. Simple, also known as Beauty, is free to install Shopify template for eCommerce stores. Of course, nobody says the theme is good only for these sites, but the design works well if you plan to promote make-up, cologne, or other similar items.

They thoroughly optimized the design to work with mobile devices. The mobile design is appealing and we were quite impressed by the precision of detail. Installing social media icons for this theme should be a breeze, and there are some specific widgets like a fancybox that you can either disable or enable as you need.


12. Brooklyn

brooklyn free shopify theme

Brooklyn is a custom-made free Shopify theme that works for modern apparel shops and brands like a charm. With its outstanding appearance, Brooklyn has a strong focus on branding. You will find two different styles in the bundle, classic and playful. The classic one is your best bet if you are looking for a more minimalistic look. On the other hand, if you strive for vibrant and energetic, you better pick playful.

Moreover, your online store will operate like a dream on all devices, smartphones, tablets, and desktops with Brooklyn. It will also display content beautifully on retina screens. Other features include a slide-out cart, header slideshow, home page video, and dynamic product grid, amongst many more. Make your webshop pop with the fantastic and impressive Brooklyn and start on the internet like a champ.

More info / Download Demo

13. Debut

debut free shopify theme

Regardless of the project you are starting, Debut is a free Shopify theme that will present it on the web in the best possible light. All your products and your brand will come into view beautifully with Debut. You also can pick between two different styles out of the box. In addition to that, you can also lightly tweak the style so it suits your taste ideally. You do not need to code and perform advanced tasks when working with Debut. The tool is for everyone, beginners and pros.

Various features will do you well. From slideshow and live search function to testimonials, promotional banner and product filtering, Debut rocks it all and plenty more. You can also enrich your website with a video, telling your story or promoting a new product drop.

More info / Download Demo

14. Narrative

narrative free shopify theme

The simplicity, creativity and uniqueness of Narrative will capture everyone’s attention right away. And once you couple the design with your impressive story and outstanding products, you unlock a winning combination. There is an option to choose from three different looks, warm, light and cold. Each is inspiring and jaw-dropping, ensuring a striking outcome that will turn heads. Little work is necessary to turn Narrative into a functional online store, pushing the boundaries.

What’s special about Narrative is that it comes the best for a store with a single or a small number of products. It also comes with news and about sections and a handy menu overlay. You can even use it for your campaign’s landing page. Some goodies include hero video, wide layout, vertical slideshow and fixed navigation.

More info / Download Demo

Best Premium Shopify Themes

When we set out to complete this roundup, it was clear that there would be a lack of free templates, but in the end, we came up with more free choices than we expected, which is great! So now, we could end the post here and call it a day, but to help you give more ideas and creative inspiration for what your next store could or should look like, we will outline a couple of amazing Shopify themes from the premium sector. These are styles that designers have worked hard to perfect, because their monthly salaries depend on selling as many copies of these templates as they can, which means much more functionality and options for you to work with. Let’s get to it.

15. Ella

ella shopify theme

Ella is a fully responsive and highly adaptive Shopify theme that has you sorted out with all the must-have contents and then some. Over eight child themes and over fifteen home page designs await every Ella user.

Moreover, there are also category, product and blog pages at your disposal for your convenience. With Ella, you can kick off a new online store sooner rather than later. Just select from the available material and go from there.

Ella’s extra specialties include video slider, GDPR compliance, size chart, one click checkout, lookbook, wishlist, etc. You can create a custom header and footer, too. Ella is also mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible, ensuring a smooth shopping experience. You can confidently start selling fashion or any other goods online thanks to Ella.

More info / Download Demo

16. Shella

shella shopify theme

Shella is a supreme Shopify theme with a set of amenities that will put you right on track. With a clean and simplistic look, Shella easily caters to various aims and intentions. Instead of scouring the web for the best themes, you came to the right place. We picked only the most promising and advanced solutions, and Shella is one of them. With a set of 75 and counting predesigned pages, you can now start making noise online swiftly.

While pushing apparel and accessories fits Shella the best, you can also go entirely against the norm. Shella also follows all the current web and tech trends, ensuring that the outcome performs at the highest level. In short, Shella can assist you in marketing all sorts of items online, helping you grow your business to new heights without a hitch.

More info / Download Demo

17. Gecko

gecko shopify theme

Gecko is a striking Shopify theme that you can use for pushing all sorts of items online. If you are ready to start with the right foot forward, you better not check out this exceptional tool. You will discover a horde of samples covering different niches and industries in the kit. While already twenty samples are available, you can expect even more to drop with upcoming theme updates. Stay tuned for more heat from Gecko.

Starting an online business happens in a snap of a finger with Gecko and its exclusive perks. Other specialties of Gecko are high-speed loading, drag and drop editing, mega menu, product quick view, and product instant search. Gecko is also entirely responsive, operating without a hitch on all devices.

More info / Download Demo

18. Fastor

fastor shopify theme

Fastor is another remarkable, eye-catchy, and impressive Shopify theme with a multi-concept approach. Speaking of multi-concept, Fastor has over eighty predefined demos for different niches, like beauty, electronics, food, fashion, tools, and furniture. You will find the right web design that suits your style with ease. And if you would like to tweak and improve the demo of choice, you can do that.

Other specialties of Fastor include cart reminder, countdown timer, age verification, Facebook chat, Revolution Slider, dynamic checkout, and 360-degree product view. With Fastor, you never run out of possibilities and options to make things happen like a champ and get folks to crave your goods and items. Take charge now, and you can have a page live quickly and effortlessly.

More info / Download Demo

19. Porto

porto shopify theme

One thing is for sure, once you unlock yourself access to Porto, one of the best Shopify themes out there, all the rest becomes history. The hype is real; you can start experiencing it by heading over to the live preview of the theme. The possibilities you have with Porto are endless, what gives you a chance to do your thing at free will. No need to hold yourself back, create the exact online store you would like and shine online.

Porto is mobile-ready, compatible with retina screens and modern web browsers, optimized for outstanding performance and insanely simple to employ. Different layout concepts, vertical mega menu, powerful yet easy to use, admin dashboard and entirely adjustable. Out of the box, Porto is an extraordinary eCommerce page canvas that you can effortlessly tailor to your needs and regulations. Have an online store up ASAP and start taking first orders with the excellent Porto shortly after.

More info / Download Demo

20. Maxmin

maxmin best shopify theme

Wanting to start your shopping mall using one of the best Shopify themes? There is no need to look elsewhere since we have only the most advanced available gathered in one collection. This particular theme will give you powerful and diverse functionality through its excellent features and assets. To boost your business and establish a reputation online, Maxmin is here to help.

You can customize everything visually. However, you can create custom layouts with the handy drag and drop page builder and make a stand-out eCommerce page. With the four included demos, you can quickly decide how to appear online with your products.

Due to its adaptability, Maxmin is an ideal theme for multi-product sellers, but you can make it niche. With Maxmin’s cross-platform and browser compatibility, connecting with potential clients is never an issue.

More info / Download Demo

21. Gecko

gecko best shopify theme

Whatever your online business, your website will surely rock if you decide to found it on Gecko. Gecko is considered one of the best responsive Shopify themes you can use right now. Gecko can drive in more traffic and increase sales from clothing, shoes, and apparel to any other trending items. Gecko is fully responsive and mobile-ready, and the tool is optimized for high-end performance, so every shopper receives the right treatment.

Gecko is a minimal theme for creating attention-grabbing online shops by default. It has multiple demos (15+), shop layouts, and various product detail styles. Moreover, some of the other features of Gecko are lazy load and infinite scroll, allow you to translate it to your language, and includes the cool product video thumbnail.

More info / Download Demo

22. Boutique

boutique best shopify theme

You should try Boutique, period if you search for a fully functional Shopify theme. Due to its extensive features and traits, it is one of the best and highly sought tools for online fashion stores. Boutique gives you hundreds of options and the right to create the exact layouts for your online presence. Regardless of your niche, Boutique best fits you and your business. Once you use it to its full potential, you increase your chance of winning big.

When you download Boutique, you gain access to a broad range of different features. The mega menu benefits over twenty index pages, Revolution Slider, unlimited header styles, and fewer footers. In short, you can realize whatever you can think of with Boutique. But those who dig things clean will surely like Boutique the most.

More info / Download Demo

23. Banita

banita best shopify theme

You need full control over your web store and manage and maintain it easily. Even once it grows to epic volumes. You need any from our collection of the best Shopify themes, free or premium. Of course, once you see that your business is going in the right direction, you will want to upgrade and unlock a horizon of new options for yourself. Undoubtedly, Banita is one of the tools that will help you achieve great results in the online space.

The online shop canvas has ten predefined home demos, over fifty widgets and sections, seven headers, and eight footers. Moreover, the drag and drop page builder allows you to develop unique styles and modify existing layouts without touching a single line of code.

More info / Download Demo

24. Outstock

outstock best shopify theme

Outstock has been esteemed by entrepreneurs and shoppers as one of the unique eCommerce templates. This best Shopify theme helps you stand out a mile due to its impressive and attractive web design. It is also minimalistic and easy to operate both for beginners and pros. Online shoppers will also have fun skimming through your items and completing purchases. An online store using Outstock will have tons of practical and valuable features, that is for sure.

In the Outstock bundle, you get several super customizable fashion and furniture demos you can use however you see tit your idea best. If one particular template does not match your style to the T, by all means, do tweak it and adjust the content until it meets your expectations. Other spectacular goodies of Outstock are responsiveness and retina readiness, mega menu, custom fonts, blog module and multi-currency support.

More info / Download Demo

25. Unero

unero best shopify theme

Whenever you question how the web design should look, stick with a minimal approach; it is almost guaranteed that everyone will be impressed by your creation. Even in online stores, keep things to the bare minimum for a seamless shopping experience regardless of your users’ device and browser. With that in mind, Unero is a fantastic example of everything.

A whopping sixteen home designs and counting, ten shop styles, original portfolio pages and a full blogging system, Unero has it all ready and set for you to employ. Other goodies of the tool are mobile and retina ready layout, full Shopify sections support, included PSD files, translatable and optimized for search engines.

More info / Download Demo

26. Basel

basel best shopify theme

When finding the best tool itoturn your ideal online store into a reality, Basel is the one tool that may be of service. As one of the best Shopify themes readily available, everyone willing to start their business projects is welcome to use Basel. It is an eCommerce exclusive tool you can use and customize to sell all sorts of items online. Basel does not hesitate to sell watches, lingerie, cosmetics, bags and other much-needed products.

Once you unbox Basel, you can use Basel’s prominent features. Utilize ready-to-use demos, color swatches, 360-degree view, quick shop and RTL support. Basel’s entire code is optimized to deliver outstanding performance and fast loading speed. Of course, Basel is mobile and retina-ready and instantly acclimatizes to different browsing platforms.

More info / Download Demo

27. Fastest

fastest best shopify theme

Fastest comes with many pre-built demos for a range of different online shops. This could be fashion, jewelry, sports, grocery and beauty to name a few. One super valuable feature of Fastest is the upsell option, increasing your sales and boosting your business to new heights. You can launch the fastest page with Fastest Shopify theme and start taking new orders as soon as possible. But there is a lot more you gain access to once you decide to go with Fastest.

First and foremost, Fastest offers fast performance no matter what device they come from and which web browser they use. Other killer goodies of Fastest are shipping calculator, powerful admin, pop-up compare, wishlist, images swatch and plenty internal pages with unique designs. In brief, Fastest will always attractively display all your items, increasing your chance of winning them.

More info / Download Demo

28. Kodo

kodo best shopify theme

Minimalism and simplicity are some of the key characteristics of Kodo. Undoubtedly, Kodo is one of the best Shopify themes that offers an easy way of creating eCommerce websites. This goes to both first-timers and experienced online sellers alike. Devoid of unnecessary schemes and colors, Kodo brings modern, trendy, elegant, professional layout and epic style. It is rich with valuable elements, pixel perfect demos and other inner pages ready to quick start your webspace.

The end product you are yet to bring to reality with Kodo will undoubtedly be a special web store ready to take your project above and beyond. You can add an infinity scroll effect, profit from the one-click demo data import, choose the colors you want, and create an Instagram shop. Kodo’s other specialties are off-canvas shopping cart, product quick view pop-up, a horde of shortcodes, and product zoom.

More info / Download Demo

Wrapping up

Amazingly stunning how much work designers and developers put into every one of these styles. We also look forward to what the future years of Shopify development will bring. Public Timber framework users from Shopify will be keener about sharing their themes for free to everyone. This is another hope we have for the future. After all, it is all community effort. Until then, thanks for being an excellent reader and finishing the list. We hope to see you at the next one.

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  1. Thanks for the great article! Which theme (both free and paid) would you suggest for an online pet supplies store? This would be for many types of supplies and many brands. The pet store theme seemed too limited for what I need.

    1. Deb,

      All Shopify themes works the same way and only design what makes them different. Also don’t look for niche specific themes as the only real difference are images that are used to showcase theme. Once you changes images with your images you will get a completely different look and feel. It might be a strange suggestion but just try some free theme to see that it actually works wonders.

  2. hey
    i dont think if you notice or not, most of the themes youre linking right now cost $40+……
    so no longer theyre free

    1. I think you didn’t notice that post is divided in two parts. First part showcases free Shopify themes and after subtitle “The Best Premium Shopify Themes” you can see premium examples, so users can choose the right theme for them either free or premium one.

      1. Not True. Alot of the ones under the Free heading are now paid.

        One example is: Pluto

        1. Well, not really! 🙂

          If you scroll down on pluto landing page you will see this on the right side.
          I’m not an expert on pricing but 0$ does mean free for me. “Buy Now” button looks slightly confusing but still they won’t charge you or ask for credit card information of any sorts.

          1. Yeah button just goes to the $79 one, can’t actually get it free.

            1. Craig,

              We contacted the author and he refused to fix it, so we removed it completely.
              Thank you for noticing!

  3. Are these themes only for wordpress. can they be used on blogger?

    1. Are you can see from the title of this post these are Shopify themes and they can’t be used for any other platform. If you are looking for WooCommerce themes for WordPress you should start your research here. In case you are using Blogger you are out of luck because it is a blogging platform and cannot be used for ecommerce.

    2. No, these ones only can be used on WordPress, but u can find good e-commerce themes for blogger as well on “Blogger Templates websites like gooyaabi” or u can ask them to create “similar” templates to the ones from this list.

  4. Anabelle theme has not been updated in a long time. They no longer support customizations. Also wishlist is no longer available and searching using a filter is non existent. Lastly there is an issuse with the variants and how they are displayed. For the Fluer de lis, there is some HTML code that is missing or broken that won’t allow me to upload it. And since it is a free theme the developers of said theme do not offer support.

    1. Jesika,

      Thank you for reporting it! We removed this theme from the list.

      1. Kevin Schmidt says:

        You should also look at Timber and Skeleton. Both appear to be no longer supported because of no Git updates in over a year. That means they probably don’t support the new sections feature.

  5. Justin Goldsmith says:

    Great list of themes. I’ll be looking into them all.

  6. Patrick Doyle says:

    Dear Aigars,

    Thank you for a truly excellent article on Shopify Themes, free and paid! In visiting most of them I’ve decided to use Annabelle for our new Shopify cart.

    Your article was obviously thoroughly researched and your template selections were both informative and enjoyable to view! Thank you for saving me a considerable amount of time in my own journey!

    With respect,

    1. Patrick, I’m glad I helped you in this journey. Making a website is not an easy task especially when making an ecommmerce one.

      1. Can you please check on the download link for Fashe??

  7. How are these free? Thank you very much!

  8. Aigars, the theme Fashe download button does not work. I really wanted to try this theme. I found it on wordpress but not for shopify. Can you verify?

  9. Hii Alex Ivanovs, Thanks for sharing this nice article. Very nice collection of various Shopify themes.Well explained about various themes, hence very helpful in theme selection.

  10. Hi. How do I download Fashe? The download button on the theme’s product page takes me to the demo page

  11. Hello, I tried to upload the theme ”Fashe” to my shopify store, but the upload failed because of these reasons:

    ”There is 1 error:
    zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”, missing template “templates/index.liquid”, missing template “templates/collection.liquid”, missing template “templates/product.liquid”, missing template “templates/page.liquid”, missing template “templates/cart.liquid”, and missing template “templates/blog.liquid”

    Is there any way you can fix it?

    1. Marco,

      Please unzip downloaded file first because it contains multiple files for demo and other things. Installation file is a separate one in the archive.

  12. Alessandro - says:

    Hello, i have a question about the theme Fashe,

    The products are not cliquable on this theme, i can just click on the products titles for see the product page, but how can i make for click on the image for go to the product page?


  13. @Alessandro, Unzip the file you downloaded and navigate to ‘fashe-Shopify-theme’ folder, there you will see the fashe zip file. Upload the file and your are good to go

  14. The Focus theme is very old from 2014 and is not downloadable except on request and is labeled use at your own risk.

    1. Thank you fr reporting it! We have since removed it from the list.

  15. Hi! Thanks for the article.
    I was trying to download Fashe – Free Shopify eCommerce Theme but the download link is broken :/

  16. Ashley Kimler says:

    Thank you for amazing suggestions for Shopify themes. I like how it shows premium themes as well so we can see how much more superior they are. I guess saving money, in this case, is not going to be an option.

  17. Alan Kane says:

    In eCommerce as any other business, it requires a big investment, I was not successful when I had the free Brooklyn theme, I wasted time and money hiring freelancers to modify features, layout,…

    Finally, I purchased Ella theme at 59$, this theme saved me time & money and due to it I could make a lot of sales, so I no longer believe in free themes.

    thanks anyway for the articles

  18. why aren’t some of these themes listed on the Shopify theme store?

    1. Some of them are just not distributed via Shopify platform but they still can be installed via youir store dashboard.

  19. Salena Knight says:

    Tried to download star – but it’s NOT free

    1. Thank you for reporting it! We have since removed it from the list.

  20. I love the Fashe theme, but it has slowed down my website speed tremendously. I was informed it doesn’t have lazy loading which official Shopify themes have. I know nothing about coding, but really want to continue using this theme. Will you assist or direct me to someone who can assist?

  21. Tech Prastish says:

    A great blog with a massive list of themes, Shopify store is easy to set up but selecting a good theme is not an easy job. a great theme is so important to represent the e-store.

  22. I need a website for watch store please you can help me for watches theme thanks

  23. Danish Shabbir says:

    Fashe theme does not get uploaded. It gives error.

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