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psd business card templates
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20 Free Business Card PSD Mockup Templates in 2023

A business isn’t a one-man venture. Whether it’s selling something, promoting your products, or providing more information, there will always be some interaction between other people. During the maintenance process, you also meet more people who may have something to offer to improve your business. That is why business cards are important: for further contact between both parties.

Because of how expansive life can be, you may meet these people on various occasions and scenarios. The possibilities for spontaneous interaction are truly endless. How do you stay in touch with those you make only brief contact with and make them incredibly intrigued to do a follow-up? One answer: business cards.


Why Business Cards?

Our business cards contain all the necessary contact information for keeping in touch in the future. Yes, exchanging these details through a simple phone interaction can work quite well (better, even), but a business card usually ends up in the wallet by default. It will inevitably fall back into the eyes of the receiver on multiple occasions, even just a few hours after leaving your presence. And it’s not just about exchanging personal information over digital channels feeling very insecure and unsafe; a business card simply leaves a lasting first impression.

What makes a business card stand out? Well, to begin with, we want to keep it simple, with a touch of personalization. The best way to do that is to do something others wouldn’t dare to do: list your achievements, use bold colors, or choose between a slightly more expensive printing choice to make your business cards feel heavenly upon feeling them. It’s the little things that go far in the business card market.

Let’s look at the following professional and creative business card templates. They can be downloaded in a PSD format to give you full access to your business card’s personal requirements.

If you’re a graphic designer or involved in designing business card templates, please comment with your latest designs, and we will consider them in this lovely roundup!

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All the Product Mockups you need and many other design elements, are available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements. The subscription costs $29 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of 500,000+ items that can be downloaded as often as you need (Stock photos, too)!

Mockup of an Unpackaged Bunch of Business Cards

mockup of an unpackaged bunch of business cards

If you are working with clients on making their business card ideas a realization, use mockups to create life-like presentations. Here is a cool one that features an unpacked bunch of business cards, that you can fully style according to your liking. After you upload the design and slide it to the template, you can also change the color of the card and the background. The wrapping is not editable. Moreover, if you want to spice things up, you can also insert a graphic and text, which is completely optional. There are no skills necessary to employ the template to its full potential.

More info / Download

Mockup of a Man Holding a Business Card by Some Palm Leaves

mockup of a man holding a business card by some palm leaves

With a business card in hand mockup, you immediately take the photorealistic presentation to new heights. And all it takes to improve the template is to attach your design and call it a day. Keep in mind that you can add a design covering the entire business card (1050 x 600 px), or you can work with a smaller one and combine it with a custom card color. That’s right, you can alter the shade of the paper, too, straight from the browser.

You often ask yourself how they create these amazing demonstrations of not-yet-realized items – now you know. With a mockup, indeed.

More info / Download

Mockup of a Woman Holding a Business Card with Embossed Texture

mockup of a woman holding a business card with embossed texture

Let’s continue the hype with more outstanding business card mockups with a human element. This one features a woman holding a card with an embossed texture. 1050 x 600 px is the dimension of the card. However, you can use other sizes, too. For instance, you can include a company logo and change the card’s color. All this will take just a few clicks, yet the outcome will be spectacular. Make a presentation that will amaze your client or even use it as a business owner on social media or other online places. Take the template to your benefit and enjoy the terrific outcome just around the corner.

More info / Download

Mockup of a Woman Holding a Business Card Against her Face

mockup of a girl holding a business card against her face

You do not always need to keep things serious, even regarding business-related topics. Keep things fun and engaging, go against the grain, and you can win over new fans and loyal customers. With a unique and interesting-sparking business card presentation, you can showcase your designs originally. Whether you are working on a design for a business card for yourself or your client, this cool business card template mockup is a great way to sort out the presentation. You just slide in your design, change the card color, and are ready to roll. As simple as it sounds, thanks to Placeit’s beginner-friendliness.

More info / Download

Piles of Business Cards Mockup

piles of business cards mockup

Another way of showcasing your business card design is to use a mockup template featuring piles of cards. This layout allows you to create two business cards or use one for front and the other for the back design. As you notice, you can upload two different images, but that is not all you can do with this remarkable mockup. You can change the cards’ colors and the side stack’s color. You can personalize and brand this business card template mockup in just a few quick clicks and have it ready for the client.

More info / Download

Mockup of a Business Card in Hand

mockup of a business card in hand

You can always use a mockup template that includes humans if you want something more. In this case, a person holds a business card against blurred lights. This extra detail makes the mockup very impressive. It allows you to create a presentation that easily differentiates from the rest. You do it all in-browser, over on the Placeit platform as far as the editing goes. You can change the color of the business card (template supports unlimited colors), upload an image of the design and even create a text overlay. From then on, all it takes is pressing the download button, and you are ready to rock and roll.

More info / Download

Four Business Card Packs Mockup

four business card packs mockup

A nifty, modern, simple and sophisticated business card mockup template featuring four cards. There are all sorts of different ways of using this clean layout. For instance, you can create four entirely different card front designs. Also, you can create two front and two back designs. You can do whatever feels right fairly quickly by employing this marvelous mockup. In other words, if you have the designs ready-made, upload them, reposition and crop them (if necessary) and you are ready to go. Also, the template lets you change the color of both cards and the background.

More info / Download

Business Card Holder Mockup

business card holder mockup

For a truly business experience, here is a business card mockup template featuring two cards and a cardholder. The working area is of 900 x 500 px dimension. Since you have two cards under control, you can easily use one for showcasing the amazing front design and the second for the backside. When working with a client, this is an excellent way of providing them a photo-realistic presentation of how the final product could look like. At this moment, you can still perform different tweaks and regulations until they are fully satisfied with your creation. When done, let the printing begin.

More info / Download

Clean Business Cards by CreativeBooster

Clean Business Cards by CreativeBooster

Mats-Peter Forss and his team at CreativeBooster built a truly amazing business card template. It will surprise you with the complex aesthetics used to make it a reality. Currently, it has more than 88,000+ views on Behance. Each of its layered part allows you fully control each of the elements. Also, its strong features are photorealistic reflections and realistic shadows. Combined with good printing material, you’ll get a truly outstanding look and lasting impressions.


Colorful Business Card Mockup by Eric Graphaddikt

Colorful Business Card Mockup by Eric Graphaddikt

Eric Graphaddikt brings us a very simple and minimal card design. The only extra detail is the automated coloring bar at the bottom. Too many colors on business cards are not recommended, but Eric’s vision is to use a design psychology approach that will work in any environment and situation. Overall, this is a lovely PSD to work with.


Business Card Templates by GraphicLoads

18 Best Free Business Card Templates GraphicLoads

GraphicLoads has served the web design and graphic design communities for quite some time now. Their way of promoting and marketing themselves has often come down to publishing and promoting free (premium quality) content in the form of freebies. Business cards aren’t an exception on their list. In this package, GraphicLoads delivers a set of 18 free and unique PSD templates that will give you a near infinite number of choices to create the kind of business card that best reflects your ideals, nature, and business strengths. There are also colorful, gray, minimal, and ones that shout “creative” right from the start. Take some time to observe all of the available templates, and perhaps you’ll come across something that sticks.


Creative and Clean Business Card

Creative and Clean Business Card Template PSD

In many ways, the business card design you use depends on the industry you work in, the type of work you do, and the type of personality you carry within your business ventures. For that reason, some of you may prefer those that aren’t too colorful or too complex. Some of you want to have cards that can be used to outline the essential details. This one from PSD freebies is just that, a card that can be used to display info like your email, phone number, website address, and even your physical address. There’s plenty of room to mention your business name and even the slogan that describes your business the best.


Corporate Business Card

Corporate Business Card

Arif Samad combined his knowledge and experience of UI and UX design to create a concise and elegant corporate card design. It will work best for a large-scale company’s marketing, sales, promotion, and other departments. That is because this card utilizes all the right colors and style concepts to clearly state what kind of company/person this card belongs to, leaving a lasting impression.


Business Card Template by This Looks Great

Business Card Template by This Looks Great

Barin Cristian Doru inspires us with a very simple and charming card design that’s perfect for designers who just want to get to work as soon as possible. The card lets you print your name or company name, a little headline, and your website and email details. The name of this one is This Looks Great, and we couldn’t agree more. It does look pretty great, and the stylish choice of colors is also stunning.


Business Card Mockup by GraphicsFuel

Business Card Mockup by GraphicsFuel

The following card template might be the most stunning template on our list so far. This 200MB package of PSD templates provides a magnificent style approach towards a sleek and trend-setting business card template. Furthermore, Momin’s choice of colors and fonts makes every card come alive in its way. Lastly, because everything has been carefully layered, you remain in full charge of how it flows and comes together.


Elegant Business Card Mockup

Free Elegant Business Card Mockup PSD on Behance

Another one from Steven Han is a more elegant and creative design for a business card template. While you can change it into a horizontal business card, the default template is vertical, which provides a very memorable experience, thanks to the use of green and slightly dim white hues that help outline the most important aspects of your card — whether it’s your name, logo, contact details, or business location.


Premium Business Card Templates and Mockups

Our huge thanks to all of the designers and artists who filled this list with creativity, inspiration, and beauty. Sharing such amazing business card templates for free is humbling and inspiring. Also, we are going to close up this list of business templates by sharing a couple of premium choices from a very well-known designer marketplace, GraphicRiver.

The following business card designs are reasonably priced. But, they offer a slightly more “premium” feel to them, perhaps in the form of offering more color choices or giving you the advantage of having the designer be your support assistant if you need help with the template.

Business Card Mockup

Business cards are one of the best marketing tools you need to have for your business or profession. Though this tool seems to be insignificant in this modern era, they still play an important role in the success of your business. Meanwhile, crafting your business cards requires an expert to make it seamless and professional. However, you can still find useful and innovative business card mockups to help you meet the finest designs. Here’s a premium Business Card Mockup that comes with 3 PSD files – top view, tile and floating cards view. This premium mockup is layered and is fully editable. The design is easy to replace using the smart object layer. Having a high-resolution file of 5000×3333 pixel dimensions, this mockup can carry your designs to the next level.


Floating Business Card Mockup

The business card may seem small but can provide numerous opportunities for your business. Therefore, it is necessary to craft your business cards as they ought to represent your brand professionally. That’s why you can find various business card mockups and templates to help you yield desirable and seamless results. Here’s an awesome Floating Business Card Mockup that can help you display your business card designs with style and elegance. This layered PSD file comes with smart object layer for easy and quick designs replacement. Thus, it won’t take much time inserting your artwork into the scene. With this mockup, you can even make your designs look fantastic as it enables you to change the background color.


Business Card Mockup Kit

If you’re a new player in the market, you should ensure that your marketing tools can help you make a good impression. One of the best ways to impress potential clients is your business card. With such an idea, you may need awesome mockups to render a photorealistic look of your final design. Here’s a Business Card Mockup Kit that contains an 85x55mm sized business card, 3.5×2 inch and a square sized business card. The mockups have a high resolution of 4500×3000 pixel dimensions at 300 dpi. Specifically, you can find ample 10 premade scenes, 8 unique background structures, 4 background shapes, and more in this resource. Of course, the smart object layer will allow you to easily place your designs into the scene.


8 Realistic Business Card Mockups

Business cards are a cost-effective, versatile and professional way of marketing brands. So, as an entrepreneur, always make sure your business card is seamless and can well represent your brand anywhere it reaches. If you plan to use or revise it for your business, you can acquire these 8 Realistic Business Card Mockups. It features 8 photorealistic letterpress business cards with horizontal and vertical perspectives. Each mockup has smart object layers to insert your artwork into the scene. Moreover, each mockup has well-organized layers and folder for easy navigation too. They have 3000×2000 pixel dimensions they are truly great for close up presentations of your designs.

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