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10 Best WordPress Admin Dashboard Themes & Plugins 2023

You can take the operation of your website or blog to the next level with these best WordPress admin dashboard themes and plugins.

We understand the importance of a powerful admin interface as creators of many free WordPress themes.

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WordPress offers easy customization options through themes and plugins, from changing the overall look of your blog to customizing individual elements, including the administrator dashboard.

That’s right – even admin.

You can quickly transform the admin’s look and functionality with the themes and plugins we tested for this list.

Best WordPress Admin Dashboard Themes

Admin dashboard themes are not new, offering WordPress users more exciting ways to improve the UI and UX of their dashboards.

1. WP Adminify

wpadminify wordpress admin dashboard toolkit

When you give your WordPress admin steroids, you get WP Adminify. An all-in-one solution pumps a ton of power into your dashboard, enhancing it with extra specialties to boost its practicality through the roof.

I might be overreacting, but really, I’m not! WP Adminify is everything you need if you want to get more from your default WP dashboard – you deserve it.

Menu editor, login customizer, dark mode, notifications, RTL support and script blocker – it’s all part of WP Adminify and A LOT more.

There’s one more thing.

You can use WP Adminify entirely free of charge and only upgrade when you need more features.

WP Adminify feature list as seen in their settings page.

Price: The basic functionality is available for FREE. White labeling, dark mode, and translation-ready setup is available starting at $79/year for a single site setup.

Use coupon code “COLORLIB” to receive a 15% discount.


2. Ultimate Dashboard

ultimate dashboard wordpress plugin

When you name your product Ultimate Dashboard, there must be something good about it. And that is the exact case with this leading WordPress admin dashboard plugin.

It is an easy-to-use plugin that does not bloat and overcrowd your WordPress dashboard. It lets you replace the default WordPress dashboard widgets with your custom ones.

Ultimate Dashboard is the tool you need if you need a better and more appealing overview of your WordPress admin.

Working with clients and letting other users access the admin is beneficial. Not only will they find it all much cleaner, but it will also be a lot more fun completing different tasks and other whatnots.

Improve the boring default WordPress dashboard once and for all.

Active installations: 60,000+

Price: Free for a good admin page customization. However, full white labeling and Elementor page builder support start at $98 for up to 5 websites.


3. AGCA – Custom Dashboard & Login Page

AG Custom Admin — WordPress Plugins

Unlike some other styles, AGCA – Custom Dashboard & Login Page offers a full-customization feature package that will appeal to bloggers who want to brand their admin dashboard.

With AG Custom Admin you can customize the admin bar to hide, change items, eliminate any official WordPress branding, and use your colors and icons.

You can easily change the administrator menu by removing and extending available items on the menu.

A ‘colorizing’ plugin will let you customize nearly every page within the WordPress dashboard. It allows you to make the dashboard look like your own playground.

Active installations: 30,000+

Price: Free version available on The Pro version costs $39 and comes with great widgets, login page and admin dashboard customization options.


WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugins

Styling your dashboard is quite straightforward, as proved by the numerous amazing themes above. But what about extending your dashboard, even modifying it to suit your needs better?

This is possible through any of these admin dashboard plugins.

4. MainWP Dashboard

MainWP Dashboard — WordPress Plugins

MainWP Dashboard has over 20,000 active users for a good reason. It is one of the most famous open-source WordPress management plugins available.

MainWP Dashboard can help you manage and customize all websites within or outside your network.

If you are a multiple WordPress website owner, getting the MainWP Dashboard plugin is a no-brainer! It makes your life ten times easier, operating multiple WordPress installs.

Active installations: 20,000+


5. Admin Columns

admin columns plugin

As the name implies, Admin Columns is a free WordPress plugin for column customization. Instead of rocking the default settings, you can now modify your admin and make it more appealing to the eye.

Admin Columns operate with small blogs to large websites. This plugin is powerful enough to handle them all with ease.

Admin Columns fully support posts, users, comments, and media. While the free version already works well, you can also go pro when you need more supported features.

Active installations: 100,000+


6. Client Dash

Client Dash — WordPress Plugins

Have you ever wished you could customize the WordPress dashboard a little more?

If you can use the built-in WordPress widget manager, you’ve found your solution with Client Dash.

Client Dash implements a powerful dashboard widget control feature like the familiar WordPress widget manager.

Adding, removing, rearranging, and customizing WP dashboard widgets is easier than ever. Your customers will love you, even unknowingly, for giving them a more relaxed experience.

Active installations: 4,000+


7. Admin Trim Interface

Admin Trim Interface — WordPress Plugins

Want a more concise admin management experience? Look no further than Admin Trim Interface and add extra stuff to your dashboards.

The Admin Trim Interface plugin helps you remove all the unnecessary clutter to make the admin management experience more fluid, simple, and cleaner.

So. Cool.


Premium WordPress Admin Dashboard Templates

Would it be a proper Colorlib post without mentioning some premium resources, would it now?

Colorlib admires developers and designers who work long hours to deliver quality plugins and themes at a reasonable cost.

With that in mind, we would like to expose attractive admin dashboard templates from the premium market.

8. WPShapere

WPShapere is a powerful WordPress admin dashboard theme. It is highly customizable and easy to craft.

Furthermore, WPShapere is focused on providing options for the admin menu at all users levels. It has white-label branding and an upload section for logos.

WPShapere comes compatible with WPBakery page builder, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, and more. Thus, you can customize without coding, set login or e-mail systems, or build shops.

The tool brings a beautiful minimalistic concept that aims to expand your creativity.

Even personalized icons for each setting are available! Try setting its custom menu icons from Dash icons and FontAwesome. Get it now with detailed documentation and a highly committed support team.


9. Ultra

Ultra WordPress Admin Theme WordPress CodeCanyon

Want 30+ unique admin themes in one single plugin? Then go for Ultra, a magnificent WordPress plugin that gives your dashboard a new meaning.

All styles look modern and allow administrators to reorganize the positioning of each element within the dashboard. This function makes it much more personalized and much more accessible.


10. First

First WordPress Admin Theme WordPress CodeCanyon

First, a flat web design allows you to customize the theme. Customization includes the admin bar, admin menu, login page, style, and footer.

It has accumulated 800+ sales, indicating its professional position within the market of admin dashboard themes.


We recommend using dedicated white-label website builders to build a truly unique website without any traces of your CMS. With WordPress, there will always be some traces left that you won’t be able to get rid of.

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This Post Has 16 Comments

  1. so many plugins in the frontend, resisting me also use plugins for the admin dashboard

  2. Very interesting list of plugins to modify WordPress control panel, every day is learned.

  3. David Cornish says:

    All the Admin Themes are great you have listed here. But I like most”Ultra WordPress Admin Theme” as it gives me options to choose one I want to use. I am willing to but this one.

  4. Claverhouse says:

    They all look pretty much the same: infinitely tedious Flat Design. Little variations and different colours can’t make up for Metro/Material etc. Design’s barren ugliness.

    And they all bang on about how clean they look. If it means that much to you: nothing at all is the cleanest you can get.

  5. Michael Melossi says:

    Thanks for this awesome list! The WPShapere theme looks very nice, I also use Client Dash for the dashboard and AG Custom Admin for the menu and admin bar tweaks. These additions are very useful for the backend, since WordPress guys will probably not have much focus on this part in the future, neither.

  6. Al Suzaud Dowla says:

    Very useful blog. Most of the plugins you mentioned here are really good. However, I am personally using WP User Frontend and this plugin is downright rich in features. It’s completely surprising that the plugin allows me to do almost all the things on the front end which makes the plugin really stand out.

  7. Great list, but, which is the lightest plugin?

    1. Pablo,

      If the performance is #1 factor, the lightest solution is going to design and develop your own template instead of depending on plugins. 🙂

  8. Dhaval Patel says:


    I have 1 website so can i used for that this cololib theme or not?? It is basically e commerce website so just want to know about that.

    1. I see no reason why you can’t use our themes and templates.

      1. Dhaval Patel says:

        Hello Aigars,
        Ya now a days I am thinking to used your site and also I was already tell to my developer about this things. In the short time I will do it.
        Thank You for your response.

  9. I use Colorize Admin, light and fast 🙂

  10. All just cosmetics for the dashboard. All the same shit. The most advanced WordPress dashboard replacement that changes everything is: wpOS

  11. Hello, thanks for the article, could you tell me wich theme is featured on the illustration at the begining of the article?

    1. Hey,

      It is the one created by WP Adminify. It has the option to create any color scheme and layout including the one you see in the screenshot.

      1. Ok thank you, unfortunately adminify is incompatible with some plugins I’m using, that’s a shame this design was neat

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