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How to Run an A/B Test on Your WordPress Blog (Plugins and Tools)

Running an A/B test on your website can have incremental effects on your conversion rates, user engagement, and design quality. With web design, you build a single design, and it works. However, even though it does work, there’s room for more. That usually translates into learning about the purpose of individual elements on a landing page and how the changes in those elements can affect your bottom line. So many business owners who use websites to sell their products forget that A/B testing has helped many marketers increase their selling points by significant margins. Utilizing the full potential of split testing results in a 10%, 20%, or even 400% increase in conversion rates. It’s not just the positioning of the “buy now” button. It’s also how you present your forms and whether a more simplified form increases engagement.

Any change made to a web design is going to have lasting effects. To determine whether those results are positive or negative, you must get up to speed with modern A/B testing methods. The current availability of plugins for A/B testing on a WordPress blog isn’t great. However, you have choices. Besides those plugins, we have a few industry-leading A/B testing platforms specializing in A/B split testing performance and analysis. You can easily apply them to your WordPress website.

Split tests extend into areas like colors of the calls to action buttons you’re using, including their text. You can also test two different versions of your email marketing emails and segment your results accordingly. The location of web design elements matters more than we’d like to admit. For instance, is it better to put the buy button at the top or the bottom? That’s what you’ll learn once you understand the following tools, plugins, and platforms. While we’re satisfied with this list, it would be nice to hear community feedback on other alternatives, particularly external resources like advertising and email.

Best A/B Split Testing Plugins for WordPress

1. Nelio AB Testing

Nelio AB Testing

So, what are we looking for in an A/B testing plugin for WordPress? Surely, we want more than just the capability to test two different designs through a dashboard. Nelio’s focus is highly oriented around the performance monitoring of the individual parts of your production process. That includes testing alternative titles, featured content images, and even descriptions for your products (if you’re a WooCommerce user). You can configure all this to reflect custom changes in posts. The heatmap service provides an easy way to log your visitor interaction experience with your website. How visitors go from opening your website to closing it is also logged. What happens in the middle (their interaction) could give you important insight into restructuring your design. Make visitors more prone to complete actions rather than skim over certain parts of your site.

Monitoring visitors’ live experience with your site is impossible without such direct tools. Even when testing different types of content, you can configure it so that the post you’re split-testing includes a buy button. Then, monitor if any sales are coming in through that button in that particular post. Want to test various types of widgets? Nelio can do that for you as well. Rarely will you see a WP plugin that can do A/B testing on widgets. However, this is another sensitive area of your web design where much information is being put. Sometimes, you can’t decide whether the subscription box should be at the top or the bottom. So, Nelio can help in that area as well.


2. A/B Testing for WordPress

ab testing for wordpress

On your WordPress website, you can pretty much split-test anything you want. You are dead wrong if you think you can create a modern website and leave it as is. Unless you do not wish to see constant growth for your project. On the other hand, you better consider performing A/B tests and never stop improving your page. With A/B Testing for WordPress, you can do such actions without hassle from the content editor.

Would you like to see which font performs better, which title encourages more visitors to click, and what type of content keeps your visitors engaged longer? If so, install A/B Testing for the WordPress plugin now and move things forward. You can create different variations quickly and effortlessly without changing any code. Thanks to the visual editor, anyone can become a pro at executing split tests.


3. Contact Form by Supsystic

contact form by supsystic

While there are different elements and sections of your website you can split-test, forms are also one of the components you should not miss experimenting with. And to get things going, Contact Form by Supsystic is the WordPress plugin to consider. Test out different variations from quizzes and registration to subscription and newsletter forms to see what works with your audience best. You can test an arrangement of different styles, colors, and fields; you name it, and the options are limitless.

The drag and drop form builder ensures everyone create killer forms in little to no time. Moreover, all the layouts you put together will be mobile-ready and cross-browser-compatible. You know how the saying goes, always be testing. No matter your success, there is almost always room for improvement.


4. Kameleoon


Kameleoon targets six unique areas of digital marketing that can you can plug into your existing digital marketing strategy, and of course yield great benefits. The first area is A/B testing, where Kameleoon can help your business strategy blossom based on the results you get from testing different variations of the same product landing page. The second area concerns personalization and how you can use several Kameleoon widgets to give your users a real-time content experience, whether to announce new products or allow visitors to contact you instantly. Already in the third area, we can see how all this comes together through segmentation. The segmentation lets you filter your existing results and then serve the best possible results only to a select audience that reflects the criteria.

Your email marketing campaigns can also get a full makeover with the concise email personalization feature that monitors user engagement on your product, and uses it to make your emails more personalized.


5. Convert


Convert’s traditional approach of an integrated WYSIWYG editor gives you a more streamlined way of creating custom designed landing pages, and landing page goals that can be instantly tracked using the in-built algorithms. You can connect your GA account and watch your revenue growth from there, directly understand which parts are affecting the growth; but also have access to real-time analytics. Optimizely is widely recognized for quickly integrated with services like WordPress, Shopify, HubSpot, and others, making it a reliable platform for split and custom design testing.


6. Split Test For Elementor

split test for elementor

If you are working with the Elementor drag and drop page builder, you will want, at some point, to split test your website design and elements. Doing this will optimize your overall page performance and get more bang for your buck. Thanks to Split Test For Elementor plugin, you do not need to go through any hassle and inconvenience, as the tool offers you great features and functions when setting up A/B split tests on your website.

You can perform all the tests straight from the drag and drop editor, not needing to use any other extensions and whatnot. You will also not need to deal with complicated tasks, as Split Test For Elementor, combined with Elementor, does all the hard work for you. Start testing now, and see what suits your audience best.


7. Popup by Supsystic

popup by supsystic

Pop-ups can work exceptionally well on your website or blog. Regardless of the main objective of the pop-up you want to add to your website, make it happen with Popup by Supsystic. However, things do not stop here. To design a pop-up that produces the best results, you will want to split test different variations before going with the winner. Even after some time, you will want to continue testing different options and keep improving.

Always be testing!

With Popup by Supsystic, you can set it up in a little breeze, thanks to the full range of templates and other convenient customization features. In the bundle, you will also find over eighteen pop-up types, more than twenty different animations and an option to use different locations for the pop-up to appear.


8. Optimizely


Optimizely’s product range begins with Optimizely Testing—a productive marketing suite targeted for increased user engagement, and of course, increased revenue per user in the long term. The second product is Optimizely Personalization, a recognition platform that can recognize user behavior and deliver content based on their behavior. The machine learning algorithm can decipher which users are prioritized and have a unique experience, all with years of a track record in such predictive analysis. The stats platform will let you run campaigns against your preferred goals and check which particular design can work the best for the particular goal that you’re targeting.


9. Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer covers a range of areas concerned with digital marketing. Those include testing, experimentation, research, user feedback, analytics & reporting, targeting, and personalization. Each area is divided into groups with accessible sub-groups to take your business growth to the next level. Split testing and multiple-variation testing is what has kept thousands of customers attracted to VWO. Listen to user feedback in real-time using direct personalization tools. Analyze your landing pages for possible improvements and act immediately. Heatmap monitoring is also available if you’d like to learn more about how the user enters and exits your website and the kind of actions that the user completes once he’s active on the page. Create personalized content and display it to a segmented audience.


10. Unbounce


Unbounce’s strong point, it’s built for marketers. Their focus is to work and sell their product to marketers with prior experience in digital marketing. They are keen to rely on a more sophisticated platform targeted at split testing multiple design choices for a single product. Quickly bootstrap unique and modern templates using a drag and drop visual content editor, customizing the element’s positioning becomes so comfortable you start to enjoy the process.

Unbounce doesn’t stop there, though. It has advanced design capabilities that can let you create modern landing pages that users won’t differentiate. You won’t need to use external forms creation plugins because Unbounce lets you directly create forms within the dashboard. This leads to a much quicker adaptation for the users as well. If running advertisement campaigns is your thing, you can enjoy the dynamic functionality of Unbounce’s text replacement tool. Test a variety of advertising pitches, and see which ones yield the best clicks.

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  1. I am looking since days for a testing tool/plugin to test the sales conversion of two sales pages.

    All plugins I found just count the visitors and the clicks on a button for example, but not the sales.

    A few years ago there were plugins that enabled it. You just made an alternative sales
    page put a code on the thank you page and you were able to measure/test the
    sales conversion of each sales page (original and alternativ)

    Does anyone knows an affordable wordpress tool/plugin that measures the sales conversion rate?


  2. A/B testing can be very powerful but shouldn’t be considered for any website without significant amounts of traffic and conversions. You would just be wasting your time and none of these tools would be able to detect meaningful results without plenty of conversions to start off with. A ballpark figure for minimum conversions per month before you even think about A/B testing is 1000.

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